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2x12" Vinyl lp+mp3 D 14.09.18
over the last decade andre lodemann, a regular in the worldwide underground dancescene has released on many prolific labels incl. freerange, room with a view, dftd and innervisions. come 2018 lodemann is now releasing his album the deeper you go on his own label best works records. he started working on it in 2012, taking his time for his emotional artistic approach with a lot of attention to detail. the album successfully walks the imaginary spectrum of deep house, tech house and techno also taking dives into other waters. where his previous longplayer fragments was a compilation of past works, the deeper you go is his first artist album containing everything a listener would want to hear both in a club and at home. you can feel that the tracks where created out of the same mold. theres a mood, a common thread and a story through the works.the album is dark in a subtle way and yet has that positive vibe and aggressiveness to it. the deeper you go is mostly instrumental with two features by the british singer and songwriter huw costin, bandleader of torn sail.
Best Works Records
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
booty-shaking & mind-moving! the new s3a release specifically originated and is meant for the dancefloor, one dancefloor in particular to be precise. taking experience from his alma-mater rex-club in paris, s3a crafts a 4-track ep to honour this legendary venue in the heart of parisian music history. the label times are ruff releases a steady stream of dj-friendly tools and dancefloor ready house-tracks, with a hint to the past but never sounding dated. s3a rex club paris resident ep dedicated to legendary rex club in paris s3a just came back from his first australian tour
Times Are Ruff
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12" Vinyl, 180 g D 14.09.18
alma negra are back on heist! after their much applauded 2017 release with that great soulphiction remix, theyve been rather busy taking over the scene. they started their new label alma negra records where they released 3 eps in quick succession, with new as well as older material that showcases their tropical roots and keen ear for clubby reworks. they launched their live show, doing gigs across europe with a highlight at one of londons more intimate live venues: the jazz cafe. their latest outing making their release count a total of 4 in only 8 months was on marcel vogel’s lumberjacks in hell and explored the more live / rework side of their project. now theyre back on heist with 3 new tracks, supported by an awanto 3 remix. conversation is a track we wanted to put out on heist badly, simply because it’s a beast of a track. it sits somewhere between a live african drum track, percussive techno and moody midwest electronics, with pads and strings coming in and out of play while a relentless kick drum keeps the energy on a haunting level. this track is alma negra at their filthiest, and it feels like they’ve taken a next step from last years dark and heavy luanda dub, bringing it from an intimate dreamy stage straight into the main room. this is the place shows a different side of the house spectrum with the alma’s love for dreamy deep house. the track flows up and down, with soothing rhodes chords, arpeggios and mumbling vocals setting a summery mood thats perfect for your warm up or daytime party. meanwhile, their third original track from the heart goes even deeper and navigates around a smart vocal loop topped with strings, bleeps, claps and rimshots that just keeps going.
Heist Recordings
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2x12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
this is already our seventh deep love compilation and we dare to say our most complete yet in sound and flow. the ten pieces on this sampler blend in perfectly with that laid back late summer mood. we are very pleased to welcome yet again some new acts to dirt crew with the likes of jaxx madicine, ouer, times are ruff and s3a. we cross many borders not only in genres but also country wise. from the heavy disco sampled jam by french producer s3a to the jazz and funk laden epos of the italian 3 piece jaxx madicine over to the dutch deep house boys times are ruff who are well known from their, same named, label and finally to the berlin duo ouer who also run an own label and released with our good friends at heist recordings, delivering an ecstatic electronic floating tune here. this is all completed by some excellence from long time dirt crew artists. 25 places have been with us for many years now and their two eps have gotten so much love from the deeper deep house community. here they drop an epic almost idm techno like tune that closes this great album in the best possible way. our icelandic stall wart felix leifur drops a heavy hitter named buster. after his recent bobby donny ep earlier this year we are thrilled to have him back on dirt crew! harry wolfman and ponty mython need no introduction really, they are adding electro/ disco/ electronica fuelled cuts that form a great middle part to this mix of tunes. harry going in very smooth and relaxed, something else than his usual house workout which we really loved to present to you
Dirt Crew
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
luca lozano and telephones collaborate on a new concept record for klasse wrecks, the concept is simple…1 record, 2 artists, 4 trax! turning in an original track each the two producers then remix each other resulting in a record that glistens with housey goodness, jazzy hats and snazzy stabs.
Klasse Wrecks
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2x12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
brand new release on mondo groove with a remix double pack of selected tracks from daniele baldelli classic cosmic temple six chapters that were out on the italian label from 2015 to 2017. you can find everything for everyone in these new versions. dj tennis and in flagranti tributing pure cosmic sound with their interpretations of gandharva and afelio, dj ralf transforming kosmaro into a house stomper, tiger & woods adding their subtle boogie touch and edit science to vhanessa, clap!clap! going deep and percussive on isotropo funk, alkalino tripping italo-disco with „inner light, club paradiso in an afro-balearic clash on joka joka, eric duncan working a deep-techy groove on diffrazione, and dionigi, often production partner of baldelli, finishing in glory with a brilliant funky take on taxon. you cant sleep on this.
MGLP 107/8
Mondo Groove
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12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
the fourth release on anna walls label marks sunrom s debut. i am not inspired with the daylight he says. i prefer the night to the day. everything is peaceful and people are asleep. it gives me a feeling to be alone, especially when its really late. it is perhaps the peaceful surroundings of saint-german-en-laye in france, where romain nouhi aka sunrom resides that has encouraged his creative wandering. the city is a quiet place not far from paris, with a beautiful chateau and forest surroundings. the ep kicks off with spirale delightfully uplifting and playful, weaving colourful melodies intricately together. pray takes a more pensive and wistful turn. on the flip copenhagens paxton fettel has remixed superfly full of feel-good piano riffs. the final cut is dj normal 4s version of u doing, a dreamy breaks number that wouldnt sound out of place in the golden era of uk rave. i have a passion for stars and the cosmos, discovering new sounds is like discovering new stars- sunrom.
The Bricks
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12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
seb zitos seven dials imprint serves up its third offering with jamie trench & khalil anthony continuing to champion the early garage flavours that the label is fast becoming known for. what was missing transports you back to the 90s with that ukg groove, bumping sub bass goodness and kahlil s gritty vocals. the dub mix leaves only a small portion of the vocals in the mix, chopping them todd the god style and giving the shuffling garage rhythm more room to breathe. on the b side label head, seb zito, switches things into peak-time roller territory, dampening the kick whilst putting more emphasis on the hats, dubbing out vocal snippets, adding acid flurries and throwing in an epic echoed breakdown. all three mixes make a clear nod to the past, whilst firmly setting themselves in the present gold again from seven dials.
Seven Dials Records
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12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
a year after his debut outing on the label, max essa makes a welcome return to hell yeah with the han zon roc ep, which is another of his impossibly laidback offerings. essa is of course the long time uk talent who has become a part of the balearic mafia thanks to releases on labels like aficionado, music for dreams, and his own jansen jardin. this is the second coming together of artist and label and is another timeless excursion far out to sea. opener han zon roc (midori coup) is an epic 12inch minute adventure that slowly awakens your spirit with new age guitar plucks and heavenly ambience before organic drums slowly being to drift into earshot. they grow ever larger as synths start to spray about the mix, hand drums pitter patter and big chords bring the soul-shine. its like the soundtrack to an afternoon boat party all condensed into one brilliant cut. how you showed me everything then gets super chill with lazy drum tumbles, bendy guitar lines and scattered hits. withering cosmic chords colour the airwaves and its a track that will slow your heartbeat to nothing. last of all, rain birds alfalfa jam is a analogue drum work out with early 90s hip hop influences and diving basslines. it s light and airy, nimble and playful and of course filled with the sort of tropical rays that make all of essa works so brilliantly escapist.
Hell Yeah
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12" Vinyl NL 14.09.18
one of the most valuable records of the entire house and techno scene, certainly one of the most deserving of an official reissue, as was the original mix. finally it comes via the new italian label la bella di notte courtesy of franco falsini, founder of interactive test and marco febbraro, music consultant at strictly groove.
La Bella Di Notte
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12" Vinyl NL 14.09.18
amsterdam, nl: 12 months ago we concluded a series of experiments with a test subject named ben penn. a year on, we decided to repeat this experiment at his tilburg base. once again, the results were startling.
ST 011
Safe Trip
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12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
long-serving us house champ dj dan dropped an absolute bombshell when his slammin trax vol.1 ep landed earlier this year, and now the veteran big room party starter is back with another clutch of tracks on his peerless instereo label. alongside fleetwood smack he drops the crazily funky vocal jam do 2 u, while his remix of conga squads live at k-market- brings a little fidget-esque hype into the mix. the b-side kicks off with jarred gallos feisty roller peep the technique, and then it s back over to dan in partnership with mike balance for the raw, jacking overworked.
INSJ 002
InStereo Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
craig christon and bonar bradberry team up as before christ for this essential slice of brooding party fuel, leading in with the trippy, otherworldly tones of barry s k. from the grinding pulse of the analogue bassline to the mystical keys, it s the consummate astral traveler for djs exploring the outer realms of the dancefloor. mushroom project gently rub more spaced out elements into the original, injecting a little light and letting the hits linger for longer in the ample space of their killer version. tuesday club finds before christ turning to a more sharp-edged rhythmic palette without losing the hypnotic qualities of their sound, before mushroom project return to lay down a rubbery 303 bassline that fits right in amongst the raw drum hits and dense fx processing.
IIB 051
Is It Balearic
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us garage doesnt get more bumping than this of course its plastik people flying the flag for the evergreen sound where swing is king and a diva vocal is more than welcome. soledrifter wastes no time in diving into the funky house mindset on this various artists 12inch, keeping things heady and tracky where it counts before snazzy trax brings in a cheeky twist on a bona fide garage classic, now called the experience. joe olindo shines bright with the sexy, sharply pointed how i knew, and then lombard street takes things smoother on closing track whats wrong.
PPR 19
Plastik People
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5x12 pic vinyl box D 14.09.18
5 ausgewählte picture vinyle zum thema house in einem pizzakarton!
ZYX Music
A1: Sandy Chambers - Give It Time (Original Extended)
A2: Sandy Chambers - Give It Time (Fuzzy Hair Remix)
B1: Sandy Chambers - Give It Time (Eighties-B-Side)
B2: Sandy Chambers - Give It Time (Original Extended Instrumental)
C1: Dhany - Miles Of Love (Original Extended)
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2x12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
und hier kommt das vinyl zur exzellenten, dritten ausgabe von greg wilsons edit-serie -credit to the edit-. mit 8 ausgespielten highlights und raritäten aus 70s disco (space, chaz jankel), indie-dance (psychemagik) und weiteren teils exotischen fundstücken (mike pickering’s t-coy, chakachas, red rack’em).
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
maribou state kündigen mit ihrem neuen album “kingdoms in colour”, das über das ninja tune-sublabel counter records erscheint, ihre erste platte seit ihrem debüt “portraits” aus 2015 an. maribou state, das 2011 als projekt von chris davids und liam ivory begann, haben eine reihe von eps und singles veröffentlicht, bevor ihr debütalbum “portraits” sie von jetzt auf gleich auf die größten bühnen dieser welt katapultierte. mit einer live-show, die sie mit herausragenden festivalauftritten bei u.a. glastonbury, bestival, der secret garden party oder mit einer 32-tägigen europatournee rund um den globus führte, spielten sich die zwei briten im handumdrehen in die herzen ihrer fans. und auch die journaille war sogleich begeistert, wie artikel im guardian, i-d magazine oder vogue zeigen. bis heute sammelte ihr album über 80 millionen streams und zog vergleiche mit acts wie the xx, james blake und mount kimbie aber auch dj koze oder bonobo nach sich. limitiertes türkisfarbenes 180 gramm vinyl plus downloadcode.
Counter Records

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Vinyl (EUR 18.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 14.09.18
maribou state kündigen mit ihrem neuen album “kingdoms in colour”, das über das ninja tune-sublabel counter records erscheint, ihre erste platte seit ihrem debüt “portraits” aus 2015 an. maribou state, das 2011 als projekt von chris davids und liam ivory begann, haben eine reihe von eps und singles veröffentlicht, bevor ihr debütalbum “portraits” sie von jetzt auf gleich auf die größten bühnen dieser welt katapultierte. mit einer live-show, die sie mit herausragenden festivalauftritten bei u.a. glastonbury, bestival, der secret garden party oder mit einer 32-tägigen europatournee rund um den globus führte, spielten sich die zwei briten im handumdrehen in die herzen ihrer fans. und auch die journaille war sogleich begeistert, wie artikel im guardian, i-d magazine oder vogue zeigen. bis heute sammelte ihr album über 80 millionen streams und zog vergleiche mit acts wie the xx, james blake und mount kimbie aber auch dj koze oder bonobo nach sich. schwarzes 180 gramm vinyl plus downloadcode.
Counter Records

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12" Vinyl US 14.09.18
krikor is back on the label with a new six tracker. following up his pacific alley lp from last year, we now get pacific alley in dub, taking tracks from the lp and re-working with ample echo and new riddims strictly made for the dancefloor. spacious pads and linn drum claps are run through the board as voices ping back and forth in the chamber, equally blissed out and trippy turning these tracks into completely new freaked out compositions. summer jams guaranateed. includes download card.
Long Island Electrical Systems
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
what recordings present their new release the m-ep (what03) with the original tracks „muzic- and „mentiv-. after the what? members and label owners tobi neumann and patrick ense released their first two eps in 2017 they had earlier this year already a highly respected release „what you doing ?- in collaboration with dorian paic and legendary singer eric d clark on arno einzelkind s imprint la peña. they went back to their studio and came out with this two little gems. the track „muzic- was already played by ricardo villalobos on several festivals during this summer.
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
it was nearly a year ago when these two graced with their hugely successful track ‘hope’ on our ‘watergate xv’ various artist compilation. matthias meyer and ryan davis come together again to deliver the stunning ‘love letters from sicily’ where infectious organic grooves pave the way for a flourishing well of emotions in the form of lush pads and shimmering sonics that unfold into a tale of epic cinematic proportions. from start to finish it’s a intimate piece of aural imagery, yet the duo always keep a keen percussive focus making it ideal for any dancefloor moment. to complement ‘love letters from sicily’, we’ve enlisted the one and only john digweed to rework meyer and davis’ original of ‘hope’, and with no surprise, he’s given it the master’s touch. staying true to the original, while at the same time reinventing the storyline and constructing tension by saving the powerful harmonies for a later climax, he’s crafted a revision that’s both driving and timeless.
Watergate Records
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
planet e are proud to present aw18 collection, a 3 track ep from british producer tom flynn. drawing upon a broad and learned musical understanding, aw18 collection fuses disparate strands from the worlds of fashion, club culture and sound design to forge a highly atmospheric, singular release. packard, the title of which is inspired by parties in the historic detroit power plant of the same name, establishes an unrelenting energy from the get go. a bouncing kick lays the foundations for rolling synths, unnerving vocal samples and delicate piano refrains to wander. anna is an indulgent nod to the catwalk, marching with intent amidst immersive chords and subtle melodies. the b side hosts a trippy cut full of interplanetary glitches and melancholic harmonies. drawing upon hints to the extraterrestrial, marx creates a dizzying swirl with glistening textures. carl craig was sold straight away: when tom sent me his demo of packard i knew i wanted to release it on planet e. the mix of looped electronics with soul of the piano brought me back to when i first heard the post-disco classic beyond the clouds. i can imagine the kids on the scene rockin hard to this.
Planet E
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
support from ricardo villalobos - einzelkind - dorian paic...
slaplock is a space minimal techno monster , and casado is a huge deep house track ... killer release for sure
Implosive Records
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12" Vinyl D 14.09.18
die drei stücke auf white flowers bringen ein feines amalgam aus schnell verzehrter ekstase, frischem herzschmerz und zitterndem trost hervor, alles auf dem scheitelpunkt von euphorie und verletzlichkeit. der essay des titeltracks führt in tiefe, streicherreiche minimal-techno-terrains, während die träge stimme von kev kharas dem instrumentalbild eine weitere dimension verleiht und es zu einer klassischen kompakt-affäre macht. betont club-freundlich hebt demacs felix den groove mit einer mitreißenden mischung aus synthie-glitter und 303-bässen hervor, bevor die ambient-version von white flowers alles auf eine ruhige, melancholische note bringt. eine stimmungsvolle geschichte von verlust und sehnsucht, weinerlich und jubelnd zugleich, ist white flowers ein track, der die emotionale bandbreite vom dancefloor auszuloten vermag.
Kompakt 391
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