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12" Vinyl ( / ) D 08.05.19
limited repress. regal strikes back on involve records with a brand new collaboration, this time with acid head milton bradley a.k.a. alien rain. the record is another piece of the puzzle, where the label boss continues his exploration of the techno universe with the help of artists that inspire him. the 24th release of involve records sees regal and bradley go deep delivering hypnotic 303 basslines and hammering percussions that point directly to the dancefloor, with chopped vocals adding tension to each cut. >acid affair< combines the best of both producers giving birth to a renewed take on acid techno. the two-track ep looks back to the origins of the etiquette, without missing the freshness of both artists’ current sonic approach to club-focused music. one not to miss for quirky sound lovers.
Involve Records
in stock
9.99 EUR *
INVCD 001 (CD)
D 20.12.17
the cd version includes a poster inspired by the aesthetic of the label, which sums up the journey of involve since it first started in 2012. after the resounding success of ‘trave generation’ ep, regal and involve are back with a brand new release, this time is all about a compilation cd featuring some of the strongest names in the worldwide techno scene. the label commemorates with this release its fifth anniversary. five years full of music, acid, experiences and learning. five years representing its own values and following a path that has led to making involve one if the greatest acid techno labels. family, rave, solidity, aesthetic… the pillars in which the brand leans are the ones that pop up now stronger than ever. ideas that have shaped the becoming of something that is much more than a record label, a way of understanding electronic music and society in general. involve is not just a music platform, it’s a spirit, a representation of the personalities of the artists that are part of it.
Involve Records
out of stock
13.99 EUR *

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