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coloured 2x12" Vinyl D 08.11.19
expanded edition of the soundtrack from halloween (2018) on orange & black double vinyl.
Sacred Bones
Last Copy!
32.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.02.19
original motion picture soundtrack for the 2018 movie halloween. housed in a gatefold sleeve with download code included.
Sacred Bones

also available as:
Deluxe Edition (EUR )
A1: Intro
A2: Halloween Theme
A3: Laurie's Theme
A4: Prison Montage
A5: Micheal Kills
A6: Micheal Kills Again
A7: The Shape Returns
A8: The Bogeyman
A9: The Shape Kills
A10: Laurie Sees The Shape
A11: Wrought Iron Fence
A12: The Shape Hunts Allyson
A13: Allyson Discovered
B1: Say Something
B2: Ray's Goodbye
B3: The Shape Is Monumental
B4: The Shape and Laurie Fight
B5: The Grind
B6: Trap The Shape
B7: The Shape Burns
B8: Halloween Triumphant
Last Copy!
19.99 EUR *

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