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12" UK 27.05.21
steevio, the man behind the legendary freerotation weekender debuts on b12s firescope label.
FireScope Records
out of stock
12.60 EUR *
12" NL 11.12.20
rhythmic goodies for the floor. vinyl only.
Last Copy!
9.96 EUR *
12" 28.02.19
in celebration of their five-year anniversary, sol asylum is proud to present its fifteenth release on the label. this time around freerotation co-founder and modular synthesis master, steevio delivers a fresh cut of his distinctive modular sound. finishing off the package is a stellar artwork from his partner suzybee that is not only beautifully intricate but delivers an important message. “zephyr” presents steevio’s signature on the fly improvisational approach to creating music in real time with his complex modular set-up. each track presents a different mood of his infectious analogue shuffle, sophisticated melodic lines and ever evolving sequences that will transport the listener directly into the future.
Sol Asylum
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8.84 EUR *
2x12" lp UK 18.12.18
live at freerotaion 2018 on 2x12 inch !!, feat dorisburg, johanna knutsson, mathew jonson, sebastian mullaert, steevio
Circle Of Live
out of stock
17.19 EUR *
12" UK 14.06.17
third ep from this great new label from freerotation festival organiser and modular synth expert steevio features excellent remix from label owners cleer consortium
Eye Shadow
out of stock
8.60 EUR *
12" 06.06.17
wake up! 009 catches steevio in a lonesome mood. over three tracks the freerotation co-founder cruises through weightless negative space, sketching out contours against a backdrop of deep shadows and warm, melancholic pads. * machlud* opens like a mission statement, sorrowful and barely-there, before moving to the more nervous lounging of * forgotten futures.* on the b-side * green therapy* picks up the pace, bouncing with a lightly kinetic swing. luis remix wrings some raw pathos from the originals immaculate depths. yet it remains of a piece with the source material, rounding out an ep of heady, ephemeral moments.
Wake Up!
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
ROG1 (180 G VINYL)
12", 180 g UK 23.09.16
ferox label boss russ gabriel and freerotations steevio share the honours on this two track ep of live and improvised techno. 180g vinyl only.
Rivers of Groove
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" 18.07.16
following the release of 2015’s animistas album on mindtours, steevio returns with the fourth and final volume in the modular techno series after starting the project in 2012. initially conceived as he moved his studio practice towards a purely outboard, analogue, modular synthesiser set up, the modular techno series has charted the development of steevio’s exploration of this working practice both on record and on stage. the work involved in live appearances across the uk and europe over the past four years have fed into the creative process, with rehearsals for sets often yielding the material that has ended up on vinyl. volume 4 is arguably the darkest instalment in the series to date, dealing in a strict economy of minimalist rhythms and off-key melodic touches while still easily identified as the unmistakable tones and distinctive grooves of steevio. in the grand tradition of techno as visionary music, the dystopian tone that lingers throughout modular techno vol 4 points to a future of uncertainty, but this is far from nihilistic music, always within the darkness remains a glimmer of hope.
out of stock
7.77 EUR *
after showcasing the debut releases from the high on wye quintet (magic mountain high, soulphiction and steevio) and monoak, the freerotation label returns with a various artists 12” featuring four more artists intrinsically linked by the annual festival. anthony child, aka surgeon, has been a regular fixture since first appearing at freerotation in 2011. his recent exploration of modular synthesis and use of the buchla music easel has found a home in the ambient yurt at the festival, and equally has manifested in album projects such as 2015’s electronic recordings from maui jungle vol 1. “unconscious fearless determination” follows on from this more experimental, less dancefloor-focused side to child’s work, while still pulsing with the techno fundamentals that quickly defined him back in the mid ‘90s. duckett hails from north wales, and has been a key part of the freerotation fabric since the beginning of the event. after some releases on mindtours, mindyourhead and sthlmaudio back in the mid-‘00s, his music has started to reach a new audience through releases on untilmyheartstops and a clutch of lauded live performances. “breaks my heart when i remember that day” captures the alien synthesis and emotional heft that singles duckett out as such a remarkable artist. steevio is the co-founder of freerotation and mindtours records, responsible for a huge swathe of techno releases reaching back to the ‘90s. as well as his releases on mindtours, he has recently appeared on untilmyheartstops and in collaboration with pev on schmorgabsord, and is set to appear on russ gabriel’s new label rivers of groove. with its expressive swells of off-kilter melody and snaking drum lines, “pendulum” continues the thread of exploration steevio has been following on his journey into experimental modular techno. tom ellis has been prolifically issuing forth material in a soul-enriched space in between house, techno and funk for more than ten years. from running the acclaimed trimsound label to releasing albums and singles on telegraph, archipel, hartchef discos and more recently ethereal sound to name but a few, tom’s recorded work and immersive live performances continue to reach out to new moods and timbres. “as a take” finds tom at his most reflective, layering on dubby effects and organic instrumentation in a truly meditative end to the ep.
out of stock
7.97 EUR *
12" 24.09.15
schmorgasbord records continues to examine the creative results of collaborative experimentation within contemporary electronic music, following releases from appleblim & october, spatial & s-max, al tourettes & paradroid and bass clef & frak.
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
2x12" 16.03.15
mindtours and freerotation boss steevio releases his first album for 10 years on his own imprint. the album was recorded live during practice for recent gigs on steevios modular synthesizer, and is entirely improvised. animistas follows on from his modular techno series, and the recent collaboration with move d, juju and jordash, and soulphiction (as the high-on-wye quintet) on the new freerotation label, and continues his progression into deeper, jazz tinged techno territory.
Mindtours 17
out of stock
14.74 EUR *
12" UK 24.07.14
the 5th untilmyheartstops release comes courtesy of steevio, backm up with remixes from dj spider and joey anderson.
Until My Heart Stops
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8.18 EUR *
12" 17.02.14
the third in the modular techno series from live analogue artist and freerotation organiser steevio. after 15 years of producing techno live on hardware, in 2009 steevio began building a dedicated machine on which he could totally improvise an entire techno performance from a blank canvas that far surpassed anything he could do with his previous setup of drum machines and synthesizers. steevio’s modular is 100 analogue, there is no computer involved, there are no memories to save sounds or sequencing patterns, and everything is improvised in real time.. volumes 1 and 2 of the series were just a taster of what was to come, and were the early experimentations on steevio’s newly built machine. steevio records everything he does, especially during the intense practice sessions for live gigs. all the music in the series are out-takes from these practice sessions, and the tracks from volume 3 and the forthcoming volume 4 all come from a three day period in practice for a recent live gig at delete, bournemouth, uk. volume 3 continues from where volume 2 left off but delivered with more confidence and a deeper more hypnotic feel. steevio continues to develop his skills and fine tunes his unique instrument in this dedicated for life project.
Mindtours 16
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12", 180 gramm shrinked 01.10.13
vinyl only. 180 gramm vinyl. shrinked. its ten years since both tom ellis and leif released their first ever vinyl record mindtours 06, which also featured label boss steevio. this marked the beginning of tom and leifs steadily growing reputation on the international underground house and techno scene, with both artists releasing countless records and tracks on many important labels, and as founders and residents of the much respected freerotation festival, all three friends now enjoy worldwide exposure.
Mindtours 15
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12" 11.10.12
strictly limited vinly-only release, make sure you get your hands on this! 180 gramm vinyl. shrink wrapped. amazing piece of music! all sound creation and sequencing was improvised in real time and recorded to stereo with no processing.
steevio delivers the second offering in the >modular techno< series of live improvised analogue recordings extracted from his practice sessions for the freerotation electronic music festival which he organises with partner suzybee. with vol 2 steevio takes his modular jams to the next level with more complex sequencing and refined harmonics in contrast to the deliberately raw vol 1. only basic editing to extract the individual tracks from the 1 hour live sessions was used, and there was no prior planning involved other than a choice of tempo and key. each session evolved from a totally blank canvass on steevios eurorack modular synth and moog voyager.
Mindtours 14
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12" 27.09.12
three techno live-cuts by steevio on this 2002 mindtours release. limited backstock.
Mindtours 05
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12" 27.09.12
limited restock on this 2002 mindtours release, including remix by echoplex.
Mindtours 04
out of stock
6.55 EUR *
12" 27.09.12
third release on the mindtours label, originally released in 2001, now back in limited numbers.
Mindtours 03
out of stock
6.55 EUR *
2x12" 27.09.12
limited backstock on this 2001 techno classic by steevio.
Mindtours 01
out of stock
12.28 EUR *
12" 27.09.12
the 2nd release by steevio on his mintours imprint back in limited numbers.
Mindtours 02
out of stock
6.55 EUR *
12" 20.03.12
after a break from releasing new material while he concentrated on developing the freerotation electronic music festival, mindtours label boss steevio is back with a 4 track ep of live improvised modular music. modular techno vol 1 is four tracks of raw, deep, jazz tinged, freeform, analogue minimal electronics, all sequencing and sound manipulation was jammed live on steevios modular synthesizer, without the use of a computer, or eq / compression / mastering or any other processing in a deliberate attempt to capture a live electronic music performance directly to vinyl.
Mindtours 13
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" 15.04.10
limited backstock of this deep minimal 2003 mindtours release, featuring leif, tom ellis and steevio.
Mindtours 06
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
steevio, tom ellis, joe ellis zeigen uns hier auf mindtours wie schön minimal doch sein kann....
Mindtours 12
out of stock
6.22 EUR *
12" UK 31.07.06
umwerfende soundqualität aus wales, welche die klicker clique nachhaltig beeindrucken dürfte
Mindtours 11
out of stock
6.13 EUR *
12" UK 27.05.05
musikalisch zwischen villalobos & jay haze. also ordentlicher, kräftiger & minimaler afterhoursound !
Mindtours 09
out of stock
6.46 EUR *
2x12" UK 20.10.04
ewußtseinserweiternde minmal-groover aus wales für verstrahlte after hour erlebnisse
Mindtours 08
out of stock
13.10 EUR *
12" 27.09.12
limited backstock on the 7th mindtours release, featuring tracks by tom demac, leif, tom ellis and labelhead steevio.
Mindtours 07
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12" 18.12.06
ein neues projekt von den glimpse machern, dass sich um glimpse-freie produktionen kümmern wird. das debut bietet vier tracks von steevio, mare & solaris, darc marc & anderson noise and nax acid retroactive. von minimal zu neo-trance gehts hier 4 mal clubbig zur sache
Disappear Here
out of stock
5.72 EUR *
12" UK 20.03.06
die walisische minimal instanz lädt freunde zum groovigen klicker-minimal abend ein
Mindtours 10
out of stock
6.55 EUR *
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