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12" Vinyl D 08.08.07
hot string infected proggy tune
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12" Vinyl D 01.04.09
after internationally acknowledged releases on philpot and buzzin fly, here today surprise us with their first ep on 33rpm records. here today (florian schirmacher & engin oeztuerk) shape computer based soulful electronic athmospheres! focused on house music but always willing to experiment with various well integrated influences, styles and sounds. engin oeztuerk and florian schirmacher share the musical affection for marvin gaye, the meters, theo parrish, basic channel, eric b. & rakim and alexander skrjabin. as a member of the band faruk green engin oeztuerk already released records on copasetik and 33rpm records. florian schirmacher has been releasing music on labels such as cadenza, cocoon, morris audio to name but a few. he is also part of the electronic house music duos glowing glisses (pokerflat) and federleicht (connaisseur). on the comrades ep, these two musicians team up with benjamin wild. benjamin wild produced ambient music in the early nineties. since the mid-90s his focus has been turning to dance music. you might know some recordings he did for kompakt, perlon, morris audio, force tracks and many other labels. let them out and enjoy!
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12" Vinyl US 06.03.06
hip hop banger feat sticman & styles p !
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12" Vinyl lp UK 12.12.16
den soundtrack von carter burwell zur britisch-amerikanischen filmkomödie “hail, caesar!” (2016) in der regie von ethan und joel coen mit einer allstar-besetzung, die von george clooney über scarlett johansson und ralph fiennes bis tilda swinton und channing tatum reicht. die 16. zusammenarbeit des komponisten mit den legendären coen-brüdern lief bei den filmfestspielen in cannes außer konkurrenz. schwarzes 180g vinyl im retro-cover auf extra starker, gedoppelter pappe.
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12" Vinyl NL 02.09.16
sev dah is back with his 2nd output on his label proletarijat with similar mindset as in the first ep. simple as it is:
- techno!
- resistance!
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2x12" Vinyl UK 05.12.13
subtitled with *16 untamed black art masters & dubplates* here are 16 tracks from 1976 most of which have never been released before. alternative mixes of some of his better-known dubs make *roaring lion* possibly the strongest lee perry album pressure sounds ever released. an excellent double vinyl musical extravaganza!
Pressure Sound
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12" Vinyl UK 09.08.13
welcome to neo baile, a new take on the traditional sounds and aesthetics of brazils baile funk (or funk carioca) that challenges the established order to create something new, exciting and forward thinking. mr bongo is extremely proud to present the sound of neo baile compilation lp, taking tracks from the album (mrbcd114). featuring 6 unreleased and exclusive tracks from worldwide producers that re-interpret the love-it-or-hate-it brazilian baile funk sound. the compilation has been put together by two of the movements most knowledgeable players: sao paulo-based funk na caixa aka renato martins and london-based sean casey aka bumps, founder of club popozuda.
Mr. Bongo
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DEBUT (180G LP + CD)
12" Vinyl lp D 28.05.13
die 2008 in berlin gegründete band bildet heute ein sechsköpfiges ensemble mit zwei kreativen wegweisern: louise gold, sängerin und songschreiberin, und hans quarz, posaunist und arrangeur. die stücke schreiben sie gemeinsam - eine spannende mischung, denn hans quarz kommt vom jazz und louise gold aus der popmusik. ihr gemeinsamer sound bildet ein ganz eigenes genre: pop in cinemascope.<br >wertiges 180g vinyl im schweren hardcover mit exklusivem bonus track plus cd-version des albums & postkarte.
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7" Vinyl UK 08.09.09
obey your brain. from the cerebral ether of andre bumrocks and jason convict! comes purple brain, the new mix cd and 7inch from rvng intl. australians.
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