12" Vinyl D

TAU / TAU007

Front View : Upercent - REGAL NO MATERIAL EP - TAU / TAU007
Back View : Upercent - REGAL NO MATERIAL EP - TAU / TAU007

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Adana Twins Imprint # 7

An avant-garde maestro from Valencia, Upercent fuses classical instrumentation with electronic equipment to create a sound that is totally
unique. He tantalises the dancefloor with sultry rhythms, infectious melodies and weaving narratives that buck the trend for simplicity. Upercent's
music tells a story, it captivates and entices, creating unforgettable moments. There's melancholy, euphoria, moments of high energy
and an energy that is hard to resist. With releases on Kompakt, Watergate, and Diynamic, he has a first-class reputation and we're proud to
welcome him on board here at TAU. The 'Regal No Material' EP features three distinct cuts that further demonstrate Upercent's production
On side A we have 'Malson', a sombre production with simmering energy and a level of depth that is rare to find in most of today's club music.
The persistent thud of the drums feels tribal, while Upercent steadily builds the atmosphere with intelligent programming. A stepping beat keep
this cut moving forward, while the menacing allure is second to none.
The second cut is a collaboration with British group Stereo MCs. 'Endless' keeps things dark and deadly, with an ominous instrumental supporting
the prophetic spoken word. Upercent's production is exceptional here, creating a piece of music that transcends the dance floor and stands
alone as a piece of art in its own right.
Closing the EP is 'Theremite', which works around a techno trope, utilising a hefty kick drum and grainy industrial effects. Like the rest of this
release, Upercent incorporates a variety of unusual sounds and layers to create an unnerving atmosphere that gets the body moving while
provoking the mind and lifting the spirit.
There it is... A wonderfully dark, quirky and utterly contagious release from one of the most progressive artists around today. Wonderful! [info sheet from distr.]
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