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12" Vinyl NL 17.08.18
janice - aa (silent reflection) remixes by amotik. cleric. kikatone and luis flores. the vinyl release comes with a download sticker.
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12" Vinyl NL 17.08.18
mental overdrive. norwegian gran ol wizard of techno. owner of love od communications starts of with “clocked”. a colorful and moody track with a touch of grittyness. thomas urv. ploink label head and one of norwegian techno’s main protagonists. brings a signature raw high energy techno track “6.24 con dao”. per hammar. swedish producer and dj based in berlin. the captain behind dirty hands and 10years labels delivers a steady dubbed hypnotic house track “blank space”. thomas skjaerstad from trysil. norwegian winner of burn residency 2017 finishes the ep with a punchy. dark spaced out techno track titled “space x (sommeroya edit)”.
Sommeroya Records
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12" Vinyl NL 17.08.18
building on the mission statement that was ferdinger’s debut album “gelände”. comes “abbild”. a 4 track ep and the second release on his life in patterns label. the tempos are tweaked up and the sounds are honed and angled for maximum effect. “gegendämmerung” is straightforward but manages a lyrical tilt. while “spiegelreflex” oscillates between moments of dry precision and epic dreaminess. with “abglanz” the newly paris based producer brings things back to the geological strata that characterized “gelände” - but now with a rawer edge and more reflective surface. glos’ remix of “gegendämmerung” provides ambient and analogue textures. finishing the ep on a more introverted and melancholic note whilst maintaining the mechanistic drive of the other pieces.
Life In Patterns
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12" Vinyl NL 17.08.18
six. twelve. nine.
thirteen. seven. eight.
three. five. five.
drinks. dive. trust.
try. think. dust
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12" Vinyl NL 17.08.18
repress on black vinyl.

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Vinyl (EUR 9.79)
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tape / cassette NL 16.08.18
for revenge0 we are proud to present tafkamp’s full-length indrukken cassette album. featuring some of the artist’s deeper and dreamy productions to date. tape includes download-code for the digital files.
Revenge Techniques
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12" Vinyl BE 16.08.18
o phase presents two striking. no-nonsense techno cuts for token85. each side of suspended animation delivers the special kind of face melter that manages to remain sincere without being overly self-serious. stroke b favours the sensational approach. with a bright and playful lead playing against a hi-hat frenzy in the breakdown. stroke c is more introverted on surface level. but offers pure chaos instead from its depth.
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12" Vinyl NL 16.08.18
ltd repress . balck vinyl - knarziger kwartz techno
Silex Device
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12" Vinyl UK 16.08.18
50% deal laura jones has had a breakthrough 2012. fulfilling touring dreams and winning the hearts of the global scene with her sensual melodic house and seductive. driving dj sets. it may come as a surprise that let me in is lauras first. albeit highly anticipated. solo ep. dropping on visionquest. let me in develops lauras signature sound. painting a fuller picture of the artist through deeper techno shades. live vocals and trademark hypnotic style.
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12" Vinyl D 16.08.18
limited repress! for the third mouche release dutch artist ivano tetelepta has invited some of his closest friends to create not less than four fantastic dub infected and hypnotic grooves. his ep also marks the third edition of the so called -ivano tetelepta & friends--series. it all started with a record on highly acclaimed label fear of flying a few years ago and continued on rue de plaisance in 2016. now ivano brings out the third part on mouche. on the record he collaborates with the likes of ben buitendijk. tom liem. jocelyn abell and steven siwalette.
Mouche Records
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12" Vinyl D 15.08.18
lab personnel is a very intriguing collaboration between a number of producers hailing from croatia. members include zarkoff (member of sumerian fleet). neon lies. ikonal many more (total eight members). the tracks were recorded during synth lab 4 improvisational sessions in pisak in 2017. the album is a dense and stormy affair overall with mesmerizing and dark synths. the styles presented drift between genres including acid techno. electro. ebm. and other hybrids. all instrumental. the lp is a brooding journey into diverse techno soundscapes with eight strong tracks that will not disappoint.
Medical Records
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12" Vinyl NL 15.08.18
four different trax for all moods and situations brought to you by a new posse of bad boys such as dj normal 4. denham audio. warlock and mark archer being remixed by label honcho kreggo. the records coming hand numbered in a pvc sleeve with a big artwork sticker and an insert. mastered by dmx krew
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12" Vinyl lp UK 15.08.18
in search of the sublime. contemporary electronic musician steve hauschildt has designed grids and panoramas of sound across multiple releases through the rise and dissolution of his former band. emeralds. an american touchstone of 2000s home-recorded psychedelic noise music. consistent with his solo work is hauschildt’s ability to coil his craft in precise. varied. and distinctly physical forms. gently spinning arpeggios converse with post-industrial decay. sonic fibers sway like pendulums from static melancholy to motorik bliss. dissolvi. the artist’s first full-length with ghostly international. engages sublimation from an ontological perspective: by dissociating the self. hauschildt steps out from the singular path. for the first time in a traditional studio. to compose and arrange contributions from friends. as a result. his most collaborative work to date extends a vast. vibrating framework in which to consider the state of being. the vinyl release includes a download code.
Ghostly International
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12" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
gaunt re-emerges after his fantastic mmrh ep on beneath’s mistry imprint. with four tracks of stark. layered audio exploring areas of leftfield techno and club music. as well as pushing out into more abstract and experimental forms.
Them Records
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12" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
borai returns to them with a four-track ep consisting of two 140 bpm jungle workouts. a moody breakbeat dubstep track and a haunting acid-techno warehouse stomper. ruffneck club music for 2018.
Them Records
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10" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
glasgow s wheelman provides the tenth iteration of dba s dubs series. following a series of high profile releases on huntleys & palmers. studio barnhus. and his own stereotone label. signal is wheelman s most ambitious effort to date. its searing amen stabs and deep sub bass guaranteed to wreck any club. while floating pads and crystalline strings add a bittersweet moment of rave nostalgia to the breakdown. on the flip. in line with the dba dubs concept of pairing a house track from an up and coming uk producer with a remix by an established techno name from across the pond. detroit in effect provide a cold. bleep-drenched take which raises the tempo of wheelman s original to an almost breakneck speed. d.i.e. also known as cybonix. were prolific throughout the late 90s and early 00s on their own m.a.p. label and more recently on rotterdam s clone. to coincide with the release of the tenth edition in the dba dubs series the label are also making all ten original tracks available as a digital package. while all ten of the remixes from the series get their own bundle. with wheelman and basic soul unit providing a megamix of each edition respectively.
DBA Dubs
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
under cover for many years. this affie yusuf two tracker finally sees the light of day on the acclaimed mindyourhead imprint. comes on a generally deep green. mixed colour marbled 12’’ vinyl. affie yusuf paved the way uk acid house scene and so much more. releasing techno and acid throughout his career. mindyourhead records recognises that sometimes you need to look a little bit into the past to move ahead and has re-launched the label with this vinyl only release. ‘parrot soup’ is a fine example of just how a track title can have absolutely no relevance to the music whatsoever. this is a lovingly constructed example of how to convey images with sound. this music renders images brimming with joy and loss. icy cold chills and the warmth of the first rays of sun on a spring morning. tight. punchy drums with crisp 808 snares and driving toms lovingly complimented with dream-like pad sequences. soul searching strings and lush bassline form a quality crossover track that will appeal to lovers of many styles of techno and house. ‘something special’ is on a different tip. more driving and direct in style with the ‘everybody…’/ ‘something special’ vocal samples put to great use (need to be heard in context!) and that essential marching ‘affie acid’ bassline. the lead follows a similar pattern to the acid but pulls your head in a slightly different direction leaving the listener suitably twisted!! this proper ‘party acid’ has just the right level of balls to destroy a dancefloor without scaring off the faint of heart. lovely work affie!!
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12" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
26 minutes of divine techno. midnight cults. the eagerly awaited sequel to last years cyanure dance features two epic new tracks from i hate models with vocal contributions from zanias and a sleek wave remix from dj varsovie. on the solar side the odyssey begins. it will last forever discharges a barrage of devastating. tensile beats over a swell of ethereal synths recalling the sirens - muses of the underworld. luring sailors to their deaths in a flurry of aggravated arpeggios. on the lunar side walpurgis night opens with a pristine. glacial sonic field. punctuated by the ricochet of beaten metal and drenched in the supernal. disembodied voice of zanias. echoing across vast fissures. pummelling through deep ravines and back out into space. dj varsovie completes the journey with his sensual take on walpurgis night. tempering the original with an insistent pitch black funk and somnambulant new wave vocals.
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12" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
the rising london based label is quickly defining his own and unique sound laying down the law with another live jam recorded 4 tracks release by his own boss dothedu. following the success of the first release. senseverse records has came back with lost acids ep. a rough lost minded trip with an unusual sense of refinement. the producer lets the trip s curtain rise with lost acids which takes us to a gloomy hidden place on the edge of the house and techno roots with a banging 909 and crescendo 303 which dives smoothly into the background own producer s voice. colombine acids explores the happier stage of the trip and keeps the sound on the thin line in between the 2 genres with his fat kick and the flying and clashing crashes. the b1 throws us right back deep into the dark with a slowed down and mentally twisted remix by the very well known producer florian kupfer. finally early acids rings down the curtain s trip with some fine classic house music sonorities that lead us to a dreamy and dancy closing.
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12" Vinyl UK 15.08.18
in many ways. it s difficult to believe wehbba only dropped his first full-length ep on drumcode this year. released in february. the four-tracker eclipse was a monster statement piece of the brazilians talents and followed on superbly from fake. his contribution to last year s a-sides vol.6 inarguably one of the biggest tracks on the compilation. with the confirmation that wehbba will take part in drumcode s off week party in barcelona. followed by the brand s takeover of resistance in ibiza. its indisputable proof that his crisp. chord-driven take on techno has become a vital component to the expansive palette of sound adam beyer has drawn for the label in 2018 and beyond. catarse marks the rapid-fire follow-up from the prolific producer. opening with the eerie she lost control. wehbba says he took inspiration from the joy division track of almost the same name (‘she s lost control ). but instead of crafting the dense sonic atmosphere with vocals. he employs an analogue kick drum and stealth-like moog bass with dramatic results. process follows. a cut which begun as a cover jam of laurent garnier s crispy bacon and ends up incorporating the cut-up vocals of legendary minimal composer steve reich. who is one of wehbba s chief inspirators. the resulting track is an ice-cool percussive work that s rich in dancefloor functionalism. the title track will be familiar to many who follow drumcode radio. a goose-bump inducing highlight of beyers dcr392 at awakenings in eindhoven. catarse is driven by a memorable melodic riff resplendent in 90s techno euphoria. the ep concludes with the terrific mind awake. a powerful concoction of reverb heavy basslines and glitchy effects. that s been thoroughly road tested by both beyer and wehbba and kicks like a rodeo bull.
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12" Vinyl D 15.08.18
jickow releases his lead and debut single -pig tails- on the well known resopal label. the belgium based producer has been at the heart of the minimal techno movement and is also a revered producer and performer who creates amazing sounds. the original is a funky athmospheric track with wriggling synths executed in jickows darker. more stripped back and abstract edges of the dancefloor. add into the package are two outstanding remixes by matt sassari and timid boy. all in all an essential release for 2018.
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12" Vinyl NL 15.08.18
super smooth release on nny records full of lush and sensual tracks. on the a side we can listen to nicson (flumo recordings) who delivers an excellent straight to heaven in a deep-house 90s mood. full of energy and class. after him f. vinuesa (solid tapes) approaches lo-fi and acid paths with highlands. a tune that is is capable of transporting you to another dimension. on the b side mateis e. aqir (jungle gym records) presents natural sense. a track that also takes you to a different dimension. this time more oriented to open spaces. in a balearic and new age mood fused with a leftfield touch which is a delight. and to close the compilation we have the great work of i see you in the plants. the new aka by pablo diskko for productions in an ambient techno-dub wave that absorbs you and catches you. a superb and an essential work.
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12" Vinyl UK 14.08.18
four tracks to jack to. from label bosses posthuman. ‘wake up’ and ‘jet set’ on a stripped house tip. ‘usurpate acid’ bringing the 303 trap action slow and heavy. .. max per 1 per customer
Balkan Vinyl
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12" Vinyl D 14.08.18
apollo is proud to welcome paul frick to the fold. frick is a berlin-born music composer primarily known as one part of the group brandt brauer frick. stunningly despite a 20+ year history of making music “second yard botanicals” is his debut album. with bbf keeping frick inspired and busy since 2009. other ideas had piled up until a temporary break allowed him to fully dive into them - “while it took so long until i made my first album. it took about two months once i started.”
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12" Vinyl UK 14.08.18
strong 3 track techno ep
Par Avion Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 14.08.18
breach is back with his second release of the year on his new imprint nkdltd. on nkdltd002 breach delivers a two tracker entitled ‘turtle dance which continues where he left off in quality but stylistically stepping into warmer tones for the summer months. nkdltd001 saw the first release from the amsterdam based producer in three years and with it a return to breachs roots. deep. dark & moody tracks which went on to resonate with a broad selection of artists including benji b who went on to play it numerous times on his seminal bbc radio 1 show.
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12" Vinyl D 14.08.18
having already gained support from the likes of dixon. ame and red axes. scatcity records latest offering from ivory is already on the way to cause a serious stir this summer.
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12" Vinyl SE 14.08.18
which guys? - - - - - >these guys! slamming dub-house and techno excursions from stockholm. tip!
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