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12" Vinyl UK 24.09.18
something (new and) special this way comes.
dj simbad launches his new imprint modern dialect. the first release is fred p & smbd - mantras for the travelling souls (vol.1).
real authentic house music from two visionary producers who have first met a decade ago in nyc. if you’ve ever found yourself lost in a theo parrish, dj qu or moodyman vortex, you’ll be all over this.
Modern Dialect
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.08.18
the 4th edition in the acclaimed sterns edits series sees curator ben gomori open up the sterns music catalogue to other keen re-editors with brownswood / worldwide genius smbd (aka simbad) the first to step up to the plate. nigeria s segun adewale is sometimes referred to as the crown prince of jùjú music, but in the 1980s he developed a sound all of his own, which he called yo-pop. a mixture of jùjú, funk, reggae, afrobeat and jazz, its vibrant melange can be heard on his 1986 record ojo je , where both these originals are taken from. smbd delivers too superb flips of the title track a gritty funk-fuelled disco version with live bass, and a deliciously deep dub-house version. gomori, meanwhile, takes the haunting atewo-lara ka tepa mo se for an extended hypnotic, tribal trip. the stunning artwork comes from kofi ankobra, the son of radical white south africans who grew up in ghana and studied art at oshogbo, nigeria the place adewale himself was born. sterns edits is an official collaboration between african music stalwarts sterns music and londons ben gomori.
Stern Edits
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.04.18
smbd aka simbad is back with his third seasonal ep on gamm. after a long and dark winter smbd thought we all could need some uplifting and soulful spring style! these three gospel boogie/disco jams have been his personal dj weapons over recent years but now they re given a sweet edit twist for your dancing pleasure. it doesn t really get more uplifting than this!
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.11.17
smbd aka simbad is back with the second volume of his seasonal themed reworks on gamm. on side a we get a big dance floor bullet where mike lowrey & smbd fuse john coltrane with craig mack. trust us, this one works perfectly! on the flip smbd drops his disco shit with two full on 70s bangers
Last Copy!
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.05.17
smbd aka simbad is back on gamm turf again after a longer break and is planning a few eps with seasonal themes for gamm. the first ep is summer and as you might expect he delivers three tasteful summer influenced reworks and remixes which we hope will be your perfect dj weapons over the summer months. if the broken(ish) co-op with alphabet s heaven of bootsy collins (rather be with you) won t do it for you or the supa soulful colonel abrams tribute (table 4 2) don t grab your attention, we guarantee that the stunning 4/4 rework with mike lowrey of jazzy jeff s summer classic (summertime) will be the cut at any summer festival...big jam if u ask us!
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9.49 EUR
50% Discount
12" Vinyl UK 27.03.17
simbad is by no means a newcomer, and has built his rep-utation with over a decades worth of releases. besides his close affiliation with brownswood recordings / worldwide fm, he’s had production credits on releases by mala, daymé arocena and robert owens, and remixed the likes of black jazz consortium, quantic and roy ayers to name but a few. for this release, simbad once again proves his bold and versatile productions skills. continuing where his previous solo releases left off, he returns to his roots to further his journey exploring house music in all its richness and diversity under his new moniker smbd. with references of classic techno, house, and broken beat, the end result is fresh and inspiring. ‘message 045’ is just that, a comment on today’s world tinted with the sound of an uncertain, technological future and held together with innocent melodies, bubbling synths, rolling basslines and driving percussion. shimmering pads and punching drums carry both ‘ping pong love’ and ‘backstreet’, ready for the dance floor. title track ‘message 045’ takes a beatless, contemplative approach, dreamy, euphoric instrumenta-tion aided with dialogue that captures the essence of the release. newcomer world air offers his charmingly unconventional approach to ‘ping pong love’, a mesmerizing and inventive piece that takes the listener on a trip to a brave new sonic world. watch this space for world air’s debut release soon..
Lo Recordings
in stock
10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.02.17
simbad (aka smbd) is a stalwart of the underground music scene in uk and because of his vast arrays of releases it s very hard to put him into any box or music category.
Apron Records
out of stock
10.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.10.18
simbad teams up with south african vocalist brian temba, whose previous release together come join in dropped on hi:rise back in 2011. in it’s original form take my hand is a sublime, forward-looking deep and soulful house track based around a filtering symphonic string loop, low-slung groove and heart-felt vocal. simbad has created a very london-centric vibe but with a french touch and detroit sensibilities, drawing from house heroes such as parrish and bradock, joining the dots and creating a fresh masterpiece in the process. next up we have jimpster on the remix, picking up the bpm’s slightly and loading up on his trademark deep stabs, sub-bass and spacious fx adding just enough dance-floor bump whilst leaving the vocal placed firmly at the core. on the flip side we have two smbd zulu edits which replace the more spartan groove of the original with some driving afro percussion. the first version keeps the vocal intact, the second version goes balls deep into dub territory, closing out this amazing release with an instrumental pushing the strings and hypnotic groove front and centre
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12" Vinyl UK 18.10.17
after releasing his debut album paradise earlier this year to much critical acclaim, b. bravo has swung back around for yet another trip to this island of cosmic delights, tapping into some of our favorite producers & extended fam for a special 12inch to accompany the digital of paradise remixed. the a-side kicks off with fool s gold producer sammy bananas turning the squelchy funk of freak it into a filtered french & italo inspired funky house monster, perfect for peak time on the dancefloor, while los angeles xl middleton deliver s a low slung g-funk & boogie inspired take on the album single i m for real. on the flip, uk producer smbd (better known as simbad) turns lay it on the line a classic 80s synth beast thats been tried & tested around european festivals all summer, while grandfeather (aka anton borin) comes through with a spacey & deep downtempo funk reversioning of cant keep my hands off you. los angeles-based adam mori aka b. bravo adds a touch of love to every soulful groove he gets his hands on. his signature sound, connecting outer space g-funk, r&b, and dance music has made him a name in the electronic music scene as well a key player in the worldwide modern funk movement, being hailed by the likes of xlr8r, fact magazine, gilles peterson and many more.
Bastard Jazz
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12" Vinyl UK 20.04.17
it really feels like we (aka mad mats & tooli) have been around way longer than 5 1/2 years with local talk, but it s really true what they say, time flies when you re having fun! from what started as a somewhat simple and almost primitive urge to create a small house imprint has now grown into a much bigger affair. we really tried hard to keep the label from getting stuck in any genre (remember 90s house?) and to always keep the local talk relevant, curious, diverse and with a healthy dose of underground mentality. from our very first release with bassfort s excellent moon shadow in the summer of 2011, we had a crystal clear vision of what local talk should music in any way, shape or form! over the years we released soulful, disco, jack, afro, vocal, deep, jazz, tech, latin, old school, acid, uk, berlin, new jersey, detroit and of course chicago inspired house music. if it made us bump...we put it out! this brings us up to today and about +80 releases later. we thought about how we best could sum up these first 5 1/2 years and immediately the image of blaze s classic album 25 years later popped up. besides the fact that it s an amazing album cover it also a good representation when different musical genres fuse together. it s not strictly a house album but just as well a r&b, reggae and soul album. this fusion and variation of house sounds is something that we ve tried to capture on our 5 1/2 years later compilation, split into two parts. on part 2 you ll find a high energy disco rub from parisian s3a, a truly deep and soulful vocal jam from boddhi satva & sly johnson, a deep uk garage production from smbd (aka simbad), a dark and electronic affair from toto chiavetta (yoruba) and finally a musical acid number with that magical bristol touch from newcomer marcel lune. all in all we think we got most angles covered and hopefully this album will make you spread that chalk on the dance floor and get down...local talk style
Local Talk
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11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 13.01.17
monologues records vinyl-only various artists series returns for its second volume with four hot trax. long-time deep house guru nail follows-up the successful re-issue of his classic 1996 album big d s lounge with an absolute bubbler in the form of decisions , all skippy percussion, woozy keys and slinky double bass
Monologues Records
Last Copy!
10.39 EUR *
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