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cassette / tape UK 17.08.18
cong burn’s sixth tape is a seamless blend of ambient soothers and portastudio dubs from charlotte bickley (carlos) & aaron turner (anxiety support group / perfume advert). riyl pauline anna strom. jay glass dubs. katelyn aurelia smith.
Cong Burn
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tape / cassette D 17.08.18
recorded live in olganitz at nachtdigital xx . 90 minutes length. it s pure magic - just as jane s much-loved dance sets. the nachti ambient tape #1 contains the first 90 minutes of jane s ambient set at nachtdigital xx and will be available in limited quantity
Nachti Ambient Tape #1
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12" Vinyl UK 17.08.18
ph17 keep things wavy with a various artist compilation full of hazy ambient works and hard-hitting trance made for the after-hours.
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2x12" Vinyl D 17.08.18
zum 20. jubiläum präsentiert das nachtdigital festival sein erstes doppelvinyl: nach sechs split-eps und mini-compilations in den vergangenen jahren macht das zum festival gehörende label nun den nächsten schritt. -nachti xx- versammelt beiträge von kollaborativen projekten die auch teil des festivalprogramms sind. die erste platte bestreiten giegling und klm (ein speziell für diesen anlass zusammengestellte formation aus kassem mosse. lowtec und mix mup). die jeweils eine ganze seite bespielen. vinyl nummer zwei vereint pandt und cologne tape mit einem beitrag aus der crew des festivals. das ganze kommt in einem von hausgrafiker manuel birnbacher gestalteten gatefold-cover. ist wie immer streng limitiert und wird ausschließlich auf vinyl veröffentlicht.
klm = kassem mosse + lowtec + mix mup
pandt = perm + talski
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2x12" Vinyl D 17.08.18
vinyl only. strictly limited. no repress.
gatefold cover. design by artwork by reiche.
this year s nachtdigital record follows the path we started to explore in 2017: to combine artists who are close to us. each given the specific task to tell a story in up to 24 minutes (which is pretty much the maximum you can press on one side of a vinyl record) - with complete artistic freedom.
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12" Vinyl UK 16.08.18
in the third of the ‘phobiza trilogy’ we are invited through the ethereal haze that separates our world from ramzi’s flourishing kindom. guided always by the deity’s music. we are given passage through the arcane archipelago that ramzi calls home. a place where animals. children and wild spirits share territories and cooperate in harmony in their plight to protect these ancient islands from the ceaseless threat of the great grey invasion. with the night closely following us. we are welcomed to these lands in dusk’s light. with the warm tones of ‘bibwel’ (featuring asaël robitaille on synth) carrying us across 11 different islets. all with unique climates. flora and fauna. after travelling for many a sunrise and sunset we take pause at mid day on ‘det calash’ isle (with some beats provided by regular fantasy). we ending our journey with a final sunset. this time on the foggy island of ‘warhasu’ (recorded on vancouver island with hashman deejay). amor fati (meaning “love of fate” or “love of one’s fate” in latin) comes as the inaugural release on phoebé’s own fati records and is the new nesting place for ramzi and its’ extended family. the record ends the ‘phobiza’ story. following ‘phobiza dia’ on total stasis and ‘phobiza noite’ on moodhut.
FATi Records
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 16.08.18
limited edition 180 gram gold with black haze lp with download code included. kaziwa is the second collaboration between iranian ambient experimental composer porya hatami and superlative sound designer uwe zahn’s arovane project.
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12" Vinyl UK 16.08.18
progressive industrial to cinematic ambient. via new beat synth explorations.
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2x12" Vinyl NL 15.08.18
2nd full length album by gavin guthrie aka tx connect (previous releases on ceme organization and l.i.e.s.). influenced by a diverse background of italo. acid. horror soundtracks. industrial and ebm. gavin crafts dance floor stompers using analog tools and tape. not only a producer. he s also a reputed dj and head honcho at texas recordings underground (tru) record label. spread over 2 lps. these 10 tracks will be atomic bombs in your next dj set but could just as easily be the soundtrack to your next cerebral vacation. all tracks carefully mastered by martin bowes. limited edition.
Medical Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 15.08.18
“monstrance” is mika vainio & joachim nordwall’s first album together and was originally released june 2013 via touch (to:88). it consist of drone works and pulsating electronic minimalism but also guitar. acoustic elements. organs and metal percussion. it was recorded in einstürzende neubauten’s berlin studio during an intense session in early summer of 2010. “monstrance” is a place where vainio’s and nordwall’s backgrounds as musicians and composers meet. and something new and extremely powerful is born. something deep. raw and direct…
Ideal Recordings
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12" Vinyl lp UK 15.08.18
in search of the sublime. contemporary electronic musician steve hauschildt has designed grids and panoramas of sound across multiple releases through the rise and dissolution of his former band. emeralds. an american touchstone of 2000s home-recorded psychedelic noise music. consistent with his solo work is hauschildt’s ability to coil his craft in precise. varied. and distinctly physical forms. gently spinning arpeggios converse with post-industrial decay. sonic fibers sway like pendulums from static melancholy to motorik bliss. dissolvi. the artist’s first full-length with ghostly international. engages sublimation from an ontological perspective: by dissociating the self. hauschildt steps out from the singular path. for the first time in a traditional studio. to compose and arrange contributions from friends. as a result. his most collaborative work to date extends a vast. vibrating framework in which to consider the state of being. the vinyl release includes a download code.
Ghostly International
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12" Vinyl D 15.08.18
max essa - lanterns is a brand-new artist album from the japanese based producer & dj and his first release on copenhagens music for dreams label. tranquility. alone in a taxi riding through empty streets. neon fades into sunrise. a refuge from the disorientating energy of the night. the sleeper train to izumo. an okinawan beach at dusk.
Music For Dreams
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2x12" Vinyl UK 14.08.18
this is really limited so please dont order more than 1 copy and expect more than 1 copy
Light Sounds Dark
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12" Vinyl D 14.08.18
apollo is proud to welcome paul frick to the fold. frick is a berlin-born music composer primarily known as one part of the group brandt brauer frick. stunningly despite a 20+ year history of making music “second yard botanicals” is his debut album. with bbf keeping frick inspired and busy since 2009. other ideas had piled up until a temporary break allowed him to fully dive into them - “while it took so long until i made my first album. it took about two months once i started.”
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12" Vinyl UK 14.08.18
brill soundscapes - deepest ambient. recorded by will long around 2015 - 2016
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12" Vinyl D 10.08.18
echocord’s echo echo sub-label continues with its third releases this august. courtesy of german producer and credo founder alex bau with his ‘zenstory’ ep. germany’s alex bau has been a prominent name on the underground dj circuit on his home turf. and further afield. for three decaces as well as racking up an impressive back catalogue as a recording artists for labels like cocoon. clr. sleaze and of course his very own credo label which has been a platform predominantly for his own material whilst welcoming the likes of kyle geiger. takkyu ishino and electric rescue onto the imprint also. here though we see bau joining the roster of echocord’s fledgling sub-label echo echo with a new four-track ep and taking the lead on the package is ‘clouds’ with pulsating low-end tones. hissing analogue noise and dusty drums samples all flowing in unison with ethereal chords and sweeping pads. ‘contour’ follows. tipping the focus over to bubbling delayed stab hits. fluttering sub bass and evolving white noise bursts throughout. the ‘prelude’ of ‘zenstory’ opens the flip side and as the name would suggest it’s a cinematic build up to the title-track featuring tension-building. expansive atmospherics ahead of the original mix which features a thumping muted kick. stuttering atmospheric echoes and spoken word vocal tucked into the depths of the record.
Echo Echo 003
Echo Echo
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12" Vinyl D 10.08.18
conforce returns under his silent harbour guise this august with the ‘noctiluca’ mini lp. a six track collection set for release via copenhagen’s echocord. dutch producer boris bunnik has been releasing material under various guises over the past two decades such as conforce. versalife. hexagon. vernon felicity and of course silent harbour which he revisits here following 2015’s ‘hinterland’ on deep sound channel and the self-tilted inauguration of the project in 2012 on echocord. the beatless drones of ‘riparian’ open the package. perfectly setting the tone with murky bell like chimes. rumbling subs and splashes of white noise before title-track ‘noctiluca’ picks up the pace. tipping the focus over to bubbling dub echoes. glitched out. minute percussion and a sturdy muted kick to keep things driving. ‘dwelling’ is up next. featuring expansive. washed out synth textures. cavernous bass tones and modulating percussion throughout. leading on the b-side of the release is ‘peridinum’. employing classic dub techno tropes with an amalgamation of choppy stab sequences dynamically evolving over off-beat hats and a thunderous kick. ‘fusiformis’ strips things rhythmically whilst keeping the bubbling delays and expansive reverbs at it’s core before closing track ‘pelagia’ brings bright. resonant synth lines. delayed percussive hits and tension building synth bass into the limelight.
Echocord 078
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12" Vinyl UK 09.08.18
melly aka dj apres ski with four tracks of cerebral club music only for the headstrung. highlights from where to now? and jheri tracks alumnus include the tripped-out meandering tease of shrubbery and the space bass of mineral water. which closes the 12inch on a locked groove. mastered by someones dad? cut at schnittstelle. artwork by mel keane.
Major Problems
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12" Vinyl UK 09.08.18
some time around 20 years ago. the artist known as dub surgeon made an absorbing album of beautiful dub infused with ambiance. found sounds and horizontal rhythms. the lost future was recorded at the former amsterdam film academy where dub surgeon. the recording engineer for the project was ricardo villalobos. dub surgeon and ricardo villalobos then mastered it together. putting it through several vintage mixers and recording it to 2 inch tape. then. tragedy struck: a storm surged and ignited a fire that ravaged the studio. the master copy was thought to have been lost forever. dub surgeon stopped making music and disappeared into the shadows after just two eps on future dub in 2002/3. but one day 15 years later. totally out of the blue. he received a demo of the lost future. pay attention to this. it said. attached was a demo version of the long lost album and now. finally. it has a perfect and impossibly poetic home on dubais ark to ashes. which is named in homage to the story of lee scratch perry burning down his black ark studio to rid it of demons. sounding as fresh as ever. the lost future is an authentic dub experience with a story as special as the music itself.
Ark To Ashes
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