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12" 18.01.22
produced & mixed by jogging house. mastered by salz mastering artwork by nasa design by aoki & matsumoto
Seil Records
in stock
18.48 EUR *
12" 04.06.21
a shared sentiment, a good cry. 180g black 12- vinyl record. all sounds made with ciat lonbarde deerhorn organ and ekalimba. processed and looped with cocoquantus, chase bliss blooper & mood, cooper fx generation loss, ehx 22500, montreal assembly count to 5, oto bim & bam. made by jogging house recorded straight to 1/4- tape mastered by salz mastering artwork by sean curtis patrick
Jogging House
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18.48 EUR *
12" 23.04.21
>lure< is about hearing through the noise that surrounds us - and listening to our hearts. about accepting the things we cannot change and finding comfort in uncertainty. made with elektron digitakt & digitone, eurorack modular, ciat lonbarde cocoquantus, boss sp303, chase bliss warped vinyl mk2, montreal assembly count to 5, oto bim & bam. all tracks were recorded straight to 1/4 tape in single takes. produced & mixed by jogging house mastered by salz mastering artwork by nasa design by aoki & matsumoto
Seil Records
in stock
18.48 EUR *
12" 23.04.21
for my father. an effort to look past all worries. an exercise in being true. made with a compact modular system based around analog sound sources. processed and looped with ciat lonbarde cocoquantus, chase bliss blooper, cooper fx generation loss, oto bim & bam. sequenced with elektron digitone. recorded straight to 1/4- tape in single takes. produced & mixed by jogging house mastered by salz mastering design by aoki & matsumoto
Seil Records
in stock
18.48 EUR *
12" UK 19.11.20
vol. 2 of echo beats edits
Pantai People
Last Copy!
11.76 EUR *
12" FR 18.12.18
itgr004 from da neuf trois avorton ep remix. is the ep remix of the first ep of increase the groove records. to support the occasion, we used some of the finest producers of the french house : joss moog, braque, aurelian aka km3 and adjus & pilote.
Increase the Groove Records
Last Copy!
9.82 EUR *
12" FR 13.06.18
set off the neuf trois kingdom, teaming up with its notorious local brawler. you’ll make your way through the tropical forest and the arid desert to make this night a memorable masterpiece – so be ready to be transported into an unexpected fantasy adventure.
Increase the Groove Records
in stock
10.24 EUR *
12" UK 20.03.18
strange valleys, the 2018 full-length from starving daughters, is a progression as well as a shift in sound from the la band s already-stellar previous releases. make no doubt about it that the sound of progressive rock and psychedelia still play a big role here but there s certainly a greater influence from library music on the new lp. the starving daughters vinyl impressions blog, led by chris tillotson of the band, shared the music of chris s collection of which many were library lp s. these records seemed to have seeped into the mind, body, and souls of the whole band on this strange valleys lp. everything from the instrumentation, the attention to melody, to the track-length shows the large appreciation they have for library music. that being said, this moog-heavy, psychedelic-prog-funk, california-themed record is certainly unique and adventurous. winding through the exotic roads of strange valleys is certainly a trip well worth taking over and over again.
Forest Jams
out of stock
11.46 EUR *
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