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12" Vinyl UK 10.10.17
our man neil aka lord of the isles drops another face-melter for his recently birthed label dfsant. don t ask us what that means by the way. we have no idea. here on the second 12inch. the laird treats to a further three tracks of sublime techno / house hybrids: the opener synth plus is a kosmiche throbber with a lick of motor city melodrama. whilst to here comes on
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NS-17 (2X12 INCH)
2x12" Vinyl US 09.10.17
eric maltz is a producer from new york city and now resides in berlin. germany. he is a former employee of halcyon records from its og glory days in it s first location in red hook/carrol gardens areas of brooklyn. -eric provided a sofa to me often through-ought my 20 s and vice-versa. we both cared about music above all else- we lived and breathed music- and we helped each other survive when we were penniless - if one was up. so was the other... eric and i were roommates. friends. we looked out for each other in a rough city with tough rules. every time one of us got a job at a restaurant or record shop. within weeks we would have the other working there too. we did that for a decade. we slang records for years at halcyon- a shop on smith street which had a portrait of stevie wonder painted on the front facade- and we threw parties all around brooklyn back then too.. every shitty bar that would have us lol. we were a dope team. he s the only person who has ever touched the third rail on a subway and survived too! true story. so you know i couldn t wait to release his debut lp. proud of this guy- - levon vincent
Novel Sound
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2x12" Vinyl UK 20.06.17
whacked out from the whisky soaked bristles of firecracker hq. the danish dondada dj sports (he of regelbau and help recordings fame) offers up a maiden lp of vast and varied sonic states. get set for solid rave aesthetics aplenty - the double packs journey trudges over a musical milieu of broke-beaten. ambient driven house and techno. melancholy junglist and dubwise downtempo. one foot in the past. one foot in the future and killing the present - a perfect and timely addition to the firecracker canon.
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4x12" Vinyl lp US 06.11.17
selected 3rd advent deal. valid till monday 12:00 met - detroit producer norm talley shares his debut album. * norm-a-lise* on fxhe records. from a prolific dance floor career comes this debut full length album.
featuring 14 original tracks with influences of disco. house. and beyond taking his signature infectious style deeper. the album includes a track written by fxhe label boss omar s aka alex smith featuring l ‘renee.
having started his career when disco was king. talley’s real life influences over his 25+ year career have included the originations of house through various iterations. his reference points as one of the original members of the west 6 mile detroit crew and his dedication to his analog only studio position him as one of the more dynamic detroit artists who’s finally taking the time to release a complete project for his long awaiting fans.
FXHE Records

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CD (EUR 19.99)
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cd US 24.10.17
detroit producer norm talley shares his debut album. “norm-a-lise” on fxhe records. from a prolific dance floor career comes this debut full length album.
featuring 14 original tracks with influences of disco. house. and beyond taking his signature infectious style deeper. the album includes a track written by fxhe label boss omar s aka alex smith featuring l ‘renee.
FXHE Records

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Vinyl (EUR 73.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 26.10.17
on this new ep. djj’s trademark jagged take on filtered french house is still present. but with chicago bump. techno and more random elements thrown in for good measure.
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12" Vinyl lp UK 26.10.17
rhythm section are back with a sizzling eight-tracker from melbourne s hottest ensemble 30/70. melbourne has a lot to answer for. for anyone admiring the citys music scene from afar it would seem fair to wonder if there might be something in the water. 30/70 are the latest collective to emerge from this buzzing scene. elevate is a sublime statement. at once a cry for help and a call to arms. it balances delicate poetry and potent aggression with ease - all of this done with a beguiling pop sensibility. this collection of songs. their second studio effort after their debut lp. ‘cold radish coma . is set to elevate them to the international stage. under the management of wondercore island (hiatus kaiyote. oscar key sung. daniel merriweather) and with the release set to drop on bradley zeros rhythm section intl. (al dobson jr. silent jay x jace xl. henry wu). 30/70 are ready to take their message from northcote to the world.
Rhythm Section International
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10" Vinyl UK 26.10.17
periodica records family member filippo colonna romano aka modula (naples. it) drops a weirdo. tropical. g’d up yamaha pss 780 fonk ep. riyl dam funk. prince b-sides. twisted dancers and cosmic oddities. first 10” format on firecracker for some time!
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2x12" Vinyl UK 20.11.17
music for dreams is proud to announce the new album by danish legend dub tractor. one of the founding fathers of electronica in denmark in the early 90s. anders remmer has remained a reluc-tant beacon of copenhagen’s scene ever since. with his musical legacy still a work in progress. as well as being a member of future 3. remmer has released material under a number of different aliases. but his most frequent guise dating back to 1994 has been dub tractor. under this name. he gently crafts complex yet warm and organic electronic music that flirts with ambient. dub and idm. with “hello ambient wash”. the first dub tractor album since 2009. remmer explores further the possibilities of dub tractor after the more pop-oriented & shoegaze-flavoured approach of his last album -sorry-. in addition to new material. the second half of “hello ambient wash” presents a ret-rospective of hand-picked tracks from his first three albums on flex records (the label which music for dreams founder kenneth bager ran with ole mortensen from 1994 to 2007). ... bonus info: nils frahm is a fan.
Music For Dreams
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12" Vinyl US 25.10.17
trax research returns with an action-packed lp of 8 raw jack. deep dubs and tracky grooves from chicago’s finest boo williams. jordan fields. marcus mixx and kstarke along with special guest stars giles dickerson. nastyboy. steve frisco and jeremy williams!
Trax Research
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12" Vinyl UK 02.11.17
2017 repress . londons dmk label provides a follow up to its debut release from kuba sojka with another strong release from stojche who delivers another quality ep of underground house/techno tracks on the square chapter ep.
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12" Vinyl UK 03.11.17
next up on asking for trouble after selling out the album and re-pressing comes a four track remix ep for radioactive man’s luxury sky garden album. life-time friend of radioactive man and control tower partner dexorcist aka simon brown is first up to deliver his take on ‘sonic portal’ on the a side. his style has always been uncompromising and as a music lover and dj he s been a major influence on tenniswood’s style and taste for a long time. dexorcist turns in a detroit influenced banger which goes deep. ben pest then follows with his own take of the same track. a member of funk band pest. purveyor of wonky techno. music tech teacher and hardware enthusiast ben has also released on jerome hill’s don t’ label. i love acid and horror boogie to name a few. his take on ‘sonic portal’ is as genre bending and weighted as you’d expect. over on the b side pain struck stanley dumb remix ‘blast furnace’ - a fast and furious electro track which was released as a digital bonus to the album. they work it into a breakneck speed techno number. taste the amphetamine! completing the package biggabush (aka glyn bush) brings his dub influence to the mix. bush of rockers hi-fi connected with radioactive man during a mastering session asking to do the mix after hearing the record. the results are impressive and provide a welcome tempo and vibe change to the ep with its deep and dubby elements.
Asking For Trouble
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12" Vinyl UK 03.11.17
from the twilight zone of rhythm section international comes a new label for 2017: international black. this is the offshoot’s 3rd release this year and the machine shows no signs of slowing down. bradley zero’s ear for new talent continues to pay off as we are introduced to yet another young pair of producers. mallard & lt. going by the name of ‘j deep’. mallard. a 19 yo jazz student who made a big splash with his debut rs intl ep. ‘verte’. returns with a track aimed more squarely at the dancefloor. although hypnotic and ethereal. it packs a punch. with the arrangement and musicality belying mallard’s musical training at trinity college. on the flip side. mallard joins forces with another promising producer who goes by the name ‘lt’ in their collaborational partnership known as j.deep. complex jazz chords swim around 909’s to create an elevating techno roller that climbs and climbs only to give way to sparse rave stabs and ecstatic snare patterns. tried and tested for the best part of a year. these are 2 serious jams. proven to cause dancefloor frenzy.
International Black
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12" Vinyl UK 03.11.17
the label focus on a specific musical need and want to offer a contemporary garage house. raw and essential interpretation of some rare groove hits and other disco classics.
Sampling Moods Records
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12" Vinyl UK 02.11.17
we re happy to welcome back the artist behind mh001. cloudface. with an ep called super you. super you unfolds as 5 tracks sunk into earth. detuned fm fogging the windshield. drums fading in and out of focus. emotional yet bracing. wide nights and blinking towers. please remember to keep your eye to the sky and your ears.
Mood Hut
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12" Vinyl UK 18.07.17
from the underground of stavanger norway one could expect some serious filth and crunch. but ullis tapes issues two soft. gentle and almost slick house tracks with bubling acidic melodies and pads on the a (with tom ace from club no-no 3) and lengthy slow chorded lullaby house on the b feat. bejjer.
Ullis Tapes
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12" Vinyl UK 01.07.16
keith tenniswood returns in 2016 with dub vault vol. 2. the second emission of dubwise productions under his radioactive man moniker. originally recorded a decade ago while based in scrutton street studios. a long time fan of roots. reggae and dub here he fully indulges in the genre whose keystone bass weighted sounds have informed the electro-focused designs he is predominantly known for. explosion begins the ep recorded utilising new toy at the time. a korg esx1 sampler and sequencer. resulting in simple but crashing dancehall beats with a diliinja style bassline that is pure roughage. second track razor sees tenniswood also take up the guitar as well as beat programming in this track named after the * stepping razor* peter tosh and a nod to his music hero adrian sherwood and on u sound vibes. blazer rounds off the ep. a collab with long term dub head and band member with keith from bargecharge (check fuel records early releases late 90s) james foster. tape echo and distorted bass make up the thick sound of this trac
Una Sounds
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10" Vinyl UK 15.07.16
repress 2016 ...linkwood gives us whats up with the underground? hot. urgent. joyous jazz/house music thats guaranteed to ignite any dancefloor be warned. spontaneous human combustion is a real risk when this record hits. fudge fingas drops the heavyweight ‘escape. with samples from cult tv series ‘the prisoner. huge synth lines and beats like vintage glenn underground this is definitely odd house music turn it up! the complainers bacon rolls is bizarre funk from somewhere else entirely if chris cunningham made a porno flick then this would be the soundtrack. plus theres extra sickness from whats up with the beats? (rather than a mere dub. this is almost an entirely different jump-up disco track) and a bonus firecracker skit.
Firecracker Recordings
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2x12" Vinyl UK 06.11.17
the first vinyl release from echospace detroit 2017
. lovingly mastered @ alchemy mastering. london
screen printed gatefold sleeve by al white & house of traps
limited to 500 copies.
Echospace Detroit

also available as:
CD (EUR 23.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 02.12.15
the mighty shanti celeste makes her debut for apron. backed by a killer edit from the one and only funkineven on the flipside.
Apron Records
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12" Vinyl UK 15.11.17
final volume in the ‘’ mix series. a 4 track of burners and disco thuds. ‘cloud break’ bolts out the blocks with deadly bongo drums and heady vocal whilst ‘don’t you? opens it out on the breakdown with xxxy. ‘magnolia is looped up phaser disco distilled. finished with the glacial ‘ur salvation’
Ten Thousand Yen
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LNEG 008
12" Vinyl UK 15.11.17
la beaute du negatif vol.8 with 3 tracks with a great variety
La Beaute Du Negatif
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12" Vinyl UK 15.11.17
let your brain slowly melt to the delightful sounds of dima disk. having first heard their music via the palace x bronze skate video a year or so ago. we did a bit of digging and it turned out to be by a duo called dima disk. one half of whom was an old glasgow pal called ragnar and robert nikolajev from tallinn s legendary club lekker. you may have heard their recent ripper on porridge bullet. having been fans of the shit coming out of estonia for a good few years and also having a thing for releasing music from our glasgow connections we felt that this needed to come out as a rad 12-.
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12" Vinyl UK 22.11.17
ltd repress - long awaited re-issue of the classic. hard-to-find op-art ep by drum n bass legend photek. originally released in 1996 and featuring photek s first foray into techno and science fiction future-jazz - this re-issue has been meticulously remastered for it s rebirth twenty years later.
Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART)
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12" Vinyl UK 30.11.17
big tip for fans of theo. dego. rhythm section. 22a and all things loose.
Maddjazz Recordings
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10" Vinyl UK 01.12.17
with the 10th release milestone on the horizon for dext recordings. a new ltd 10inch vinyl sub-label kicks off with 2 heavyweights at the helm. special request (aka paul woolford) and bodyjack are 2 artists who completely embody the label s ethos. and they each provide something very special for the first instalment of the series. say no more!
Dext Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 01.12.17
eidetic is a new project from the brokntoys camp. focusing on the deeper side of kick off the project. eidetic welcomes exhausted modern an alias from layup. the co-founder of endless illusion. for a 4-track ep of grimy. grubby. eerie electronics suited for the early hours on the dance floor.
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12" Vinyl UK 01.12.17
finally the long-awaited second series of invisible family outings has arrived.label boss and compiler gk machine has this to say beyond ecstatic to get these tracks out. the gazeebo track i ve been playing in my sets for years. digital only but so great it definitely needed to get pressed onto wax! i would dj with it using ableton and speed it up a lot so for the vinyl i asked jon (nedza) who ive been a huge fan of since his community recordings releases on grayhound and imperial dub. whether he could speed it up a little bit before we pressed it up. now its 100% perfect: a moroder-esque cosmic stomper thats sure to set any dancefloor alight. the apiento track is another one that s been gestating for a long time first appearing around the time the original e.s.p. 12inch appeared on the wonderful golf channel recordings in 2014. secret circuit gave it a complete overhaul. in fact several complete overhauls. plus some of his signature guitar and has turned the already blissful track into an afro-esque. trippy. beautiful. beautiful piece of music that (imo) is one of his best yet. utterly gorgeous! then there s the boy-girl retro-future duo der kundalini coming from the wonderful lectric sands stable in ny who gave us zoovox. this one s also been hiding on my hard drive way too long! finally relative newcomers konzel (of junto club/optimo music fame) & natural sugars (pardon my french) round off the package just perfectly. the former so distinct that i felt it was a perfect opener for the a side. so. i hope you dig it and keep an eye out for the super limited 12-track cassette too! limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Invisible Inc
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10" Vinyl ES 06.09.17
2x deepchord rebuilds from the stone cold classic bipolar defect album.
Subwax BCN
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2x12" Vinyl UK 23.10.17
brand new double dunter of fkcd rippers from blawan!
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12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
less thought. more direction and purpose. less catering. more expression. this was saviles mantra as he sculpted his compersion ep for mike simonettis 2mr and its a mantra we should all subscribe to. its come about through his introspective analysis during the creation of his most succinct and starkest exploration date
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10" Vinyl UK 20.09.17
your west friends return from a squat soirée with a new contender in tow. with nothing more than a wav and a dream. tom blip is the hero your party deserves. famed for his blip discs filled with rhythm and verve. blip teleports us to baltimore on this with one misdemeanour on his record. no slackin now. this one ain t coming back!
West Friends
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12" Vinyl UK 23.11.17
industrial. experimental. dark techno comes courtesy of rodz konez label owner. makaton.
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12" Vinyl UK 24.11.17
four slammers dealt out by two well-known house music label honchos. hiding in plain sight. taken from one day of jams in london town. these tracks are drenched in the sweat of 90s dance mania. bringing more than a little mystik menn magic out of the hat and into the mix. pelvis are a multifaceted leisure system celebrating dance. music. film and spatial design through their parties. clothing. record label and other projects. coital embellishers. tailors of state. gland enhancers. dance party linux. a black economy enterprise. forever slippery and uncatchable.
Pelvis Records
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12" Vinyl UK 04.12.17
fresh after his storming powerline ep on extrapolation records. lancashire based brandon vare delivers 2 more mighty tracks for jelly roll soul. with the a side. moonlighting he brings some relief from the 2017s darkness. with it’s glistening synth lines and warm chords. it delivers a sense of hope in a time of need. dug out from his archives. the track is now over 5 years old but now its time has come! the flip side yattering is its ugly. dark shadow. its conflicted inner life slowly reveals itself from under a razor sharp bassline. burbling to the surface as it breaks out in a full on panic attack
Jelly Roll Soul
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12" Vinyl UK 04.12.17
for us (rubadub that is). hank jackson has been behind some of the most inventive techno to have left nyc in recent years. releasing music on his compadre anthony naples label. proibito and mister saturday night. if you re after a twisted nyc take on classic chain reaction and monolake. then this is strongly tipped.
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12" Vinyl UK 01.12.17
collector is the solo project of jason campbell who resides in newcastle. australia. forced extraction is his first release for beat concern following an lp on the melbourne-based drawing heat. and tapes for seminal labels. night people and clan destine records. campbell has honed his unique take on experimental techno over the last few years by building compositions with all analogue hardware and modular synthesis. forced extraction sees collector at his most incisive. carving out four pummelling tracks across the 12inch. piercing feedback. foreboding synth movements and bass drones are anchored by rigid drum programming with an attention to heavy industrial rhythms. an exciting peek into the coal-face of underground australian electronics
Beat Concern
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12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
super rhythm trax boss jerome hill is back on the label with 3 otherworldly tracks cut loud for maximum dancefloor devastation. beginning with the wistful acid pump of back & forth moving through to the alien jacking of weird language and leaving you wide eyed in the grip of close encounters.
Super Rhythm Trax
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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
its ya boy cherrrrrriep (sure-eep! say it with me now). one of torontos finest purveyors of basement jackin. turn up the bpm and let the wild times flow. dance trax. taking inspiration from the time honored traditions of the american mid west. we go straight to your dome on this one with a northern take on all things booty.
Heart To Heart
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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
this is the ninth ep on firescope records. the new sub-label of the legendary b12 records. although b12 output has been the solo work of steven since 2015-2017. this time he steps outside of the b12 name and releases under his own name. one of the founders of uk techno. he has released on labels such as warp records uk. b12 records. soma records. delsin records. firescope records. art . buzz and de:tuned.
Firescope Records
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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
enter the dragon. adding mystique to the techno are these pulsating. arpeggiated. snarling beasts from the italian producer with an ominous-sounding remix by heinrich mueller aka gerald donald of drexicya. track titles refer to the journeys of the sky dragon (a1). yellow dragon (a2) and dragon king (b1/b2) as they soar and serpentine majestically underwater and beyond the clouds
Midnight Shift
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12" Vinyl UK 18.08.17
brazilian label gop tun hits its fourth release with the sublime tones of tyv. building on the adventurous twist on disco and house music that has typified the label to date. lead track -miau!- is a show stopper that rides on a sumptuous arpeggio and lashings of latin percussion. infected with a sunny disposition but also reaching into a more mysterious corner of the dancefloor. lauer steps up to remix the original into a more overtly cheery version loaded with his trademark warm basslines and pads. but then tyv takes control once more for simmering b-side jam -da terra-. pitched at a more reflective time in the party. this brooding jam celebrates brazilian music culture in a wonderfully modern context.
GOP 004
Gop Tun Brazil
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12" Vinyl D 25.08.17
the third and final part of the jacob f. desvarieux anthology on endless flight brings two more hot productions of the fabled french zouk veteran with roots in guadeloupe. the tune “rifyx” is taken from desvarieux’s 1985 album “oh madiana” and delivers arresting jazz-funk and zouk-suspense enlarged with touching horns. synth-enthusiasm and longing female vocals. the second song comes from the paris based. west cameroon born singer tala. produced by desvarieux for tala’s album “mother africa” in 1982. also here desvarieux tuned the synthesizers odd and edgy to let them dance with an afro styled rhythm. above all tala sings sexy with a chorus of girls while percussions go crazy and the sounds of horns are longing for the sky. on top of everything endless flight asked again the japanese producer kuniyuik to edit a desvarieux track. he chose “rifyx” and tuned it into an epic soulful eight minutes long dream house anthem that funks all dancers crazy. hotter than hot stuff here!
Endless Flight 82
Endless Flight
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12" Vinyl lp D 17.11.17
a legendary jazz album on 180 gram pure virgin vinyl. limited edition deluxe gatefold set.
Jazz Images
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl l D 22.11.17
18 tracks from the limited event series score. including 6 new angelo badalamenti compositions. limited edition green coloured double vinyl in gatefold sleeve.
A1: Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks Theme
A2: Muddy Magnolias - American Woman (David Lynch Remix)
A3: Angelo Badalamenti - Laura Palmer’s Theme (Love Theme From Twin Peaks)
A4: Angelo Badalamenti - Accident / Farewell Theme
A5: Angelo Badalamenti ft. Grady Tate - Grady Groove
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 26.09.17
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3x12" Vinyl lp D 11.12.17
18 extended tracks legendärer disco-hits auf 180 gramm vinyl! enthalten sind original extended 12” mixes von den jacksons. mcfadden & whitehead. boney m.. earth. wind & fire und vielen mehr.
A1: The Jacksons - Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) (12” John Luongo Disco Mix)
A2: Earth. Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderlands (12” Version)
A3: Heatwave - Boogie Nights (12” Single Version)
B1: McFadden & Whitehead - Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (12” Version)
B2: Odyssey - Native New Yorker (12” Disco Mix)
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12" Vinyl lp D 04.10.17
action. tension and drama rhythms from 1972 - 1982.
Showup Records
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 30.10.17
limited edition of 500 copies on transparent green vinyl plus poster.
Cleopatra Records
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2cd D 17.11.17
oliver schories features a killer tracklisting on 2 cds with darius syrossian. oliver deutschmann. ramon tapia. anja schneider and many more
Global Underground
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