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12" Vinyl US 11.05.18
with the celebrated return of dr. octagon (dan the automator, kool keith and dj qbert) in 2017 including their first-ever live performances fans are sure to keep gobbling up the space weirdness that first surfaced more than 20 years ago. get on down presents a unique picture disc, featuring the original octagon album artwork by the legendary artist pushead. the infamous doctor’s head and lower torso reach above and below the actual 45 rpm playing surface, as if trying to escape their two-dimensional status. on the a-side is a brand-new dr. octagon song, “octagon octagon,” which picks up where the original energy left off. it’s a dark and grooving glimpse into keith’s rubberband mind, jumping abstractly from line to line, chock full of equal partscharisma and dementia. on the flip is the song for which the group is most well-known, “blue flowers.” the version presented here is the amazing “prince paul’s so beautiful” remix, which first appeared on a mo wax 12” in the uk in late 1996. it was the first meeting of the two great production minds from different eras – dan the automator and prince paul would go on to collaborate many more times over the next decade, most notably as the group handsome boy modeling school. this is another great trophy for any self-respecting kool keith and dan the automator fan, combining the old and the new in triumphant fashion.
Get On Down
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28.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.04.13
bereits mit ihrem debüt fever to tell avancierten die yeah yeah yeahs vor zehn jahren zur neuen hoffnung der indie-rock-szene - insbesondere jener ihrer heimatstadt new york city. zwischen ihre mixtur aus rock n roll, post-punk und urbanem blues presste das trio um die charismatische performerin karen o einen großen brocken garagenrock und schuf so ein musikalisches konzept.
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