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12" BE 16.06.10
simbad, recloose, archetyp and aaron jerome take turns, each in their own inimitable style, in delivering the finest electronic soul around. downbeat rhythms mingle with subtle jazz keys to create the ultimate echo for randolph s outstanding and powerful songs.
>echoes #1< is dedicated to all the basement soul and detroit fans.
Still Music
in stock
6.22 EUR *
12" FR 14.09.18
elision imprint kicks things off for their first release with heavyweight nima gorji. hypnotic atmospheres are underpinned by a foundation that keeps on rolling, while distant celestial resonances and intriguing vocal reflections consolidate the tight, percussive groove. varhat’s remix builds on some primary motifs from gorji’s track and deeply integrates with an up-front bassline that’s here to take names, not prisoners. east end dubs brings a mesmerising contrast with his complimentary and immersive approach that precisely rounds off elision 1.
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9.00 EUR *
2x12" UK 19.04.18
Žagar mark the end of a chapter and real milestone in their history by asking a selection of key artists to remix tracks from their vital back catalogue. the “anniversary remix edition” features numerous heavyweight mixes ready to take on the clubs. artists such as stil vor talent mainstay kellerkind, dan caster and the german tech house tital nico pusch rub shoulders with the legendary and influential plastic city house artist terry lee brown jr, uk disco crew clandestino and underground hero vakula from dekmantel to make this an essential remix album with real depth and variety. the limited edition double 12” is supported by telekom electronic beats.
Zagar Music
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13.67 EUR *
12" UK 30.06.15
the faze action brothers released their fifth studio album entitled body of one last year and to continue the celebration they have recruited some heavy weight talents to give their spin on three tracks from that album. first, the brothers take on the remix duties of magic touch, giving it a dub house reboot that could be the sound track to countless sunsets this summer. next up is a deft dub mix of the same track by maxidiscs cohort and globe trotting dj, dicky trisco. on the flip side we have the balearic powerhouse that is phil mison, remixing echoes of your mind into an electronic, down tempo feast with additional bass, guitar and keyboard played by the man himself. the final mix on this 12inch is provided by emotional response curator and head honcho stuart leath under his chuggy guise, delivering an organic dub mix of faze actions floating world
FAR 027
Faze Action
out of stock
9.66 EUR *
10x12" (180g / colored / fullcover / shrinked) 30.04.18
- amazing and lovingly crafted box
- red colored vinyl in 180g
- strong limited numbers worldwide
- very special printed banderole
- each vinyl in a fullcover printed sleeve - more than 40 tunes - 10 vinyl -
Odd Even
out of stock
65.52 EUR *
2x cd UK 08.03.13
40 neue, oftmals exklusive und hammerstarke tracks & remixes - von den top-protagonisten und den hei§esten newcomern des genres. ueberflieger wie alex clare und the prodigy (in remixes von noisia und distance) treffen auf die bewaehrtesten szenegroe§en wie magnetic man, benga, skream, mala, coki, nero, drumsound & bassline smith, rudimental (feat. alex clare), foreign beggars, icicle, joker
Aei Music
Last Copy!
14.74 EUR *
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