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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: cristian varela / christian smith / rene sandoval / nick & danny chatelain
after the strong impact with the track alvaroba in the cristian varelas sublabel exclusive recordings in the artists chart such great as carl cox, yousef, markantonio or joseph capriati, pornographic surprise us this time with the exceptional remixes of great artist like a christian smith, nick & danny chatelain and rene sandova. this new deliver contain alvaroba, cristian varela (original-mix) with tech-house very powerfull christian smiths rmx show his maturity with an amazing remix typical of one of the lords of the electronic music! rene sandoval rmx give >the final touch< with this excellent remix full of elegance and atmospheric- deep house sounds, very characteristic in this talented spanish producer/ dj. nick & danny chatelain rmx, full of sounds very funny and a perfect base for dance floors.
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