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pic 12" Vinyl UK 05.06.18
limited picture vinyl release for rsd 2018.
Reprise Records
Last Copy!
31.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 10.02.14
for over 12 months thomas feriero aka avatism, our friend and label partner, has been staying at home and working on his album. he moved to berlin to work on it and now sadly (for us) yet (gladly) for him he is moving back to milan. poof! just like that. so what did this year entail exactly? well for some of us not much. we got to see him in his studio comfy pants a couple of times (he wears slippers) we heard his studio woes, ate pasta with him, drank beers and of course got to hear his album at every juncture. while this self-imposed exile may have been a little worrisome the result is fortunately spectacular. adamant is a glimpse into how a city shapes a life and how intrinsically life then shapes music.

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
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16.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.11.13
so here i am, happily an album older, introducing the first of adamants remix packages. since the whole project was, generally speaking, a personal affair and a lot of the album was not necessarily club-ready (does that even make sense?), we invited our friends on board to do the dirty deeds for me and rework my sounds into something normal people can dance to. first up are mind against.
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.02.13
steadfast is proud to present a collaborative project made up of speedy j and brendon moeller. neither of these artists need introduction. their contribution to electronic music and club culture is well documented.
these 4 tracks are the result of jam sessions in speedy js rotterdam studio in may 2012. inspired by their love of krautrock and techno, these tracks possess a spaced out psychedelic and experimental vibe but also maintain grooves that will adequately keep a dancefloor throbbing. music to immerse oneself in. enjoy!
steadfast 018
Steadfast Records
Last Copy!
7.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 05.05.07
all tracks written and produced by jallokin at deaf zone terminal 2. a1 decomposed by pink elln at null prod. studios, miami. b2 decomposed by narcotic syntax (james dean brown / frank ford sinatra) and recorded at perpendicular sound, san narciso. b3 repiled by jallokin at deaf zone terminal 2... inlc the legendary >epic< ep by pile from 1996 !!
out of stock
14.99 EUR *
cd D 29.04.14
schneeweiss iii: a collaboration of neighbours. over the years, oliver koletzki has continuously cited berlin as a point of reference and, more importantly, a source of inspiration. two of his albums - großstadtmaerchen and großstadtmaerchen 2 - have been a direct ode to the capital. friedrichshain, one of berlins vibrant districts, has always held a special place in olivers heat. this is where he started out when he first moved to the city, and this is where he lives now.
Stil Vor Talent
Last Copy!
15.99 EUR *
cd D 29.10.13
avatism is back with his new album adamant

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 16.99)
Last Copy!
13.99 EUR *

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