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coloured 2x12" Vinyl D 08.11.19
expanded edition of the soundtrack from halloween (2018) on orange & black double vinyl.
Sacred Bones
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pic 12" Vinyl D 15.02.19
limited edition of 2000 copies on picture vinyl.
Sacred Bones
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12" Vinyl D 15.02.19
original motion picture soundtrack for the 2018 movie halloween. housed in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Sacred Bones

also available as:
Deluxe Edition (EUR )
A1: Intro
A2: Halloween Theme
A3: Laurie's Theme
A4: Prison Montage
A5: Micheal Kills
A6: Micheal Kills Again
A7: The Shape Returns
A8: The Bogeyman
A9: The Shape Kills
A10: Laurie Sees The Shape
A11: Wrought Iron Fence
A12: The Shape Hunts Allyson
A13: Allyson Discovered
B1: Say Something
B2: Ray's Goodbye
B3: The Shape Is Monumental
B4: The Shape and Laurie Fight
B5: The Grind
B6: Trap The Shape
B7: The Shape Burns
B8: Halloween Triumphant
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12" Vinyl lp + coloured 7" Vinyl D 29.03.16
limited edition lp vinyl + 7 inch, no digital release. an underground classic!
wrwtfww records is ecstatic to bring back the original motion picture soundtrack for john carpenter’s dark star (1974) with added bonuses that are sure to satisfy all cult sci-fi soundtrack completists of the galaxy (and further).
the most comprehensive vinyl edition of the original motion picture soundtrack for john carpenter’s first feature film, dark star (1974). includes the sought-after “when twilight falls on ngc 891&#8243,,,,,, by martin segundo & the scintilla strings, for the first time ever on a john carpenter-related release.
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12" Vinyl lp + cd D 22.10.15
inklusive cd mit 15 tracks.
zyx 21061-1 (6958106)
Zyx Music
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coloured 12" Vinyl lp US 14.11.13
grandiose und neu remasterte reissue-ausgabe des legendären john carpenter-soundtracks escape from new york/die klapperschlange mit sechs exklusiven bonus tracks, die es am ende nicht in den original-filmsoundtrack schafften. orange-farbiges 180g vinyl inklusive a2 poster. exklusives neues artwork des bekannten posterdesigners jay shaw (aka iron jaiden). sleeve notes von alan howarth. limitierte auflage.
Death Waltz
Main Title
The Bank Robbery
Over The Wall / Airforce One
He s Still Alive / Romero
Engulfed Cathedral (Debussy)
Across The Roof
Descent Into New York
BackTo The Pod - Version #1
Everyone s Coming To New York
Back To The
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coloured 12" Vinyl lp UK 14.11.13
grandiose und neu remasterte reissue-ausgabe des legendären john carpenter & alan howarth-soundtracks *prince of darkness*. komponiert und performt von john carpenter, produziert und wieder remastered von alan howarth. farbiges 180g vinyl in blassem blau. exklusives neues artwork von sam smith. sleeve notes von alan howarth und sam smith. limitierte auflage.
Death Waltz
Opening Titles
Team Assembly
Darkness Begins
A Message From The Future
Hell Breaks Loose
Mirror Image
The Devil Awakens
Through The Mirror
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coloured 12" Vinyl lp UK 14.11.13
grandiose und neu gecuttete reissue-ausgabe des kult-soundtracks *halloween iii* von john carpenter und alan howarth. orange-farbiges 180g vinyl mit 12x12 inch lithografie plus a2 poster. exklusives neues artwork von jay shaw. sleeve notes von alan howarth und jay shaw. limitierte auflage.
Death Waltz
Main Title
Chariots Of Pumpkins
Drive To Santa Mira
Starker And Marge
First Chase
Robots At The Factory
Halloween Montage
Hello Grandma
The Rock
Challis Escapes
South Corridor
Goodbye Ellie
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31.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl lp UK 14.11.13
grandiose und neu gecuttete reissue-ausgabe des kult-soundtracks *halloween ii* von john carpenter und alan howarth. orange-farbiges 180g vinyl. exklusives neues artwork von brandon schaefer. sleeve notes von alan howarth und brandon schaefer. limitierte auflage.
Death Waltz
Halloween II Theme
Lauries Theme
He Knows Where She Is
Laurie And Jimmy
Still He Kills
The Shape Enters Lauries Room
Mrs. Alves
Flats In The Parking Lot
Michaels Sister
The Shape Stalks Again
Operation Room
The Chordettes - Mr. Sa
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12" Vinyl FR 23.09.10
they are back! the parisian duo formed by cosmic neman (also herman duenes drummer) and etienne jaumet, continues as a ufo his incredible odyssey on the indie scene. an odyssey in the form of meteoric rise. zombie zombie claims since its inception his passion for krautrock and some form of cinematic music. the zombie zombie inevitably evokes bands such as neu, silver apples, suicide, goblin or ... john carpenter soundtrack ... and the inevitable happened!
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12" Vinyl UK 08.04.10
amongst musicians, filmmaker john carpenter receives admiration, respect and kudos like few others. aside from the string of great films he has directed (halloween, escape from new york, dark star to name but a few) he is one of the few directors to compose and record the music for the films he makes.
back in late summer 2009 we sent out an email to our producer pals asking if they wanted to submit cover versions for an upcoming sci-fi cover versions cd project the response was very pleasing. of all the tracks through the door, john carpenter covers were by far the most prevalent. the best of them made it to this vinyl release.
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cd D 01.06.16
the most comprehensive cd edition of the original motion picture soundtrack for john carpenters first feature film, dark star (1974). for the fans of john carpenter, sci-fi movie soundtracks, electronic experimentations, and strange cd releases. also, for surfers. - includes the sought-after when twilight falls on ngc 891 by martin segundo & the scintilla strings, for the first time ever on a john carpenter-related release.
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12" Vinyl D 07.02.18
the energy that johnny cash and the tennessee three captured on the legendary “johnny cash at folsom prison” movlp274 record can probably never be duplicated. that being said, “hello, i’m johnny cash” comes very close.
this forgotten album is arguably one of the five best albums in the cash discography. it is fueled by superb original cash songs and well executed covers. it contains “see ruby fall” (co-written with roy orbison) and one of his best 70s hits, “blistered”. the lean, minimalist instrumentation of the tennessee three ensures the album with great rhythm, leaving johnny cash’s voice as affective as ever. the album itself reached no. 1 on the country charts and no. 6 on the pop charts.
pressing on 180 gram audiophile vinyl.
Music on Vinyl
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12" Vinyl D 18.11.16
ramona is happy to announce that chinaski will return to live at robert johnson with a hypnotizing-john carpenter-proto-house ep titled ghost rider.
Playrjc 044
Live at Robert Johnson
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 08.08.16
a career-spanning retrospective, featuring 28 johnny cash classics. remastered from the original sources and delivered on double 12 inch vinyl.
Sony Music
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 05.08.16
28 john holt klassiker in einem superdeluxe 2lp vinyl-set mit klappcover und bedruckten innenhüllen. die geschichte des sängers wird in ausführlichen liner notes von harry wise in anspruchsvoller form behandelt und durch viele tolle fotos, teilweise unveröffentlicht, abgerundet. für die produktionen ist alleine der produzent bunny lee mit 16 tracks verantwortlich, sowie the paragons (4x), phil pratt (2x), joseph hookim (2x), henry junjo lawes (3x) und 1 x lloyd james.
17 North Parade
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12" Vinyl D 21.04.16
rsd 2016 itemn - must not be asold before 16.4.2016. j ohn frusciantes foregrow doesnt sound like any acid test record, or any record, thats come before it. after the unlikely alliance between the los angeles label and the iconoclastic venice, ca musician on trickfinger, all bets are off. this ones truly a passage through night. frusciante’s using elements of john carpenters eternal scores, the drum programming dna of jungle and footwork, and yes, a roland tb-303, all slowed down to a crawl. foregrow is a lurching, lysergic beauty which offers glimpses of his platinum pop instincts, but only behind the veil of true experimentalism.
Acid Test

also available as:
CD (EUR 12.99)
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7" Vinyl D 10.04.10
rapson deliver two fine edits here on one retro future funk 7 inch. first up the carpenters get the rapson treatment. using a loop from the intro of their 1971 track >superstar<, karen carpenters amazing vocal is turned into a wondrous dreamy folk/hip hop soundscape entitled here >long ago<. on the flip possessor of one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century, sarah vaughan, who ranked with ella fitzgerald and billie holiday in the very top echelon of female jazz singers. >mystery of man< is based on the poetry of pope john paul ii. taken from the album >let it live< this edit is mystical and beautiful with sections of sarah vaughans vocal combined with some seriously dope jazzy hip hop drums giving the track extra flavour for the club. superb!
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12" Vinyl FR 02.09.08
spaced out classic tracks
Vintage Records
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12" Vinyl UK 26.09.07
asylum seeker + padded cell rmx blackpool refugee, cycling fiend and house music-machine magik johnson joins curfew for obviously his finest piece of music ever. imagine dj sneak, switch and jesper dahlback all kept hostage in a small room under orders to make something really good or be shot. filtered electro riffs build the pressure over a huge rumbling bass-end, then it drops into a techy hook that sounds like richie hawtin remixing a john carpenter soundtrack. paranoid and minimal as you like - and then back to the earth shattering beats & bass..
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cd D 25.04.16
john frusciantes foregrow doesnt sound like any acid test record, or any record, that’s come before it. after the unlikely alliance between the los angeles label and the iconoclastic venice, ca musician on trickfinger, all bets are off. this ones truly a passage through night. frusciantes using elements of john carpenters eternal scores, the drum programming dna of jungle and footwork, and yes, a roland tb-303, all slowed down to a crawl. foregrow is a lurching, lysergic beauty which offers glimpses of his platinum pop instincts, but only behind the veil of true experimentalism.
Acid Test

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 11.99)
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cd D 04.05.09
es gibt in der blassen tanzmusikzeit seit dem verschwinden der glorreichen neunziger nur wenig derart behaarte charakterköpfe wie prins thomas der von disco, krautrock und prog-rock-wissenschaftlern genauso weiß, wie von motor city oder den durchschlagenden argumenten einer roland 909. bisher unser heissester anwärter auf den mix des jahres
Playrjc CD 02
Live At Robert Johnson
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5x12" Vinyl D 24.08.19
5 schranz classics in a pizza box!
Zyx Music
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 12.07.19
the theme from netflix series “stranger things” on limited transparent blue vinyl.
Universal 7 5382178
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tape / cassette UK 24.09.18
in the senses is a soundtrack concept album from fernando pulichino based around the premise of music for film. melody, ambience and mood are central to these pieces influenced by the likes of angelo badalamenti, john carpenter and johnny jewel. the result is timeless electronic music infused with bittersweet synth chords & melodies, beat less atmospherics, bubbling electronics and synthesizer minimalism.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 17.99)
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12" Vinyl UK 16.07.18
lord of the isles four-track “infras” ep, on the barcelona imprint lone romantic, demonstrates macdonald’s continued mastery of tone and timbre, mood and groove. the title track kicks off by intertwining stringed synthtopia with an acidic staccato grounded in a rich low-end pulse. “w5 alpha” continues the all-enveloping warmth of “infras” base layer with a deliciously disparate palate of sounds, driven by a celestial arpeggio and a dusty collage of breaks. the b-side sets the listener loose in a garden of synthetic vines that pierce the long-decay smothering of bass with “q-bit”, a track that maintains equal kinship with the bouncing exploration of a dance floor as with the cool tones and discrete resolutions of an henri rousseau painting. “three times eleven” reads as a tribute to macdonald’s early fascination with john carpenter and vangelis soundtracks, combining emotive synth arpeggios and cyborg vocal washes in a fly-by depiction of an eerie and beautiful sonic landscape.
Lone Romantic
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12" Vinyl US 07.06.18
dark entries is proud to release ‘commerce’, the third ep from san francisco-based trio inhalt, german for “content”. the group was founded in 2009, and for the purposes of this recording are matia simovich, philip winiger and steven campodonico. inhalt’s core operative strategy is of sonic fidelity and integrity rather than nostalgia. their first release was a split 12- on world unknown in 2011 followed by two eps on dark entries, a remix ep on emotional especial and a part time punks session on cleopatra. ‘commerce’ is a close examination of the self destructive tendency of the ego in relation to the allure of negativity and mass tragedy. the ep details the psychopathy of relentless thirst mandated by neo-liberalism and traverses through the adoption of social and economic technologies that strengthen domination vis a vis self enslavement to disempowerment. employing the best of both modern and vintage techniques, the four songs on the ep utilize dense production, big snares, and powerful german vocals from philip. inhalt are informed by the brooding soundtracks of john carpenter as much as the vastness and sheen of trevor horn, and set out to explore the borders between the vocal-driven pop song and the expansive dancefloor 12&#8243,,,, arrangement. the record was produced over four years at the bands own black sun loft recording studio and different fur studios. paul lavigne mastered the ep in london, england at kontrast mastering and george horn handled the vinyl eq curve at fantasy studios, berkeley. each ep is housed in a specially designed jacket by leo merz and includes a lyric sheet with english translations.
Dark Entries
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12" Vinyl D 30.04.18
after the original comes the remix. or in this case three. i:cube, chinaski and aera help you refresh your memory and re-draw drawn from memory from benjamin fröhlichs second part of the rude movements series. its one single track, but every remixer has taken his very own approach and came up with a new interpretation. the iconic french producer and permanent vacation long time favourite, i:cube, transformed the original into a soul warming and heart melting late night bomb that lets the sun appear even in the darkest places. chinaski out of frankfurt, well known from his releases on live at robert johnson and uncanny valley, fuses italo disco with a john carpenter-style soundtrack aesthetic and an infectious bassline completed by a full on guitar solo in the break. aera, fresh from releasing his album on permanent vacation, is slowing down the tempo, rearranging the layers of the original and adding a bubbly and underwater atmosphere that let the dub stabs shine. three different versions that may represent different memories of one long night.
Permanent Vacation
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2x12" Vinyl D 27.04.18
soul jazz records’ latest excursion into the crescent city vaults delves deep into the roots and history of the voodoo world of new orleans funk. packed to the brim with serious break-heavy, heavyweight funk tunes from classic new orleans artists including eddie bo, betty harris, dave bartholomew, johnny adams and eldridge holmes (with the ever-present allen toussaint and the meters as always behind the scenes). there is also a host of rare cuts from a number of lesser-known second line new orleans artists, whose fame rarely reached past the walls of the city, including gus ‘the groove’ lewis, james k-nine, norma jean, bob french, chuck colbert, zilla mayes and joe haywood. comes as heavyweight 180 gram double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Soul Jazz Records
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12" Vinyl D 20.04.18
synthonia is an electronic ambient album released only with analog synths (roland system 100, roland tb 303, roland jx 3p, korg polysix, korg ms 10, korg ms 20, yamaha cs 15, kawai 100f, teisco 100f) which refers to tangerine dream, jean michel jarre, klaus shulze and “the berlin shool” and john carpenter.
Mondo Groove
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl UK 13.04.18
2xlp release140g -synthwave- auf durchscheinendem lila vinyl.
die erste -amtliche- synthwave compilation auf vinyl. offizielles companion soundtrack-album zum kommenden film “the rise of the synths”. mit vielen der bekanntesten synthwave bands wie gunship, carpenter brut, com truise und mehr! 100% exklusive original-songs, plus neue bonus-tracks. original -synthcity- und -synthrider- artwork von illustrator und art director john bergin
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2x12" Vinyl D 13.03.18
ziemlich genau zwei jahre nach der ersten kollaborationssause aus dem märz 2015 legt tausendsassa jeff Özdemir sein zweites -friends--album vor. an diesem beteiligt waren keine geringeren als f.s. blumm, andrew pekler, halloumi express, sonja polligkeit, benjamin wild und dizzy (rotation) - wer solche freunde hat, darf sich glücklich schätzen! wie bereits auch beim ersten teil geht es bei den 20 neuen stücken drunter und drüber. jeff Özdemir, multiinstrumentalist, komponist, produzent und besitzer des berliner plattenladens 33rpm store sowie mitgründer des gleichnamigen labels, mag es seit je her bunt. wer will, kann hier 1001 einflüsse aus jazz, chanson, soul, gameboy-sounds, dub, minimal, psychedelischem wüsten-blues, siebzigerjahre-pop, klassik und john-carpenter-sounds heraushören. oder sich wundern, dass neben deutsch auch auf französisch, türkisch, japanisch und portugiesisch gesungen wird. aber das sind nur details, die für sich genommen wenig zählen. worauf es hier wirklich ankommt: die atemberaubende kombination zeit-, generations- und stilübergreifender akkorde, rhythmen und grooves besitzt ein ästhetisch rundum stimmiges klangbild, das seine volle wirkung entfaltet, sobald man sich diesem im ganzen hingibt.
Karaoke Kalk
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12" Vinyl UK 19.02.18
r&s welcomes acid mondays for a 12inch of lysergic house music that reaches far into the outer cosmos. formed -somewhere in the 5th dimension acid mondays is the cosmic coalition of fellow psychonauts negghead (dan ward) and lex wolf (alex wolfenden). repeated transformative visits to ibiza culminated in landing regular slots at circoloco where they have been testing this tune in the dance all summer long.universal rhythm, their latest interstellar dispatch and debut on r&s is their finest work to date. an anthemic paean to the cosmos that features an impassioned spoken word missive from shamanistic mc shovell, impressively recorded in a single take, making the case for the universality of experience and oneness of all beings. latin rhythms fuse with a driving fender rhodes lick (provided by jd73) and percolating cow bells to hypnotic effect. this calls to mind a combination of classic carl craig and villalobos at his most playful. r&s new signing the maghreban supplies a killer dubbed out take on the original that strips away the heavy kicks and pumps up the percussion, hurtling the synth pads to the fore that comes on like john carpenter peaking on mdma
R&S Records
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2x12" Vinyl D 02.02.18
the studio and label digital b of producer bobby digital dixon became the ruling production house in the musical revolution that swept through jamaica from the mid-80s onwards with a lethal selection of dancehall weapons and chartbusting reggae hits. x-tra wicked gathers many of his bestever productions from those heady times when specialist stores were awash with 7-inch singles, freshly arrived from jamaica, and reggae music was once more on the rise. this great double 2lp-set presents 24 selected tracks in a double wide vinyl jacket, with just the top hits from the two bobby digital reggae anthology releases, the 2cd+dvd set x-tra wicked and the 3cd-set of -serious times- and has liner notes written by reggae expert john masouri.
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12" Vinyl UK 16.01.18
following the release of synkro aka joe mcbride collection of his formative early works earlier this year, apollo recordings is proud to present a brand new ep that draws on the rich heritage of library music. despite having come up during the dubstep era mcbrides music has always resisted easy classification - hand in hand sees him shift his musical focus in a yet more cinematic direction. mcbride explains: the record was inspired and influenced by my love of electronic 80s uk library records like the chappell av series, bruton, soundstage & de wolfe music library. theres a lot of synth work that carries on from my album using my trusted juno-6 / sh101 / jx8p combo with the addition of drum samples via an old akai s2800 i purchased recently. most sounds ive made from scratch on hardware based on sounds used in the library records i mentioned above along with a few cheeky samples.- synkro s signature expansive atmospherics are still very much present, but now they have been burnished by soaring synth pads and pulsing drum tracks that call to mind the haunted melancholy of john carpenter or contemporary such as legowelt or andy stott. rhythmically hand in hand sees mcbride moving somewhat away from his usual off kilter programming inspired by 2-step and garage, embracing the steady pulse of 4:4 which turns out to be an effortless fit.
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12" Vinyl US 13.11.17
vier tracks aus dem erfolgreichen album -rr7349- (2016) der experimentellen synthie-band s u r v i v e aus austin, texas, die für den soundtrack der netflix-erfolgsserie -stranger things- verantwortlich ist. abgemischt und neu interpretiert von künstlern wie lena willikens, not waving, sam haar (blondes) und justin k broadrick aka jk flesh (godflesh, jesu). diese vier remixe zeigen gekonnt die kompositorischen fähigkeiten und die musikalische vielfalt, die in jedem track zu finden ist, und fassen die große klangpalette von s u r v i v e zusammen. für alle fans von stranger things, john carpenter, trent reznor, tangerine dream, boards of canada, the haxan cloak, zombi, visible cloaks, floating points!
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12" Vinyl FR 30.10.17
3 texts about that record from daft punk, the pilotwings & jorge socarrás (friend and musical partner of patrick cowley) have been written. (see below) andrei orlov pushes alive sounds from modern electronica spectrum through avantgarde, krautrock or ambient. it is totally new even if you would quote tangerine dream or john carpenter to assimilate ... it includes a track reinterpretation by le chocolat noir. based in moscow (russia), andrei orlov pushes alive sounds from modern electronica spectrum through avantgarde, krautrock or ambient. it is totally new even if you would quote tangerine dream or john carpenter to assimilate ... this space world full of lights crossing the city late at night, boarding with them all kind of styles ... cosmic disco,psychedelic pop, synth music. linking past to modernity is something conscient in andrei s sound, permitting him to play live at local places involved into technological process where conferences also take place, at the 2016 synthposium festival for example.
Musiques Electroniques Actuelles
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.09.17
colours of infinity is a new alias for melbourne based producer andy donnelly. his debut album follows a recent sold out split 12- on brokntoys offshoot, discos del quebranto, as well as a string of releases as kloke on labels including styles upon styles and sub squared. under his latest moniker, donnelly has axed the dense, sample-heavy hardcore continuum he is best known for and developed a more back to basics approach, using old, cheap hardware and primitive recording techniques to capture performances in the spirit of 70s bands such as cluster, early tangerine dream and latter day artists like ekoplekz and pye corner audio. one time pressing, strictly limited to 300 copies. mastered by simon davey @ the exchange vinyl in his converted bank vault. riyl: cluster, harmonia, tangerine dream ekoplekz, pye corner audio, john carpenter, carl craig
Old Habits
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26.99 EUR *
4x12" Vinyl UK 14.09.17
4-lp-box-set zur ersten staffel von stranger things. limitierte edition für sammler. bevor im oktober -stranger things- in die zweite runde geht steigert das britische label invada die vorfreude mit dem ultimativen soundtrack-lp-boxset. der urspr³nglich auf zwei doppel-lps ver÷ffentlichten score ist hier in einem box set zusammengefasst. der grammy-nominierte score erfreut sich gro?er beliebtheit, welche sich nicht allein aus dem erfolg der tv-serie erklõrt. ein journalist hat die musik treffend als den ultimativen stil-mix aus john carpenter, tangerine dream, blade runner, aphex twin und cliff martinez (-drive-!) beschreiben. daher spricht der soundtrack auch f³r sich selbst stehend, fans obengenannter k³nstler an. invadas vinyl-editionen werden f³r qualitõt, ausstattung und design gefeiert. das box-set enthõlt: -neues boys on bikes front-cover-artwork. -inserts mit liner notes der the duffer brothers und der komponisten kyle dixon & michael stein - zwei gefaltete poster (ôretro montageö vol. 1 & ôboys on bikesö vol. 2) -10 character cards (5 x kids vol. 1 & 5 x adults vol. 2) - von hand gepresstes 180g farbiges (multicolored) vinyl - 425g extra-schweres gatefoldsleeve f³r beide sets - deluxe-box-set mit dem stranger-things-logo
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84.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 06.09.17
roman producer (and a force behind minimalrome label) valerio lombardozzi known as heinrich dressel returns to barba with a second release for our label, titled -the styx swamp-. heinrich has a unique way of combining classic techno and electro sounds with elements from the beloved drexcyan universe and john carpenter leitmotifs, and making them come together in a manner that both moves your body and pushes your mind beyond the point of awareness. as with the previous record, -lurking underwater-, here he pulls off the move with the same efficiency and without sounding like he s repeating himself. -gray slope-, -sailing the nether waterways- and -the styx swamp- are all quite moody and deep, rich with sound and thick with vibe. however, the tracks feel equally at home in 4 am techno situation and a heady afterhours affair. he truly is a master of crafting hybrids whose influences get so flawlessly embedded that it s hard to point them out. if that s not enough, -the styx swamp- got a treatment by nigel rogers aka perseus traxx, a multi-faceted producer and a mighty live act performer. nigel stayed respectful to the original but made the original s bouncy groove into something more direct and reduced, while retaining the same feel conditioned by lead synth s hypnotic quality. we re known to give a little bit of extra love to our releases so (as all before) this one s pressed onto a heavy duty 180 gram vinyl and beautifully packaged in an original artwork by emaemaema.
Barba Records
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12" Vinyl UK 07.08.17
a strange confluence of sound that sounds part krautrock synth label brain records, part hyperdub. techno haze and synth wormholes with spectacular sound design that has banged at berghain and soundtracked winter night drives. greenspan is known mainly for his work with junior boys and jessy lanza and taraval is a longtime touring member of caribou, but both have released several 12” and eps of electronic exploration over the past few years. inspired by synthesizer minimalists like jd emmanuel, cluster and john carpenter, the two attempted to create a type of dance music with hardware that was indebted to their influences but did not feel intrinsically retrogressive. the idea was to make a type of raw synthesizer and drum machine music that could be listened to beside the hypermodern techno of pearson sound or actress. the cover art is a tribute to a mysterious mural that looms over the hamilton ontario area where the album was recorded. each of the five tracks on the ep were edited down from much longer recording jams which were done with hardware sequencers in real time. the recording was done completely off the floor with no overdubs or added material after the fact.
Geej Recordings
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12.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.07.17
one of the current techno scene’s ‘hidden treasures’, bristol based a sagittariun has discretely released a wide breadth of music over the last five years for labels like secretsundaze, hypercolour and his own elastic dreams label. two highly acclaimed albums in “dream ritual” and “elasticity” as well as fifteen eps have appealed to those who like their techno without frontiers, taking in blistering 140bpm techno, breakbeat idm and ambient dub with ease. his second release for hypercolour displays signs of crossover appeal at long last… lead track “vanishing point” has already been receiving early plays from the likes of laurent garnier (dropping it in his recent timewarp germany set), spencer parker and len faki. big pumping beats and spiralling fx fall aside to a lone breakbeat that ushers in one pretty special breakdown section. the childlike keys and fathoms deep synth stabs (straight out of the john carpenter school of fathoms deep synth stabs) have already drawn comparisons to the retro 80s vibes to be heard on the american sci-fi horror series stranger things. it’s a breakdown that takes the listener to an uncharted dimension, bookended by slammin’ beats that acts as a perfect mood changer in any set. watch this one soar! “the pathway” keeps things on an all together straighter tip, an incessant tribal loop weaves and filters around a thunderous kick and shuffling hats, ebbing and flowing all the way in what might be a sagittariun’s most club-centric and stripped back production yet. matrixxman (dekmantel/spectral sound) is on hold to deliver a superb remix, pushing the original down a long dark tunnel for a growling and reverberating techno overhaul
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9.15 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 14.07.17
r.o.s.h. returns with two anthemic uk-leaning 4/4 productions. following last year’s debut release on bristol’s drumz for eternity label, herts based r.o.s.h. broadens his release schedule via two tracks that establish a common thread of unique top end melodies coupled with swinging, uk funky indebted percussion and pure peak time atmospherics. ‘winona’s love (stranger things mix)’ launches with an audacious mixture of circling john carpenter synths and rolling ’09 era uk funky percussion coming across as one part london legend apple to two parts prime eighties repo man. honed berlin kick drums and low swung bass hits combine to create a constantly driving concoction of ceiling banging techno all tied together with the distinctive infectious synth work that’s fast becoming a r.o.s.h. staple. creating a fully fledged dance floor homage to netflix s most popular sleep competitor is the young producer’s raison d’etre across this release. ‘amg (a45 mix)’ goes in for the kill with rattling percussive stabs and tweaked woodblock snares winding up the drama before the rumbling techno breakout at the one minute mark. it s a return to the rude form of uk funky s heyday, with colossal amounts of sub and every element driven to a singular purpose, to move bodies in the dance.
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12" Vinyl FR 07.07.17
nothing would be possible without ryhtm. from a heartbeat to a tough bass line, every part of music is linked to the strength of rhythm.gregory louis, aka esss, understood this a long time ago. as part of the cutting edge of the french house music scene at the end of the 1990s, he experienced electronic music before the digital music revolution, and kept a fascination for the authentic analog sound, its warmth and its texture.inspired by this era of time and his love for indie music, esss was born. esss is a tribute to those years and revisits the fundamentals of indie funk through electro songs and sounds, cross bredding them with influential and special touches from electronic legends -john carpenter- and -giorgio moroder-. stay tuned, esss is coming
Blue Bear
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15.49 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 12.06.17
soundtrack zur aktuellen netflix-serie black mirror. die musik stammt von ben salisbury & geoff barrow (portishead, beak). gemeinsam haben sie schon den soundtrack zum hollywood-film ex machina sowie das konzept-album drokk: music inspired by mega city one komponiert. black mirror gehört zu den ungewöhnlichsten serien im moment: wenn technik eine droge ist und es fühlt sich wie eine droge an, was genau sind dann die nebenwirkungen? dieser bereich zwischen vergnügen und unbehagen ist der schauplatz meiner neuen dramaserie black mirror, sagt serien-schöpfer charlie brooker. der score ist entsprechend düster, elektronisch, atmosphärisch. er erinnert an die klassischen soundtracks von john carpenter, throbbing gristle und jean-michel-jarre.
Invada Records
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27.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.03.17
gondwana records are delighted to announce the signing of composer, bassist and producer phil france. a key collaborator alongside jason swinscoe in the cinematic orchestra, france was responsible for some of the most heartrendingly beautiful music created in recent times. co-writing, arranging and producing on the cinematic orchestra albums including everyday, man with a movie camera, ma fleur and also the triple award winning soundtrack for the crimson wing nature documentary, france s skills have always extended beyond his bass-lines. france who signed a three album deal with gondwana earlier this year, is currently working on new material for release in autumn 2017, but first up is a worldwide re-release for his debut solo recording, the swimmer, a beautiful beguiling -soundtrack- for a film that hasn t been made yet. originally released in october 2013 it is deeply emotive and epic in scale and draws it influences from the great second wave of film composers including john carpenter and vangelis, as well as minimalist composers such as steve reich and philip glass. france s skill, in this album, as well as his work with the cinematic orchestra, is in soundtracking human emotion - the swimmer is full of heartbreak and recovery, strength, honesty and frailty, it is meditative and hopeful. the swimmer will be released on 27th feb 2017. the swimmer will be supported by three remixes: joy of brass - mr. scruff remix the swimmer - graham massey remix (808 state) transition - kristian gjerstad remix full servicing to all key media with reviews in mojo, record collector, bbc music magazine, jazzwise and dj magazine expected. the album and mixes will be serviced to all key international djs with support from gilles peterson and lauren laverne on 6 music, ross allen, patrick forge, dj lefto and beyond.
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19.99 EUR *
coloured 2x12" Vinyl lp UK 20.12.16
trials of the blood dragon ist ein retro-futuristisches computerspiel der marke ubi-soft. perfekt dazu in szene gesetzt wurde der soundtrack durch die australische band power glove. sie scheinen sich direkt in die 80er jahre zurückversetzt zu haben, der retro-synthie-score ist absolut hypnotisch und authentisch. standesgemäß: neben der cd-auflage gibt es eine 2lp vinyl-edition, die neon-pink gefärbt ist. mit ihrem soundtrack zum 2013er spiel farcry 3: blood dragon (ebenfalls ubi soft) gönnten sich power glove bereits den spaß so zu tun, als wären ihre kompositionen wiedergefundene relikte der 80er jahre. auf einer floppy disc. wer den drive soundtrack liebt (auf vinyl ebenfalls bei invada erhältlich) und die soundtracks von john carpenter schätzt (assault on precinct 13, christine, escape from new york, the fog, halloween), der wird an den treibenden, manchmal hämmernden synthie-beats, prägnanten sounds und perlenden melodie-linien seine wahre freude haben. das funktioniert auch ganz prima, selbst wenn man sich für das computerspiel nicht interessiert, bzw. dieses gar nicht kennt.
Invada Records
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32.50 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 06.12.16
promo - vinyl only - 200 copies pressing
the track -nyc- came to life in london almost by luck, about 12 years ago. my studio neighbours at that time were the group coldcut (matt & john). they called to tell us that they ve just finished a studio session with an amazing guitarist, and they said that if we wanted he was available to also record something with us since he was right next door. i had a few tracks that were never used, so i play them on loop and told him to go crazy with his guitar, a la george benson style! nyc is the result of editing the best parts of that amazing 1 hour session. big favourite of legendary american dj, kenny carpenter, -cuba around the corner-, was conceived after i had a few months relationship with a cuban girl in london. when we were at home we used to listen cuban (ghetto) streaming radio, which used to play bossa nova and salsa all day, so that was the main inspiration. i arranged everything in midi, but i still needed a horn section. the solution was duncun mckay, a strett musician who i saw playing trumpet in a metro station at london bridge. so for 50 pounds and some italian red wine the trumpet recording session was done! after a long editing session -cuba around the corner- was finally complete.
Last Copy!
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp, 180 g UK 17.11.16
auf seinem studio-debütalbum verbindet der polnische film und tv-komponist wojciech golczewski, bekannt für seine soundtracks zu filmen wie 400 days oder -haus des grauens (we are still here), seine erfahrung für soundtracks und seine liebe für elektronische musik zu einem eindringlichen synth-epos in bester john-carpenter-tradition. auf 500 stück limitiertes, schwarzes 180g vinyl.
Death Waltz
Last Copy!
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coloured 3x12" Vinyl lp, 180 g vinyl UK 10.10.16
johnny jewel, seine band chromatics und das kultlabel italians do it better zählen zweifelslos zu den schillernsten kreativzellen der heutigen independent musikszene. die produktionen zwischen italo-disco und electro-dream-pop haben stets eine düstere note und erinnern nicht selten an soundtracks von john carpenter. nachdem die chromatics einen song zum soundtrack des kultfilms drive mit ryan gosling beisteuerten, zeigten sie sich bei goslings regiedebüt für die vollständige musikalische untermalung verantwortlich. der lost river soundtrack enthält musik aus dem score, sowie songs aus dem film der italians do it better-acts glass candy, chromatics, desire und symmetry, sowie der teilnehmenden schauspieler saoirse ronan und ben mendelsohn
Italians Do It Better

also available as:
CD (EUR 16.95)
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