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12" Vinyl FR Pre sale
itgr004 from da neuf trois avorton ep remix. is the ep remix of the first ep of increase the groove records. to support the occasion, we used some of the finest producers of the french house : joss moog, braque, aurelian aka km3 and adjus & pilote.
Increase the Groove Records
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 13.06.18
set off the neuf trois kingdom, teaming up with its notorious local brawler. you’ll make your way through the tropical forest and the arid desert to make this night a memorable masterpiece – so be ready to be transported into an unexpected fantasy adventure.
Increase the Groove Records
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR Pre sale
well yes, we are world champions of football... but we also have a great team of young and promising house music producers. french house music is getting is renewal these days, a whole new generation is taking control of the scene in paris, marseille, lyon, bordeaux, nantes, toulouse... the meaning of this various artists is to highlight the vitality of that new generation of producers, ready to rumble on the dancefloors!
Kuroneko Sono
10.49 EUR *

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