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12" Vinyl NL Pre sale (13.09.2019)
aphelion on bliq with remix support from silicon scally (aka carl finlow).
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.03.19
ninth release from the label - the first release from power plant of 2019
Power Plant Records
Last Copy!
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.04.18
der gehypte britische produzent ross from friends veröffentlicht ep auf flying lotus’ brainfeeder! der britische produzent ross from friends aka felix clary weatherall ist das neueste signing bei flying lotus’ brainfeeder-familie. der 24-jährige hat schon eine handvoll releases auf dem buckel, die im endeffekt die logische destillation seiner zahllosen einflüsse aus u.a. der cut & paste-kultur des hiphop, aus 80er-eurodance, hi-nrg, italodisco und unwiderstehlich rauen dancefloor-tracks. er debütierte 2015 bei breaker breaker, woraufhin veröffentlichungen bei lobster theremin und auf ihrem schwesterlabel distant hawaii, bei magicwire (dem label von produzent lone) und zuletzt molten jets folgten. 12 inch: limitierte schwarze 12” standard vinyl in weißer hülle mit sticker.
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
coloured 3x12" Vinyl lp BE 29.10.14
180 gram triple white coloured vinyl.
aphelion compiles previously unreleased & exclusive material from surgeon, planetary assault systems, james ruskin, lucy, rødhåd, Ø phase, inigo kennedy & ctrls.

also available as:
CD (EUR 14.99)
out of stock
22.99 EUR *
cd NL 05.11.14
das belgische techno-label token präsentiert mit aphelion eine brandneue compilation mit neuen, unveröffentlichten, exklusiven tracks derzeitiger techno-protagonisten wie surgeon, james ruskin, luke slater (planetary assault systems), rodhad oder lucy.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 22.99)
Last Copy!
14.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 12.04.19
the 2nd longplayer from tommy four seven on black double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
out of stock
17.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.05.18
mihail p first came to light on respected label seventh sign before popping up just recently on verdant recordings alongside esb, and now he s back once again with the multiverse ep on distant worlds. his influences are clear, from the elegant melancholy and attention to detail of early uk techno to the snappy electro rhythms of drexciya, and he exercises those influences brilliantly on each of these four tracks. there are abundant tender synth lines criss-crossing intricately programmed drum machines in a true celebration of machine soul, all shot through with a heavy-lidded ambience that makes for some of the most captivating techno out there at the moment
DWT 003
Distant Worlds
out of stock
11.69 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 27.12.16
&#8203,one of the foundation artists on samurai horo, asc is an essential part of the labels rebirth with the ’geocentric systems’ ep. taking the grey area sound into heavier, darker territory, ‘aphelion’ and ‘perihelion’ formed the core of this ep with their fervent bpm trickery. these tracks are techno rebuilt with dizzying sensory loss, adding a weightless intensity that feels like a constant attack. ’passel’ and ‘geocentric systems’ offer a dubbed out version of the approach, heavy on the intricate sound design that has become the asc trademark.
out of stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.04.16
mdrnty has been a recognized swiss music event brand for the last 10 years, developing daytime electronic music events in the most outstanding locations of the swiss alps. 2016 marks the beginning of a new adventure with the launching of its own music label, showcasing a network of artists closely related to the festival.
in stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 25.04.14
morphine continue to expose more destructive electronics from the u.s. underground... 4 bare bones tracks that owe as much to grimy techno as they do to the late 80s industrial pioneers ... right on point... tip!
Doser 022
in stock
8.29 EUR *
cd D 26.01.18
sometimes he sounds like the euphorigenic warmth of a spring wind, sometimes he send us on a fluorescent roller coaster ride through the bends of our brain: mollono.bass creates a world of sound that has many different climate zones. his remixes are probably the most vivid proof of this characteristic feature. they cover quite all aspects of electronic dance music, but frequently they also come from genres that are surprisingly remote. somehow he manages to merge all these different vibes and inspirations into one compelling flow of danceability. thats why the fourth part of the mollono. bass remix collection is like a panoramic view of all these different layers of mood and atmosphere.
3000 Grad CD 13
3000 Grad
out of stock
13.99 EUR *

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