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2x12" Vinyl D 03.01.19
2018 has been a big year for dope ammo so far, what with the smash refix of -wishin on a star-, countless collaborations with a whole host of talents artists and fitting in a tour of europe. it comes as no surprise that it s now time to unleash a heavy hitting album in the form of -influence-. this isn t strictly a drum and bass affair either and with styles perfectly crossing in and out of each other, it s a true representation of dope ammo s creative production flair.
Dope Ammo
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12" Vinyl FR 24.10.18
cedric k gasaida aka starving yet full (singer of former canadian band azari & iii) and victor karzalov (half of russian duo bypass), are about to release their first vinyl ep, drawn 2 u, under the moniker blent, on newly launched french label empirical magnetism
Empirical Magnetism
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12" Vinyl D 04.06.18
dop is welcomed back on circus company with a three track heater of an ep with a night in sausalito, and there is no way of taming this one. this time, the trio get slapped on wax with a 12inch that is pitted straight for the dancefloor. deetron comes through with some classy dub work on the remix. kicking things off with their headline track, a night in sausalito, the trio combine their signature and intricate synth work with a mixture of lo-fi hums and percussive flares until jaw fills the mix and takes the track away. rolling on a2 with ischia, the trio drop a straight up meaty drum pattern with a haunting range of vocal licks and delicate synth grooves. on the flipside, deetron strips back the vocals and lays a solid housey dub that purs, intensifies and releases in all the right places.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 30.04.18
probably the biggest ylotana music and sex of insects release so far. fantastic remixes from dop, sailor & i and anatoly ylotana included.
Ylotana Music
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12" Vinyl D 27.11.17
!! check b1 !!! tve recordings returns with more experiments! comes with a killer dop remix!
TVe Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 08.11.17
following on from the widely acclaimed album from the mekanism, seth troxlers play it say it label commissions a series of essential remixes from chris carrier & dan ghenacia, ryan crosson and dop.
Play it Say it
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12" Vinyl D 15.09.17
stets auf achse, immer unterwegs. den blick geradeaus, nie zuru&#776,,,,,ck. und alles lieber heute als morgen. so fu&#776,,,,,hlt es sich an, das moderne leben, das uns gefangen im sog der zeit und alles um uns herum im permanenten aufbruch ha&#776,,,,,lt. es scheint so, als ko&#776,,,,,nnte andrei antonets alias oid ein lied davon singen – oder zumindest einen track dazu produzieren. doch statt den soundtrack zur hast, erschafft der russe mit „permanent departure“ lieber einen kontemplativen gegenentwurf dazu. knapp elf minuten lang la&#776,,,,,sst er dafu&#776,,,,,r weitla&#776,,,,,ufige sounds entlang der bassdrum ma&#776,,,,,andern. gitarren, pads, hi-hats, alles kommt und geht, arrangiert mit massig gespu&#776,,,,,r statt purem geto&#776,,,,,se. dass antonets genau das kann, hat er bereits zuvor mit seinem projekt alexandroid oder auf labels wie pampa und sealt records bewiesen. fu&#776,,,,,r die ru&#776,,,,,ckseite lo&#776,,,,,sen die drei franzosen von dop mit ihrem remix von „permanent departure“ hingegen nur ein kurzstrecken-ticket – das uns aber genauso auf einen trip wie das original schickt. auf acht minuten und eine neue route verku&#776,,,,,rzt, steuert der dop-remix ohne große umwege geradeaus gen club und die peaktime fu&#776,,,,,r fortgeschrittene. wenn schon abfahrt, dann bitte so. auch als digitales mini-album zusammen mit der mmr 28 und vier weiteren tracks von oid erha&#776,,,,,ltlich.
mmr 027
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12" Vinyl D 23.12.16
cooler genreübergreifender 4 tracker!
Muna Musik 004
Muna Musik
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12" Vinyl D 20.06.16
its a long time since we last heard from dop. the boys have been far from quiet, continuing to tour and enchant party people across the world with their infectious fusion of house music and refined songwriting. theyve equally been no strangers to the studio, with their les fils du calvaire project releasing the recent rester avec toi collaboration with miss kittin in preparation for the debut album of the project later this year
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 31.03.16
wtm038 is definitely an outstanding release, something between house and real love to technoid sounds. the long a side comes with a classical intro and turns into a p erfect groovy but still monumental house track. the b starts with the track * call me a cap* and is the third collaboration with dop . great melodic atmospheric sounds with a perfect arrangement between vocals and all the typical addicted masomenos style. the second one on the b side has a featuring with tobi neumann who releases also his third ep with the french duo. * pushpush* is more trippy with a great step sequencer arrangement. all together, great release again from masomenos and this will be a special one which you surely wont forget
Welcome to Masomenos
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12" Vinyl D 29.07.14
the protagonists of our next release literally fit to the mediums color: we are happy to announce tiefschwarzs first appearance on our label which is carved in black rills, three years after they mixed the watergate 09 compilation for us.
Watergate Records
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12" Vinyl D 27.05.14
the unique and barnstorming trio from paris dop are back on the home turf of circus company with killer new single close up including remixes from catz n dogz, san proper. combining a dynamic groove with jaw’s unmistakable sultry drawl and a dreamy soundscape of deep chords and warm pads, the original mix is an addictive slice of vivid vocal house.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 21.02.14
we start this year with the next release on freebase records and we are veryhappy, that our friends from dop made a killer remix for us!
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12" Vinyl D 04.02.14
three cover versions glaring with love and respect to justin vernon, prince rogers nelson, and terence trent howard.
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12" Vinyl D 17.10.13
limited edition, 100 copies. release presented exclusively on vinyl. no digital copies!
with love kolokol production and label kolokol russia. thanks to oleg kolosov, mikhail kolesnikov, owners of label kolokol russia. without you this outstanding edition would never see the world.
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12" Vinyl D 15.02.13
incl dop & masomenos remix
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12" Vinyl D 10.07.12
dop, the group of wandering minstrels that embody the very essence of circus company, have returned home with new tales to impart from their travels away. indeed the insatiable touring appetite of this trio of mariachis finds them often afar at sea, spreading their message and encountering strangers in strange lands. as such, the first side of this new ep bears the fruit of a sizzling barbeque and a raucous karaoke session held in the distant shores of san francisco, home to a talented gang of artists known as pillow talk.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl UK 30.03.12
lcd soundsystem, esg, stephin merritt (the magnetic fields), peaches und debbie harry (blondie) - eine so illustre gästeliste kann wohl franz ferdinand vorweisen. die oben genannten künstler wurden vom schottischen quartett überredet, für die covers ep, welche bereits erschienen ist, ihre songs zu covern. die beeindruckenden ergebnisse reichen von postpunk bis hin zu krawall-elektro und sind äußerst hörenswert! jetzt setzen wir noch mal einen drauf. zwei der coverversionen wurden nun vom pariser trio dop und von brennan green geremixed und erscheinen jetzt auf dieser 12inch!
Domino Recording
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12" Vinyl D 13.02.12
after some time spent entertaining from distant lands, the circus company brings it all back home with a release purposefully written to pay tribute to the breeding ground for their unique strain of house music, paris. seuil stands proud as one of her most cherished creations, a man ever evolving as an artist from the structure and function of minimalist dancefloor music through to the esoteric expression and ambience of jazz, channelling that same swinging spirit that has characterised much of the work on circus company. the release of his -chamaeleonidae- album proved to the world that there was a strange musical spirit in seuil that manifested itself in live drums and languid keys, character traits you could associate with his fellow parisians dop. the collaborations between them have been many in recent years, and once again they come together to both complement and test each others styles in a surprising vision of what pop music could sound like if crafted with soul and imagination. the beats stay tight and steady throughout the three tracks that make up -fluctuat nec mergitur-, driving a foggy brew of strings, synths and drones into a commanding groove. meanwhile the composition gently rises and falls on waves of melody, as particular harmonies swell in to carry you away to a very blue kind of euphoria. such drama and passion captures the essence of both seuil and his beloved city in one heady brew of dancefloor excellence.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 09.02.12
the connaisseur family welcomes its youngest member: ava myra flitsch. the daughter of hilary and alex flitsch was born november 15th, 2011 and both the parents and good friends of the label celebrate this miracle with this release. all participating artists were asked to produce a very personal piece of music. the style was left up to the artists, resulting in a beautifully mixed batch of great tracks. the intro track hello! by dop & masomenos features a little vocal snippet as a salutation by masomenos adriens son and it is an atmospheric, soundscapish and beatless tool.
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12" Vinyl D 25.01.12
alland byallo gained global attention producing for definitive labels like poker flat and liebedetail, hosting san francisco s legendary kontrol party and performing at world-famous venues like berlin s panoramabar and watergate, and detroit s annual demf, byallo looks forward to showcasing his more private side through bad animal, expect more organic productions, vocals and raw emotion.
the label s intimate feel is realized in the title track of its inaugural release, >thirsty eyes< an evocative song about a pained, passive aggressive young woman who is oblivious of her own condition. built upon a sinister bass line and raw, soul-drenched vocal, this lo-fi tune builds to an eerie yet frenzied crescendo then explodes into a percussive workout perfect for peak time. remixes from the wildly in-demand techno trio dop. dop drops a spacey, acid-laced, psychedelic monster. finally >open windows< byallo s other original piece, pays homage to the past with a look towards the future, this bass-heavy techno/house tune opens with an old-school build-up then chugs along accented by an ethereal vocal and energetic stabs designed to get the dance floor moving.
Bad Animal
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12" Vinyl D 27.06.11
in just a matter of months, life and death has swiftly established itself as purveyors of quality contemporary dance music, made by artists who would undoubtedly make anyone s short list of who i d like to invite to my afterparty . it seems only fitting then that with their newest release they ve recruited the undisputed kings of late night mayhem and madness for a paen tribute to that beautiful party after the party, the continuation of all things good and twisted.. the afterparty itself. not to take the issue of such a joyful celebration lightly, dop has gone on secret missions over the last 6 months, quietly (and often not so quietly) infiltrating afterparties worldwide and secretly extracting pituitary secretions from the rowdiest party goers at each of them. they then took these secretions, burned them in a special voodoo ceremony and immediately went into the studio to create a fitting tribute to the after-hours festivities we all hold so dear. once that was complete, friends were invited and even more deviants came to the party for some dirty late night remix action. clockwork (who s recently released it s you again on hot creations has already been the soundtrack to many an after party) are here, french wolf+lamb collaborator le loup is here, mas collective (who recorded on seminal nyc label strictly rhythm) is here and marius & david are here too.. everybody giving it their own special flavor. what an afterparty indeed.
Life and Death
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12" Vinyl D 14.06.11
the enigmatic french trio dop unleash another sonic assault of deep and visceral house music on guy gerbers supplement facts imprint with three bold and organic cuts for your sex. a dark broody and characteristically cheeky affair, your sex opens up this dop creation with a stripped back beat and looped vocal. low-end bass build up the title track to a crescendo that engulfs the senses in deep acid frequencies. this is a nod to the techno elite but fusing a new depth and sensuality to the genre, in true dop style. skipping into subtle and kinetic territory, half naked flirts with reverberating whispered vocals and crisp percussive beats. a lethargic and almost yearning record, it massages the energies of the body with a playful and soothing approach. last up paul ritch tackles a remix of the title track, elevating those throbbing bass elements to new levels with a fluttering and-high energy weapon made to hypnotise the feet, body and mind. dopis the musical summation of a 20 year long friendship between members clement aichelbaum, damien vandesande and jonathan illel, their musical relationship beginning in 1994 as the result of a rock & roll cover band formed for the french national day of music, experimenting in hip-hop, jazz, and reggae followed by various musical incarnations. in 2005 they made the transition into electronic music and last year delivered a highly regarded debut artist album on circus company, noted in the guardian newspaper as steeped not in orthodox 4/4 house and techno, but in jazz, classical, hip-hop and world music
Supplement Facts
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12" Vinyl D 28.04.11
a freaky french battle: masomenos meets dop... have fun
Welcome to Masomenos
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12" Vinyl D 21.04.11
vinyl only. auf matrosen, ole! renate schallplatten kicks off with a great ep of wareika with remixes by dop and acid pauli. wareikas original is a remake of an old german sailor song which is perfectly >interpretiert< by the three guys from hamburg. acid paulis mountain girl remix has a more cluby appeal but still keeps the vibe of the original. the crazy boys of dop totally flip all parts of the original into a new wave-eurodance-timetravel journey. early support and heavy plays by justin bieber, lady gaga, jack sparrow and all other big balled mainplayers of the westfalen tekkno scene
Renate Schallplatten 01
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12" Vinyl D 10.01.11
on this the final 12 inch installment from dops critically acclaimed debut album greatest hits, everyones favorite trio of merry pranksters bring their carnival cabaret to a dark and twisted end.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl FR 09.12.10
after some collaboration on circus company and for the watergate compilation, seuil & dop get together on the mothership >prostitute<, the story about this guy who fell in love with a whore. made up of seuils dripped grooves and dops incest harmonies. on the flip the outstanding visionquest team, ryan, lee & seth revisited it from salacious irony to unenviable reality.
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12" Vinyl FR 08.12.10
support from oxia, rodriguez jr, radioslave, josh wink, dj koze, laurent garnier, seth troxler, joris vorn, jennifer cardini, dixon, claude vonstroke... two friends who have known each other for many years, who have often shared the same stage and recently enlightened our summer workshops at la carrière, who trade deeply-felt lyrics and singing for singular and refined productions and who delivered infinés finest electronic rhymes. after >silently<, clara called mimu again for >deer & fox<, the vocal pop wonder of >polyamour<. this fall infiné has invited forward-thinking remixers to work on clara s stems for four new opportunities to play the track. deep and introspective, the troublemakers of dop have kept the classy original textures, slowed down cleverly the bpm to carrying mimus voice into a bubble of euphoric bleeps. pampered by derrick may, juan atkins or kevin saunderson, stacey pullen offers the clubbers a one-way ticket into his time machine. right back at the heydays of the detroit second generation. terribly old school and consequently incredibly efficient on the floors. widely praised for their recent intrusions on the very respected karaoke kalk label, tolouse low trax on top having a profound liking puns, have turned >deer & fox< into a dizzying after party chorus, adding their own dark and hypnotic sound pallet. offered as digital extension but no less essential to the package, austrian producer ritornell aka richard eigner brings celestial violins and heavenly piano for a shining and delicate rework, which could almost let you forget the original.
Infine Music
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12" Vinyl D 22.11.10
icelandic president bongo, founding member and front shouter of legendary gus gus, meets up with french disco resistance dop, who just released their debut album >greatest hits< with a big orchestral bang. the outcome: a psychopathic dub stomper - >gossip rats< to the dancefloor please!
Im Single 012
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12" Vinyl D 15.11.10
the dop boys show no signs of letting up on this second single from their brilliant greatest hits album, this time enlisting the services of one of the most deadly hired guns on in the game for remixes duties, the infamous dj koze
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 18.10.10
this is the first single from dops rollicking greatest hits album is your personal teleportation device into their unique musical universe located in a parallel dimension somewhere between the disco and the drunk tank.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 08.03.10
creative energy of berlin, the duo defines its music as future retro avantgarde electroacoutic funky melancholic harmonical pop but for their first proper vinyl release as a duo, souvenir is giving you even more...
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12" Vinyl FR 19.02.10
we are so proud to welcome the talented producer from chicago, kate simko, known for her great work on spectral. kate send us 2 amazing pieces of music... a-side, >lost in time<, made during a trip in argentina, shows the deep, intense and intimist sides of kate music. dark grooves lead by an amazing atmosfere made of pads, synths and keys... like dop said... they were in love with it, and wanted to remix it badly. on the b-side, the dop remix is a great reinterpretation of the track with a pop feeling, where jaw bring his vocals. another version of the remix, a really and special one will be released in 2010 on eklo. the second track gets in a more housey feeling, but still deep with famous kates rhodes/synthssounds, and a great toms hooks leading the track through her groovy organic and analogue rhythm.
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12" Vinyl D 18.02.10
big with: mandy, pete tong, thomas schumacher, anthony collins...
even well after its may release, damian lazaruss superb debut album, >smoke the monster out<, is still ringing in the ears of those who anticipated one of dance musics most colorful personalities debut album. his third single features two mixes of one of the albums most infamous tracks, >diamond in the dark<. these two mixes - by mr. lazarus himself and dop - keep the diamond out all night, way past its bedtime, and carousing on until the morning light.
Get Physical Music
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12" Vinyl UK 15.02.10
this time its >the greasy beat<, the famed cvs / bootsy collins collaboration. continuing with the theme of claudes favorite producers - robag wruhme steps in for his first appearance on dirtybird. we are honored to have him on this release as he has heavily influenced both claude and justin martin over the years.
the other side features the young j. phlip, delivering her mad breaks/house version that always raises the roof at dirtybird events.
also, a super cool appearance by dop who made their debut on mothership last year as guests on the catz n dogz album. we are very happy to have them back for this special record.
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12" Vinyl FR 27.11.09
new remixes ep for dops 2nd single on eklo, means great artists in the game.thats why we are really proud find of this one this 2 genius of the modern scene, bodycode aka portable andkalabrese.
on the a side, the bodycode remix of vsop is a superb deep floorish track, combine in the same time the energyin the detroit synth hooks and those phase beats which reminds the bodycodes unique grooves, and in the otherside, the deepness of this pads and vocals that we recognize on his last portable productions. a perfect combination from this double personnality artist, who bring here a sexy and deep mindtrip on eklo.
on the b side, the kalabrese remix of dein verlangen goes stripped down, superb re-interpretation of the track.the talented mysterious musician brought a deep and sexy bass, add recorded acoustics sounds, and playedsome horns & trumpets, who bring the track in another dimension, one more acoustic, where all the kalabreseunique swning take place along the track. i let u discover more by yourself the others mysterys inside those cuts.
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12" Vinyl D 06.11.09
this new outstanding enliven music release, called „the dust“, is a cooperation of the three french whizz kidsdop andenliven deep acoustics. they were throwing the old method of original+remix overboard and were developing two completly independent tracks which share the same underlying theme. the dop interpretation comes with a chorus which spins a web of harmony around the listener, the rest of the track is pure groove which leaves no quiet legs, the cherry on the cake is the charming and very sexy vocal by jonathan. the enliven deep acoustics version transports a unique atmosphere by a proper portion of funk. like a diamond on the ring
Enliven Music
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12" Vinyl D 02.11.09
belgian producers sierra sam & marcus vector return to their house-oriented project d.i.y. (dumb irresponsible youth) for three more sly, sexy groovers, with contributions from dop, big bully and markus fix.
while sam and marcus are generally known for their more techno-focused productions, last years house tools vol. 1 was a minor hit, with tracks included in ellen alliens resident advisor podcast, jay hazes recent fabric47 mix cd, and m.a.n.d.y.s charts. since then, they ve kept busy with their own toys for boys label, meanwhile sierra sam has co-produced the debut album by bloody mary on contexterrior.
still, they ve found the time to crank out these new elegant-yet-sleazy cuts, and while vol. 1 was purely instrumental, for vol. 2 they ve roped in some guest vocalists. first up is their collab with comrades dop (circus company, eklo, supplement facts). >kilimanjaro< features d.i.y.s tribal bounce combined with dops seedy, trent reznor-on-opiates vocal delivery.
the flipside has two versions of >suck my caulk<: d.i.y.s original elevates thelevel of melody and sunshine, weaving in the voice of big bully (known forhis work on spectral, get physical and vakant). markus fix of cecille offers his own interpretation, bringing the track down into deep house territory. placed in the right hands, these tools can do some serious dancefloor damage!
Tuning Spork
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7.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.10.09
after the great success of >fine mouche piano-tango< (check feedback below) by french chanson legend brigitte fontaine and turkish belly dancer khan we are proud to present a bunch of hyper hip remix kids ready to send you into a groovy indian summer.
parisian dop, known for constant touring, vodka consuming, groupie eating, excellent remixing, and great music, immediately called our offices and offered a remix after hearing a promo of ims006. we are now proud to present one of dops greatest swinging house jacks so far.
norways rather shy and mysterious youngster tobii faxed in a request for the remix parts and delivered a stunning psychedelic deep-house anthem that will sure be part of your 2009 post-summer-vacation-trauma. let the leaves turn red and the disco ballshine!
p.s. we forgot to mention the very talented and handsome pianist boris bergmann, featured on all piano-tango versions.
I m Single 007
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12" Vinyl D 15.07.09
big with: damian lazarus, danny howells, luciano, deetron, claude vonstroke, dennis ferrer, davide squillace, afrilounge, dan ghenacia, sasha, danny tenaglia, paul woolford, bushwacka, joris voorn, slam, ian pooley, martin eyerer, satoshi tomiie, gorge, rainer tr³by, luna city eypress, will saul, fish go deep, karotte, audiofly, italoboys, luke solomon, osunlade, kabale & liebe, ben watt, brothers vibe, andrew grant, tiefschwarz, josh wink, sis, d julz, hell and many others !!
Get Physical Music
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7.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.06.09
varoslav from paris is up next on dirt crew with his i love us , an exciting new dj/production talent the label is very happy to be friends with. this ep sees varoslav team up with paris-based trio and long time friends dop (circus company) who all of you may well know from their current live crazyness and deep jams in the clubs out there … varoslav is a new talent rising amongst the parisian new house scene! playing in his groovy, sexy and energetic style sliding from tech to deep house is apparent in his releases also. when he isnt working on his own music he is found at supplement facts working along side guy gerber, another great label where varoslav released his first records. recently varoslav has a huge bomb out there with his >dont stop< bootleg that is being caned by people like ricardo villalobos and ellen allien … this ep has a little bit of everything for the house, tech house and even breakz lovers. with two very nice remixes full of variety from varoslavs friend david k (freak n chic, cocoon). his smashing breakz remix is a sure destroyer, with its phat beats and pumping bass line it is one of his most outstanding tracks ever. with the vinyl featured house mix david goes deep into the house groove and gives you his typical epic deep house flow.
Dirt Crew
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7.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 28.04.09
eklo 009, the >usual suspects< again for our pleasure. the most prolific artists on eklo to date, dop brings some new amazing music for all, girls, boys, and others...
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12" Vinyl D 27.04.09
on side a: markus homm, mihai popoviciu and jay bliss. three sophisticated artists with releases on highgrade, imigrant and foundation records. this magical trio created this funky, deep house track for us, which brims over with groove and energy. on side b we are ver happy to welcome a newcomer, who is going to be listened to a lot soon. felx feygin grew up in brooklyn new york, and still lives there. about himself he says: äone day i fell in love with jazz, then we got married and had little deep house babies.ô when you listen to this track, you will know what he means! and if that was not already enough, there is a fantastic ôdop -remix. they are responsile for the fresh sound made in france, and brought us a lot of joy with there releases on circus company. and because this trio is something special, the boy sang some lines of the text for this remix themselfes. the outcome is genuine and we are very happy
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7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 08.04.09
the parisian duo remix the title of the moment pizetta !
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 08.04.09
just an amazing outstanding piece of vinyl... cool swingin techhouse... including d julz edit !! flipside with lula circus , a sensual haunting minimalized crispy tech groover... tip tip tip !!!
Children of Tomorrow
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.03.09
the bussy scandenavian duo are currently on a world tour, but still had time to make this deep techy builder, >bipolar< is dark but uplifting, underground but melodic, technological but organic! it was made mainly using a huge arp 2600 from 72, a quirky old synth that dominates the track with its distinct warm and fuzzy sounds
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12" Vinyl FR 10.03.09
incl remixes by jackmate, agnes and tolga fidan !!
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12" Vinyl BE 25.02.09
after ending 2008 with a well received pair of releases from david k and varoslav, supplement facts are pleased to return with their first release of 2009. having collaborated on the recent varoslav single, it is time for parisian trio dop to take centre stage with their >genius of the crowd< ep.
Supplement Facts
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12" Vinyl D 16.12.08
since their first releases on circus company and milnormodern the 3 mousketeers achieve to impose themsleves on the scene with their unik touch. the band is clement zemtsov on beat programing, damien vandesande on keyboards and horns at last but not least, jonathan illel is warmly laying the lyrics. after having produced hip-hop instrumental for a few years they got into house music after meeting nicolas from nôze. one year and a half later they come up with between the blues ep, a brilliant first ep on circus company. then the guys several eps on other labels like orac or eklo. they also start touring a lot across europe and eastern countries. this new record is called blanche neige (snow white) as the lead track of the ep. all the lyrics from it are taken from the original text written by jacob & whilelm grimm back in 1812. .blanche neige is declined in two different versions. on the a side comes the original mix is the dancefoor cut. slower house beat, solid groove, surround by a marvelous chior. while the break show upreading the first lines of snow white in french. let me just tell you that when the break is over you should fasten your seat belt before a nice take off… the first track on b side is romeo. this track was produced by dop and nôze. once again all the lyrics are taken from a book. here its from .romeo and juliet written by william shackespeare. this track perfectly represent the alliance of both bands. the unik saxophone skills from damien vandesande the one man horn section, a wonderfull piano ride by nôze and the sexy voice of jonathan illel. an acoustic house blaster ! the ep is finaly closing down on b2 with the pop version of blanche neige called >kinder cut. there comes the deepness
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 03.11.08
selten lagen treffsicherer clubwumms, die essenzen aus dem swing des jazz und musikalischer anspruch so nah beieinander, dass sich die nächtliche gemeinde komplett darauf einigen kann. kopfmusik für die beine mit der glückseligkeit nicht verkopft zu sein. support by: richie hawtin, mathias kaden, laurent garnier, wighnomy brothers, krause duo , troy pierce, tim xavier, monika kruse
Milnormodern 018
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