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coloured 2x12" UK 26.05.21
incl huge rmxs by solomun, johannes brecht, deadbeat, marc romboy etc
FDA, Anne Clark
out of stock
26.59 EUR *
2cd Pre sale
14 remixes remakes on 2cd
FDA, Anne Clark
19.49 EUR *
12" UK 17.06.16
from the jagged electro tinged “seattle city light”, through the drifting hazy levels of “blacked” and “pisces” to the kicked back paradise of “untitled monday”, rudolf serves up a masterclass in blissed out backyard house. undulating juno soundscapes and warbling 303s merge seamlessly with roughed up rhythms punched through the mpc. this one’s for the heads on the dusty trail, the midnight drive, and the pacific swells. those in the back seat with the window down and the feet up...
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11.69 EUR *
2x12" 26.04.19
more classics from the dream dance series on double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
Sony Music
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26.31 EUR *
12" lp 02.03.17
elektroakustische traumklänge: debütalbum des musikprojekts aus island.
das tonik ensemble ist das musikalische projekt des isländischen grafikdesigners anton kaldal Ágústsson. seine klangbilder sind eine mischung aus elektronik und analogen klängen und spiegeln die breite palette elektronischer musik. zusammen mit einer reihe hochbegabter mitmusiker und sänger entstand tiefer, atmosphärischer, dabei aber sehr souliger pseudo-techno. auf dem album “snapshots” sind u. a. die isländischen sänger johann kristinsson und ragnhildur gisladottir mit dabei, letztere sang u. a. für tricky auf dessen album “maxinquaye”.
ATMV026 (100581)
out of stock
18.51 EUR *
2xcd NL 24.07.14
this is armada lounge volume 7. forty tunes of staggering beauty and significant musical skill, at times poetic, and at times as careless as an island breeze packed with exclusive tunes, there are acoustic versions of classic records, like marco v & christian burns --frozen- and the wistful live performance of cosmic gate ft. emma hewitt - -be your sound-. dutch producer rodg returns once more with his rendition of lost at sea, and conjure one graces not one but four songs on the album. the second set features heavyweights like paul van dyk, andy moor, gabriel & dresden, chicane, and several tunes from lustral. classic tunes from highly respected artists and fresh recreations of the year s biggest records can all be found here. clearly a labor of love, -armada lounge vol. 7- will surely go down as one of the greatest lounge compilations of our time. this record proves that musicality and vision are still very much alive in 2014, and it reminds us all that the pinnacle of electronic music has still yet to be reached.
Last Copy!
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