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12" Vinyl UK 20.03.18
next raw e-beamz release... house . acid house and breakish feel
E-Beamz Records
ship date 20.03.2018
9.99 EUR *
8x12" Vinyl (180g / co AK 08.03.18
final installment of kris wadsworth very own label - strong limited black box of the amazing uranus series - kw777 is exclusive in this box - we have only a handful of this very rare boxes - 8x180g vinyl - black / white marbled vinyl - each record with another shade - handstamped - very unique printed black banderole - shrinked - vinyl only!
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12" Vinyl D 07.03.18
vinyl only - chiwax welcomes chimale to the family - one-shot project by a known artist!
Chiwax Ltd
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12" Vinyl NL 23.02.18
strap yourselves in as post pluto takes flight with french duo. rbdp. on their fresh self-titled ep. the record features four tracks of high altitude cruisers. soaring through the elements of acid. deep house. breaks and dubbed out synths. we depart the troposphere with -acid r-. a mellow and low-end fusion of dubby textures and acidic lines. -like dat- follows. with moody pads. percussive grooves and celestial tones. on the flip. -st san- takes the record into an acidic journey of 303 sequences and saturated 707 drum patterns. with a sublime zero-gravity remix by red ember records bossman ewan jansen.
Post Pluto
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12" Vinyl UK 09.03.18
ltd 2018 repress !!
the mysterious donnie tempo has been producing house music for over twenty years. his first release as donnie tempo was back in 2001 on larry heards alleviated records. demonstrating his old school acid inspired productions. donnie tempo unleashes the systems on ep due for release in september on mamsw. the ep drops two previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1989-91 and one new production tcb. that shows that the original chicago house sound still runs deep. finally. donnie has found a new home to release the uncharted authentic house jamz that hes created. stay tuned.
More About Music Records
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12" Vinyl UK 21.02.18
dj legwarmer and dj spielberg. team up for lisbon hot house no she didnt for some 90s infuse garage house banger action.
No She Doesnt
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12" Vinyl NL 02.03.18
2volt and emasa land their first posthouse ep on eademvoce. four tracks that serve all needs. with a strictly selected sound palette declined in four different moods. a1 delivers the hypnotic energy which is necessary to take off in a brief and significant journey into the past future. a2 is a pit-stop. giving the listener a pause to gaze around. leaving a chance to the mind evaporate into the synthetic atmospheres. b1 turns the situation in a determined hunt for something hidden. in a scenario dominated by rubbery tweaks and acid stabs. b2 is the celebration of arrival. the success of discovering something unique traveling in an acid path that cross a forest of morbid synths.
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12" Vinyl UK 02.03.18
phat deep dope shit ... from acid house to deep house
Hot Haus Recs
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12" Vinyl UK 02.03.18
there is no doubt that bobby moore is an absolute f***ing legend. and a true icon r.i.p. a hero who lifted the world cup for england at wembley. he is widely regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time. and was cited by pele as the greatest defender that he had ever played against. a leader of the highest quality and a true inspiration to us all. we would love to say that neil diablo shares these traits and acomplishments but his bewuda ep is tribute enough to one of footballs gretaest ever captians. the ep itself is a remix record . the track is called bewuda. and what a track it is. a 6 min trancy club banger. 808 drums all over the place give it a 90s vibe but with mr diablos signiture italo feel. and what we can we say about his team mates. coyote. tiago & dawn again on the same record.yes please! the coyote boys dont mess around at all. straight into a ravey. sweeping banger.teasing balaerica but keepng it a fully loaded dance floor bomb.tiago does what tiago does. his signiture sunshine vibe oozing out of the track from start to finish. the drums are something to behold and the piano riff drop packs a real punch. and last but not least our mate from melbourne dawn again tears up the track and brings us a classic weird re-triangluation in true banging dawn again fashion. big record from team rothmans for their 15th release!
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12" Vinyl FR 28.02.18
autodidact ventures into the area of jungle/dnb music with the first part in a series of two by selva massiva. a project by roger gerressen and alex jansen. on the b-side chris geschwindner takes both tracks and makes sure the ep is still suitable for dance floors with two excellent remixes.
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12" Vinyl UK 14.02.18
piff records continues to unravel its catalogue by calling on an artist slightly closer to home. cardiff-based harrison bdp adds to his already prolific discography with an ep that spans from mellow dub techno vibrations. all the way up to wide-open. rave-driven acid riffs.
harrison’s a-side revels in a deep pool of soft bubbling synth chords. moulded to the backdrop of tight rolling drum work and occasionally teasing the wider. heavier energies to be found on the flip.
the b side ripples with ricocheting. delay-laden soundscapes. rock-solid drums lines. and nostalgic lead synth lines that make you glad that you’ve caught on to this talented producer early on in his promising career.
Piff Records
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12" Vinyl UK 23.02.18
rising sun. dj fett burger (as fett birger) and tijana t grace the second remix package of spencer parker s different shapes and sizes series on work them records this february. following on from the first remix release. which featured dj deep. akirahawks and setaoc mass. part two will see more reinterpretations of spencer parker s 2017 series from an array of talented producers. rising sun has earnt a cult following for his otherworldly productions as well as curating labels such as kristofferson kristofferson. styrax and millions of moments and here we see the accomplished producer deliver two hypnotic and classic sounding variations of riff shapes. sex tags and freakout cult cofounder dj fett burger then provides an acid-laced mix of size:yes as dj fett birger. finally. respected belgrade techno dj tijana t closes the release with a robust and evolving rework of a different size
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12" Vinyl UK 21.02.18
trudge embarks on the tenth expedition into the exotic lands of palm trees and blue skies with the infectiously moody negative spaces ep.
expedition ten features four jams packed of broken drum sequences. dreamy pads and scorching acid basslines.
Lost Palms
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EP 1
12" Vinyl UK 17.01.18
zodiac childs kicks off his zodiac wax imprint with a three track ep. three cuts channeling the rolling breaks of the early 90s combined with zcs sonic imprint.
Zodiac Wax
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12" Vinyl D 19.02.18
vinyl only . finest remixes package by 90-90 project. on a printed cover. after 10 animals. 10 vinyls and 30 artists the wound has healed. our mission ends here. but until the groove goes on. the music never stop.
Wound Music
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12" Vinyl FR 16.02.18
2018 repress ! phreakin daft punk filter trax with heavy chicago influences.
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12" Vinyl UK 14.02.18
having been steadily absorbing the flowery humidity in steamy spa towns of central florida since his debut outing chillax. floridian $1 house music purveyor blair sound design aka kyle lyon emerges into the lobster forest with all 16-bit brass and duvet filters blazing. taking inspiration from late 80’s and early 90’s bargain bin finds. as well as a lifetime spent strapped to game boy classic kirby’s dream land. “console humidity” finds lyon on classically chipper yet introspective form. carving a path well trodden but that is unmistakeable his own.
Lobster Theremin
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12" Vinyl FR 12.02.18
excellent deep house 4 track vinyl
D.KO Records
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12" Vinyl UK 07.02.18
the label limbe discloses itself with its first release ‘le bord du disque’. a compilation of 4 french newcomers ready to take you on a journey between house. acid and lo-fi.
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12" Vinyl UK 07.02.18
after profound synthesis. fundamental sounds return to the game with another special ep. warrios of xian. the first emperor of china built the xian warriors because he thought that those warriors could re-incarnate and return to life in this world or another. this record embodies that transcendental spirit. taking the ethos of that old chicago sound and letting it live on through the new word of some of its modern natives and far flung global brothers. at its centre is the dance floor.
Fundamental Sound
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 25.01.18
yellow clear vinyl - 200 copies
* the past is never dead. its not even past. often the reverie rolled on deep into the night. an unflagging. unredundant product of the raconteurial mind.* a few years ago the last 12inch on kristofferson kristofferson. 2017. continuation of the story. rising sun indulges in reminiscences with full of breakbeats. deep house and ambient.
Kristofferson 006
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12" Vinyl NL 09.01.18
contemporary producer e. myers has self released four limited edition white label 12?s since 2015. whilst managing to remain low profile. whoever they are. we guess they?re huge fans of late 1980s chicago house. shep pettibone. colourbox and most of our reissues. so much that they asked us to re-release their second 12? ?hate / love? from 2016 backed with new remix of ?hate? made for dark entries. ?love? kicks off the a-side ?beats out a wood-cut tattoo of tuff drums rubbed with balloon-squeak synths to sound like gesloten cirkel meets helena hauff.? said boomkat. ?hate? is a dreamy house number that ultilzes a roland tr-707 drum machine with a rounded bassline. horns and strings that lift it into the stratosphere. for the new remix of ?hate? myers subtly shifts the pace and deepens the groove. stretching out the song to over 7 minutes of dubbed out new beat phantasia. all songs have been remastered for vinyl by george horn at fantasy studios in berkeley. the 12? is housed in a die cut disco jacket that features an original design by eloise leigh.
Dark Entries
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12" Vinyl NL 18.01.18
a couple of steps down and you ve entered the grooviest cave of undiscovered strobe light excesses. smoke machines and automatic funk. if spaghetti and meat balls would produce. they d be named fede lng and deejay astral. bringing serious thumpers to susan. their pack the pipe journey is wrapped in pirate material. recognizable vocals and the longing for a never-ending after party after the next after party. empty your ashtray. crack open six cold ones. turn off the halogen lamps and start thinking.
Whos Susan
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12" Vinyl UK 18.01.18
for house heads of a certain persuasion. dj duke is a name that resonates for all the right reasons. the u.s. veteran has been responsible for some of the 90’s most seminal moments. chiefly through tracks such as 12 minutes to do it (under his pleasure dome alias). party time and the prosumer-endorsed deep house classic. heard. he returns here courtesy of emerging imprint solo werks. who host his latest ep. green pastures. a momentous house-led workout. it compounds duke’s reputation as a producer of considerable panache while also acting as an auspicious start to life for the dublin based label. the title track is a grainy. old-school cut that bears all the hallmarks of a dusty analogue-jam and harks back to the days of vintage chicago with the sort of zest you’d expect from a man of duke’s credentials. the other original. skyscapes. is packed to the brim with industrial motifs and is characterised by the sort of effortlessly catchy baseline with which duke has made his name. mysterious and ethereal. it takes the listener on an uncompromising and throughly captivating house journey from the off. on the flip side. we have two stunning remixes. the first of which arrives from new jersey don. ruben candelario aka nicuri. a long-time favourite of nyc-based producers a la joey anderson. nicuri turns green pastures into a dreamy. acid-led space. adding layers of suspense and a glittering vocal intto the mix as he goes. last but not least are dublin-based producers slowburn. who serve up a stunning version of skyscapes. a carefully construed voyage into the deep. it caps off a fine ep with some aplomb.
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12" Vinyl US 17.01.18
strong raw house - from acid house to disco
Downtown 304
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12" Vinyl UK 16.02.18
sheri vari’s ‘despertardamente ep’ serves as the label’s debut and also the artist’s first time on wax. having released fine digital eps on tomorrow is now kid! and portuguese outfit labareda. and with another 12” prepared for finale sessions us. sheri vari is one of the most exciting dj/producers in portugal right now. her name is mariana. she’s in her twenties and she’s addicted to her pair of korg electribes. with them. she pumps out funky. deep. nasty and unpretentiously groovy club tracks. the likes of which you may check out on this debut ep
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11.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.01.18
in early 2017. public release dropped a four-tracker by brooklyns earth boys. a duo comprisedof julian duron and michael sherburn. and now its being followed by a collection of remixes by some formidable names from around the world.
Public Release
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12" Vinyl UK 16.01.18
as huntleys + palmers events has drawn to a close. 2018 will see a big focus in releasing some brilliant new music and introducing some amazing new artists. first up is wheelman straight out of glasgow and fresh off the back of his debut for our studio barnhus buddies. to our shame. it took a kornel kovacs trip to rubadub to bring to our attention a real talent who was under our now the whole time! hed even been to a bunch of our parties and wed never made the connection. righting this wrong. we promptly hit him up for music to include on a clyde built compilation and they were so good. we designated the bulk of these tracks to this release 5 absolute belters!
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl D 10.01.18
pal is a series of compilations by pear. showcasing all the various iterations&#8203.. of that sound they know and love. for the first volume. they&#8203.. have&#8203.. cast their net far and&#8203.. wide &&#8203.. think you should find something&#8203.. to enjoy amidst it all.
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3x12" Vinyl D 04.01.18
3x12 inch acidicted special pack incl acidicted0.5 and acidicted2.0
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12" Vinyl FR 27.12.17
hot off the heels of cdh005 by dj lettuce. french imprint chineurs de house releases chabha dassin hakku. an ep by established swiss producer pascal viscardi.
Chineurs De House
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.08.17
as a longtime chicago and detroit house-head who spent hours listening to sets online. justin ramsey packed up his bags and jumped ship to berlin to get involved in its thriving music scene. the result - spacey pads. warm vocal samples. and driving drums which make up the backbone for each cut. don’t just keep me is a deep and trippy ep. dressed up with bouncing bass lines and breaks to dance to.
Berlin Bass Collective
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 21.12.17
white coloured pressing
* the past is never dead. its not even past. often the reverie rolled on deep into the night. an unflagging. unredundant product of the raconteurial mind.* a few years ago the last 12inch on kristofferson kristofferson. 2017. continuation of the story. rising sun indulges in reminiscences with full of breakbeats. deep house and ambient.
Kristofferson 006
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12" Vinyl UK 20.12.17
tokyo’s dj nozaki. the man behind the incredible label 10 inches of pleasure debuts on uttu with a frenzied baltimore infused acid houz ghetto bomb! backed with a dj haus remix and a re-work-reverse from nozaki himself! tip!
Unknown To The Unknown
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12" Vinyl UK 22.12.17
featuring dj spank spank & lothario lee (phuture). fast eddie and houz mon. acid house legends from chicago. this title is 4th ep of bigfire. electronic music band in tokyo / japan. including one of posthumous works of earl smith jr. a.k.a dj spank spank died this past september. moreover. this is his last works with lothario lee who has supported earl as phuture for a long time. but his familiar acid house style is well in the disc. and minimal remix suggests that challenging spirit of these phuture’s members still has not been lost. this title has more two chicago house remixes. one side is the creator of hiphouse music. -king- fast eddie. his remix is contemporary and universal house music every one demand. the other side is houz mon known as aclose friend of earl. this underground style with his awesome vintage roland sounds should be called ghetto acid. one of tidemark of house music. last but not least. original track is ingenious future electronic rock opera. we can say this as the originality of bigfire. -general of the universe iv- compares favorably with previous work.
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12" Vinyl D 15.12.17
deep and tripping stuff from argentine producer. ana helder.. the label say: ana helder. the argentinian girl with the special twist. is back with a hand full of tracks. they are mean. dirty. harmful. amorevolous. seductive and addictive. surrender tunes from a producer and dj that does not think in boxes. for müstique she looked into her always-growing production crate and found some post-punk waving funk odes. which want more than just to dance this mess around. they bring soulful lsd-melodies for jazz lovers with techno legs that like to get high on liquid liquid. they are electronic but yet so organic. and they move deeply while spreading the feel of a meditative rest. when diagnose heard them first. he came to the idea of writing a script for a flick that tells the story of a music-making machine. which has more to offer than answers. it forms sound with no traces of reality. but is so human that humans fear it. why did he think that way? only because of what ana helder recently got to say? well. let the music play
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2x12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
chicago godfather mike dunn presents a new album thats fuelled by a pumping heart of pure house and a body of powerful analogue muscle. my house from all angle is a record destined to fully reinstate this already respected figure at the upper echelon. despite releasing countless classics like face the nation. god made me phunky. let it be house and personal problem. plus plenty more underground gems under pseudonyms like qx-1. the jass man. the phunky people and the md connection this is mike s first longplayer since 1990. the album title represents the different styles of mike’s large and long-standing catalogue that’s beloved of both diggers and djs alike. a master of deep stroboscopic acid. booty jackers. hip house and groovy us house/garage all are represented within.
Blackball Muzik
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12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
man power returned to his northern home for one last waltz. this is their joint offering for the esp institute. on side a. man power welcomes us with tistish. stepping slightly out of his comfort zone and employing a boxy breakbeat to create a dose movement. this contrasts his signature fatty bassline and together they establish a ground on which to stack layers of atonal square and sawtooth waves. about halfway through he introduces a massively seductive string lead and for the remainder of the ride this palette of sounds coalesce in dark orchestral beauty. on side b. man power’s cohorts last waltz deliver nee shitteru. a true stomper of a track complete with in-your-face toms and off-time percussion patterns. an intense driving acid line. and aggressive shamanic chanting. throw in some crash cymbals. sci-fi sound effects and a smattering of gamelan and it amounts to an overwhelmingly chaotic and psychedelic trip. these two songs will have you speaking in tongues.
ESP Institute
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coloured 10" Vinyl UK 11.12.17
lie of the land debuts on porn wax with an appropriately subterranean take on the acid house formula. amping up the delay feedback and weaving accomplished waves of melody in between the floor-minded components of the music. chapparal is especially deep diving. tapping into a late night mood for backroom beauties and beasts to sway rhythmically to. navigator has sharper edges. but is no less hypnotic and subliminal in its approach. the porn wax stamp is a trusted destination for left of centre tackle for stranger dancefloors. and lie of the land understands their unique vibe innately.
PW 14
Porn Wax
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12" Vinyl UK 22.05.17
london’s breaker breaker continue to build steam behind releases from rgl and the rapidly ascending ross from friends with a fresh 12” courtesy of bristol based half nelson. utilising a meld of hardware. old tape recorders and original instrumentation - the bristol based producer readies the inaugural release on this newly formed alias and in doing so presents the aptly titled ‘first step’.
slotting in neatly with the breaker breaker catalogue. the first step ep smothers burly drums with woozy sampling that work together to build a trippy. floor-ready sound.
Breaker Breaker
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12" Vinyl NL 07.07.16
panea records. is a concept based on sharing their lifestyles with all who share a passion for music. and aspiration to provide talented musicians. producers and djs with valuable opportunities within this label. four spanish friends came together in berlin sharing their love of music. each of them influenced by the berlin music scene.
Panea Records
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10" Vinyl NL 07.12.17
bakk returns to the valley with sfv acid. cruising at extra low altitude. three tracks with a fine grind and a pinch of acid made in the hot california sun. comes with artwork made by sfv acid in collaboration with bakk stamp society.
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12" Vinyl lp UK 07.12.17
we are proud to present sare s fourth album softmachine. it is a ten track synthesizer epic which takes us through multiple musical flavors of electronica. italo. dancefloor. disco and smooth soul pop. all threads are neatly bound up and unified by the common principles of smooth electronics. solid melody and slick song-writing. the album opens with the intro track and scene setter. dreamachine. it is a dystopian synth algorithm which is one part aural mindscape. one part electronic opus and one part sci-fi soundtrack. a perfect scene setter. everybody freak out bursts open the flood gates with a tide of funky swing. brash disco swagger and catchy lead lines. softmachine shows sare s finely honed song writing prowess with its lazy grooves. 80s sparkling synths and meandering robotized main vocal line. next the dancefloor calls with a peak-time disco vocal groover like you wanna do. it features a vocal from vaarka delivering a fine performance. multi-layered guitars. perky bass guitar and a pulsing groove power this track along. here comes that sound carries on the dancefloor vocal vein with its 4-4 beats. driving bass and sweet strings sitting perfectly alongside a multi vocalled chorused vocal from barbara grabar. kristina strasek and vanja dizdarevic. on the flipside things open with riot. sawtoothy synth waves and darting keyboard lines lead the way in this sci-fi sound track with a core of antagonism at its core. science of the beat follows with its stabby synth bass. rolling stabs and vocodered main lines. music and lies layers in sweet synth pads. melancholy meanderings and just a touch of forlorn sadness into its melodies. to round things off no chance to dance digs deep into the chic vibes with its percussive chop-guitar. on-the-beat bass guitar and swinging hand-clap disco beats. the album closes with the painfully optimistic perpetual rise. a metropolis meets vangelis like analog synthesizer masterclass
Nang Records
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SALT 002
12" Vinyl UK 02.05.16
salt mines return with another selection of artists from it’s birthplace of australia and abroad. astral house and ethereal techno drive this heavyweight 12” to celestial heights and beyond. saturated pads and synth work brim with emotion whilst clattering beats shuffle through the dust covered floor.
Salt Mines
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12" Vinyl D 04.12.17
more rough analogue business from switzerland. this time coming from hot jam with a 5 tracker signed by matsuki. matto & young pantero. exclusive remix by tuff city kids.
Hot Jam
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11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.12.17
for ws021 we head to italy where we find a duo by the name of concret aka italo-mexican musician diego angelico escobar and producer q-pha. together. they submit a couple of ethereal. stripped-back and driving techno tracks that compliment each other so well they appear to be brother and sister from the same session. on remix duty we ve got another italian. rodion. who ads his signature sound to ritorno and flips it into a laid-back dark groover. last but not least is uk s heretic. aka timothy clerkin. who remixes andata into a classy acid burner fit for a massive warehouse party or dark. sweaty basement.
WS 021
Wonder Stories
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coloured 10" Vinyl UK 04.12.17
300 10inch pink marble. hand stamped. individually numbered records. single press only.
PW 13
Porn Wax
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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 01.12.17
five different moods from five different minds. the first various artist compilation features five gems that will provide pleasure infinitely!
pressing on clear & solid purple mixed vinyl.
Infinite Pleasure
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9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.10.17
after almost two years it s the time for the boss asymmetrical to drop his second ep -for muthafucka use only- merging his hip hop influences with raw culture s poetry. the release features some guest appearances by with his partner in crime alter d. boss of marguerite records. rapper blue and last but not least a fine remix by florian kupfer!
Raw Culture
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9.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.11.17
vinyl only - chiwax welcomes daniela la luz! we ve had already the honour to present this outstanding lady on rawax & housewax. now it s time for some acid house on chiwax. come into my land is a very promising ep including 4 club tracks with the remarkeble touch of daniela.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.11.17
after putting out kito jempere s stunning sea monster album earlier in the year. hell yeah now serve up a bunch of remixes from it that have been secret weapons for the last few months. behind them are black spuma. lipelis and bell towers and they all serve up real heaters. first up with possibly their best ever remix are black spuma—a collaboration between phillip lauer (tuff city kids. arto mwambe) and fabrizio mammarella (telespazio)—who flip ampa into a bootylicious house cut with fat bass stabs and sci-fi synths. it s retro in flavour and riddled with melodies that are brightly coloured and emotive. and when the vocal is layered in it helps carry you away on a wave of bliss. for djs who prefer to keep things raw. a dub version without the vocals is also included and bangs that bit harder.
Hell Yeah
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.11.17
we have reached our tenth reference . something that we are proud of . for wich we have chosen 6 tracks from different artists. side a roger van lunteren present the theme – acid on the lounge floor side entrance. full of slow acid beats with dubby echoes . we continue with nikolay sunak – back in the day when we were together . a deep theme with vocal samplers and all the 90 s u.k. dance reminiscences . we close this side with morales – futurama. created and thought to make you sweat the dance floors. side b nikolay sunak – loner s groove. 4×4 bases . organ chords and riffs that plunge us into deep atmospheres accompanied by a compact base of bass-line and beat boxes . roger van lunteren – care about your future . pure freestyle acid. casual. cool and bubbling . we close this tenth reference with i -vil – repentance . pure 90 s belgium rave . hoover sound . voices and rithims 909 pounding with an hypnotic bass.
Polybius Trax
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12" Vinyl FR 16.11.17
seuil on eklo for a new ep tainted with acid. house & techno. 4 tracks for the club. enjoy.
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.11.17
rawax proudly welcomes the legend adonis the the family! we re very honoured to present you on the 30th edition of our chiwax classic series the man who produced 1986 his fist of many house anthems. -no way back-! now in the rebound: the 1989 originally on jack trax released -do you wanna jack/ lost in the sound-. as bonus track adonis gave us -my space-. another outstanding track. he did with virgo aka marshall jefferson! this release is quite unique in this combination - so don t sleep on it! we ll have it on black solid vinyl and also on purple vinyl - it s up to you!
Chiwax Classic Edition
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9.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 13.11.17
tb is the alias of permanent vacation label co-head tom bioly. his releases as tb so far are invitation to love on john talabot s hiverned 10inch imprint (was voted amongst the best 10inch releases by uk fact magazine). and -city girl on permanent vacation. of which german groove magazine wrote entirely superb. heartbreak hotel is a double twelve-inch release with eight tracks of melancholic dance noir set in smoke-filled darkness. acid bobbles. distorted strings and echoed guitars are mangled and layered on machine beats and disco drums.
Permanent Vacation
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14.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.11.17
byron the aquarius fires up the mpc for a journey into the stratosphere. bringing the heat for ele records 3rdedition with planet rock. a jazz infected keyboard jam with chopped hip hop samples echoing into the cosmos. cozy bear follows with nudi riddim a delectable mix of african percussion. jazz samples and acidic basslines. on the b side we find more hip hop infused methodology. with glenn davis digging into salsouls back catalogue with his huge summer anthem holdin on. finally. unknown artist is back on ele following on from the huge anthem ru$h. this time it s back to the mpc with a daft punk style 90s disco banger fade (never know).
Ele Records
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 08.11.17
a one of a kind track with a totally unique groove and a bass line not coming from this world. the dx sound that makes the track so powerful sounds like some kind of mutant machine that is going wild and the sublime combination with the robert owens vocals makes this a highlight in the history of house music!
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10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 08.11.17
some might say jordan fields is one of the most criminally underappreciated figures to rise out of chicago in the late 90s. not for people who know what s what though. after a career spanning more than 20 years he has established himself as one of the key figures of the underground. coming out of where everything started. chicago. jordan released records on a handful of key labels like catalyst. track mode. som underground. mood groove. maffia. he did not stop there and today he is still releasing bangers having never lost that magic touch that has kept him firmly grounded on the purest form of the underground. and that. after more than 20 years is pretty much unheard of. when we first contacted jordan we wanted to go back to where it all started. we wanted to be transported to late 90s chicago. to a time where it was all about the dance floor. when tracks meant something more than songs. when purely club-oriented music was the purest form of the underground. to be honest we were not expecting to get exactly what we wanted straight away. he immediately sent us a collection of tools straight out of dat tapes he had. going all the way back to the 90s and early 2000s. so yeah to say that we are excited with this release would be a huge understatement. this is a collection of tools meant for the dancefloor. not reminiscent of some gone by era. these are the real deal. made by a true master. 20 years ago. for the future.
Last Copy!
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 08.11.17
dark entries and emotional rescue team up to further explore psychic tv’s acid house years. psychic tv was formed by genesis p-orridge and peter christopherson of throbbing gristle with alex fergusson of alternative tv in 1981. after various line up changes. the band shifted direction to dance oriented songs influenced by the house and techno scenes of detroit and chicago. by 1988 the group included dave ball of soft cell. fred giannelli of turning shrines and matthew best of carcrash international. during the summer of 1988 the group recorded a batch of songs at time square studios in london that would appear under the guise of various artists compilations jack the tab’ and ‘tekno acid beat’. the idea behind these ‘compilations of imaginary artists was creating a sense that a healthy acid house scene existed in the uk. virginia was the studio project of dave “mista luv” ball and then-wife virginia “gini” ball. a classical violinist who toured and recorded with siouxsie and the banshees and marc almond.
Dark Entries
Emotionnal Rescue
in stock
15.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 06.11.17
marvin & guy textextext - the first part of our limited edit series. four obscure electronic edits pressed on a 12nch plus a digital bonus track. look out for part two following later this year.
XXX The Label
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.11.17
ltd 1 per customer. warm dj tool house journey / analog feel
SOT 01
Shot Of T
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.10.17
just as good as real deep house can get!
Mojuba G.O.D. 4
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
do yourself a favour and dance across the floor when listening to the new jacob korn-record. aptly titled son of gx. the music is heavily based on the good old yamaha electone organ. the home organ for the world s gentlemen was modified by jacob himself and is now an integral part of his studio. as you ll hear it on the ep. it injects a decent dose of fun into jacob s vision of house music. at least. you will instantly notice that when listening to singlefinger chord. a track that conquers the floor with its disco elements. rumours say that jacob s cat toddled on his poor man s yamaha cs80 when producing cats on organs. if that s true. the cat provided an irresistible hook to an already slamming. italo-inspired track. son of gx is every bit as compelling as the first two tracks with its synth trumpet glory while the slighty darker fun blocks sustains us with heavy percussion works straight out of the yamaha electone organ. on top. you ll get a remix for singlefinger chord by new york s jacques renault (let s play house) as digital bonus.
Uncanny Valley
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10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
the finnish dumpster raider is back with three loud. old school jams.
Ride The Gyroscope
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10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
sometimes a year becomes 20. and this is the case with jesper bellfrog rydbergs second coming on borft records since his debut in 1997. as dj jespha galore. he is a super solid dj arranger and inspiration on the swedish electronic scene since mid 90s. and hailing from borft records friendtown helsingborg this record differs a bit from the traditional karlskrona sound and goes into softer territory with classic acidhouse sounds and friendly melodic funky electronic disco. at times almost bordering to italian pouch pouch vibes with shiny cars and prosecco. buy doubles and you got a cool little set bordering between acidhouse and electronic disco. / joakim cosmo
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12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 16.10.17
in his restless quest for the funk. sex judas invites 6 funkateers from the norwegian underground + partner in crime. ricky to remix some golden oldies. the mixes on display are full of the vigilante attitude flowing thru the current northern scene. where dirt and funk still is the modus operandi. tracks are taken from the trilogy of ep s released on tim paris marketing label between 2011-2015 and serves as a warm up to the sex judas album coming this winter!
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.10.17
dj plant texture drops his weirdo breakbeat house trilogy lloyd goes to mars a warped lo-fi house brain melter. added jungle and downtempo mixes complete side a. on the flip simoncino offers up 3 sublime remixes. acid. dub and bonus beats!
Unknown To The Unknown
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11.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 13.10.17
new deep house 12 inch! donoussa: rhodes and guitar. plus percussions and vibraphone. supported by tr-808 drums. conte d ete: tr-909 + vibraphone. grand amour: electric piano rhodes. supported by sp-1200 and tr-909 drums and hi-hats
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 10.10.17
volume.3 of the black traxx series with finest disco house tunes
Night Club Records
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.10.17
our man neil aka lord of the isles drops another face-melter for his recently birthed label dfsant. don t ask us what that means by the way. we have no idea. here on the second 12inch. the laird treats to a further three tracks of sublime techno / house hybrids: the opener synth plus is a kosmiche throbber with a lick of motor city melodrama. whilst to here comes on
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.10.17
everybodys darling rahaan is back with three hard knocking acid tracks.
LIH 025
Lumberjacks in Hell
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10.65 EUR *
400TX (180G VINYL)
12" Vinyl NL 06.10.17
infused with minty flavours this next blend brings raw grooves. warm baselines and uplifting melodies. crafted with love they make the perfect accompaniment to twilight settings. tracks supplied from mattiik (uk). slim steve (italy). dos (austria) and james henry (uk).
Mint Tea
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.09.17
for the a side. the young italian producer provides two heaters with acid lines tax-experts previously thought not possible. on the flip. strictly business with versatile tools designed for a bullish friday night after a long day of aggressive downsizing. buy low. sell high.
Blood Money Club Traxx
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11.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.09.17
rtct.records are back at it again! following up on two well received twelves by demuja and leo woelfel the family is growing by yet another fine fella: put your hands together for laroze! the french house legend came up with a strong mixture of disco. house and acid flavors covering a wide range of moods. be careful to put these 5 tracks in your bag. because if you do they’ll probably stay there for a while…this record will go from zero to anywhere quicker than you can say * austrian labels do it best!*
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.10.17
coming off the back of 2 years running strictly-vinyl-only acid house underground parties. the downfall crew all veterans of the 1980 s london acid house scene have put together their debut 12inch. straight out of wandsworth ep. four jacking analogue machine-driven tracks. all hardware. vinyl only. no digital.
Downfall Recordings
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9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 28.09.17
played by chez damier . for his first solo record label founder antoine molkhou aka siler present us his -still a kid- ep.two orignial tracks and the a great collaboration on -spatial purim- with the popcorn family member flabaire.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.09.17
after numerous releases on staple labels like moods & grooves. deep explorer. contrast wax. minuendo & soul print. the duo from malta are back to their homegrown label batti batti. the 3 tracks on this ep are somewhat different to their usual style. putting aside their laid-back deepness and focusing more on the dance floor by delivering an ep of raw drums. acid lines. warm chords and filtered pads. a truly interesting release to say the least.
BBR 14
Batti Batti Records
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9.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl NL 21.09.17
2017 repress! one of larry heards most under-rated albums finally remastered and available as full vinyl release for the first time!

also available as:
CD (EUR 15.99)
in stock
20.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.09.17
that crystalline moment we all know too well. what was saturday night has become sunday morning. pleading with sleep to come while piecing together the last few hours of the party you’ve just left. few would claim to be at their most productive at this ungodly hour. not hekkla. this is when he gets down to work.
the nachtbraker ep is the product of several of these post club jam sessions. or in the words of the artist “the same places revisited again and again in the midst of night.” translated from the dutch word “night owl”. hekkla’s latest extended play delivers on it’s promise. serving 4 cuts of floor filling goodness ready for breakfast.
Goldbrick Records
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11.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 22.09.17
one foot on the dance floor & one foot in a garbage can. founded in 2016 in paris by stéphane bodin and françois marché. delodio cultivate eclecticism & joie de vivre. issuing vintage tracks recorded on cassettes and modern productions with the same passion. one way of doing things. differently and sincerely. debut 12- from parisian producer fm. 2 tracks distiling the vintage classic rave house vibe of a tr808 on a cassette tape. music for the floor. enjoy !
Last Copy!
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 14.09.17
300 copies - vinyl only - no repress!
a new berlin-based label coming from the russian wilderness. our first release is a 4-tracker of the analog sound enthusiast chizh and includes a secret circuit remix.
Tall Pines
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.09.17
as with his previous offerings - that have found a home on the likes of red rack’ems smugglers inn. horn wax. ruff draft. plus his co-owned end of label boss imprint – cyclonix continues to explore the deeper and more leftfield spectrum of underground dance music with a futuristic vision. made up of two original tracks. ‘alien drug store’ ep draws on a host of electronic influences ranging from deep house to detroit beatdown. alongside subtle hints of acid house and dub techno. whilst both retain the producers trademark sci-fi aesthetic. the release is completed with a sterling remix of ‘you’d better not’ from a pioneering legend of the uk underground - 4hero’s marc mac. under his nu era guise. heading up the a side is ‘you’d better not’. a slow-grooving techno cut bolstered by punchy kicks and a rubbery bassline. where foreboding sci-fi vox samples are interspersed with dubbed out chords and crunchy offbeat snares. as the arrangement shifts from one mood to another. the sub-aquatic vibes of ‘two face’ follows. which is set to a hypnotic two chord pattern. 4/4 kicks and a lashing of moody synths that gradually entices you into deeper realms through the aid of rippling hi-hats and rhythmic percussion with a submersed quality. on the flip is marc mac’s nu era take on the 12”s lead cut ‘you’d better not’. who transforms the menacing original into a blast of uplifting broken techno. where the soulful musicality of sustained strings and piano chords complement snippets of the original’s vocal sample that drifts atop adept drum programming. bouncy synth bass and a flurry of glistening synth melodies.
Phuture Shock Musik
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8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.09.17
following his chubby cheeks album for nosaj thing s timetable records. gerry is back with his new album. new junk city for ramp recordings.
musically. the suffolk based outsider-house poster boy has withdrawn from the ghetto-influenced sound of chubby cheeks. to more musical territory. sounding like the next step from his debut album jummy. keeping the jazzy samples. and adding layers of dusty synths and rolling drums.
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.09.17
this second half of 2017 quintessentials will offer a lot of south american music. like from our long time friend and regular guest soul of hex! hailing from tijuana. soul of hex (also know as sebastien vorhaus) has a rich. nuanced and grainy style with an authenticity thats closer in sound to vintage detroit or new york pastures. despite his mexican heritage. busy djing. producing and running his own label vicario ltd. soul of hex is a driving force in the mexican scene. his new helipop ep offers different styles like a downbeat intro. a deep bassy rough house cut (helipop) plus 2 back to oldschool rave/warehouse tunes not afraid using some uplifting pianos. catchy vocals and deep basslines. house music all night long!
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.09.17
dj boring back on e-beamz after his hits on snf and lph. the fire follow up to winona is here......
E-Beamz Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.08.17
whyte numbers follows through with an excoursion to georgia. where we found the mysterious will gates. on his debut ep. dedicated to his hometown tbilisi. you ll find 4 original cuts with no frills. plus a mellow acidic vibe workout by our man lootbeg. the record is sure to grab any listeners ear with mellow house featuring a host of fresh jazz and hip hop influences. adding to a beautiful use of vocal loops. he brings forth a refreshing piece of wax that creates another home run for both label and artist.
Whyte Numbers
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.08.17
gian and massimiliano pagliara step up for a joint acid house venture on lackrec.
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl. 180gr BE 23.08.17
(180 gr) one year on since their last venture as black spuma on international feel. fabrizio mammarella. also known as telespazio and phillip lauer. one half of tuff city kids. are back with the insatiable orme ep.
International Feel
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10.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.08.17
room ii records is a new imprint run by two brothers based in london. which focuses on giving a platform to up and coming artists. ‘the black ep’ is the first in the series.
kicking off the series are three tracks by tr all varying in style and technique. soft pads and playful keys bounce along a grooving bassline on ep and every future summer set opener ‘fantasia’. ‘ub city’ is made up of field recordings taken from a recent trip tr made to india last summer. the flip side shifts again culminating in a live drum breakdown that’s supported by a subtle. acidic bass line - ‘10am acid jam’ is an outright dancefloor weapon.
Room II Records
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10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.08.17
sprouting arms and legs to emerge from his wetlands lair. mysterious scaled amphibian bufobufo leaps onto land to launch new vinyl label ritual poison.
the a side is taken up by the house sounds of “what’s that noise?”. a stripped back acid bit ready built for blowing up the floor. on the flip. there’s “parasol” - agaric electro served raw and deadly and “spider fortress”. eight-legged techno spun smooth like silk and tough as steel.
Ritual Poison
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11.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl ES 04.08.17
imprints releases an album for the next imp012! ivan iacobucci is the artist. no more words... enjoy it!
in stock
23.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 04.08.17
weiss blasts off via “brain fever”. where raw. mind-altering arpeggio bass. fuzzy drum machine hits. spacey chords and alien electronics thrust our hero skywards. think of it as techno for funk-fuelled. italo-disco loving astronauts whose journey to the end of the universe is only just underway. this intergalactic funk blueprint is explored further on the deeper and more melodious “you want a cigarette”. where weiss’s vocoder vocals wrap themselves around mutant tb-303 lines. rush-inducing chords and clattering machine percussion. on “space ghetto (booty)”. our hero celebrates the discovery of previously unknown worlds in the only way he knows how. with kaleidoscopic. full-throttle electronic motifs and funk-fuelled synth-bass to the fore. weiss offers his own unique take on electrofunk. pleasingly fuzzy and tightly wrapped in the syncopated drum machine handclaps of ghetto-house. it’s a typically far-sighted and attractive proposition.
VD 30
Rush Hour Voyage Direct
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.03.17
an incredible. funked-out live show and production team with their own modern take on boogie. philly soul. and ny disco. xlr8r the possé are a new face to many people. the five piece run by andrew elston and ross ferraro is comprised of veterans from all over australia’s music scene. after a year of knuckling down in the studio and a string of sold out shows they’ve boiled down their favourite influences into an in-credible. raw. funked out live show and production team. watch out for the posse’s debut ep. our thing. featuring contributions from andrew elston (phy-sique/toni toni lee/catcall). ross ferraro & jarrol renaud (the goods). michael di francesco (touch sensitive/van she) and nz jazz keys prodigy andrew bruce.
Plastic World
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.07.17
-with the 7th release iazikzazubami . michael claus & cm-4 . joakim hellgren and garben presents 4 strong cuts full of deep raw acid grooves which all be made directly for the club .-
Charmin 07
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10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.07.17
greetings fellow lovers of abstract truth. how s living in a dystopian now working out for you? here s hoping a new birdscare release can help take the edge off... it s by zu dobson. and who s zu dobson? i honestly wish i could tell you. she approached me at an a.l.f.o.s. gathering of the faithful and gave me a cd of her work with nothing on it but a po address written on it. after corresponding by letter for a while we agreed that -apple knife- and -wisdom of rumi- would be the first release (of hopefullly many). i only met ms. dobson fleetingly and she has no on-line presence so her identity is vague even to me. so next time you re on the dancefloor that young woman dancing next to you could well be zu dobson. fondant regards... andrew weatherall
Bird Scarer Records
Last Copy!
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.07.17
virgo four return on chiwax to present us the fourth part of the e-series! another great release from the chicago masters!
Last Copy!
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.07.17
pp serie is here to combine music by label artists & friends showcasing a broad spectrum of audio entertainment. “serie a” features: trance inducing collage. pop build up. homage to the almost forgotten communication medium telefon and a heavy acid tool. &#8232..artists included: tambien. rhode & brown. mr. tophat & obalski
Public Possession
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10.65 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.07.17
andras establishes a new home for his out-house productions with punp records. while house of dad laboured in detail. sanity targets club play speeding tempos laced with the larrikinism of boiler room. australian reality tv and shark siren cut ups. vinyl only takes a swipe at the 100% mentality with a stereo bassline threatening to derail the stylus. further sidetracked by being digitally available a week before the 12inch. on the p-side. 40k pulls swimmers from the bondi rip while sanitiser s simplicity cleanses the grease from andras former plumbing exploits. words by michael kucyk (noise in my head)
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 07.07.17
what you need to know about this -boite de quatre ep-:- all tracks have been produced by rag dabons.- it s deep with a bit of acid inside. it s all about jesus and denver. the last dinosaur.
Concrete Music
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.07.17
great lauer output
Running Back
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9.29 EUR *
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