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12" Vinyl UK 09.07.19
incl. strong dustin zahn remix
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12" Vinyl US 04.09.18
washington dc’s rush plus drop four superb techno cuts entitled ‘the sweat ep’ on p.leone and caiazzo’s e-missions imprint this june. having dropped three quality releases on their own eponymous label, rush plus continue to turn heads with their imaginative productions, gaining support from the upper echelons of techno with names like rodhad, ben klock, dj spider, ben sims, slam, answer code request, dj deep and many more getting behind them. following up a release on ambivalent’s valence records, they now join p.leone and caiazzo’s rapidly rising e-missions imprint. ‘megabust’ initiates the package with twisted sci-fi synths and syncopated drums whilst rattling metallic elements operate throughout. intricate hits of percussion are soon followed by rumbling bass in ‘rebirth’ as the track gradually becomes more and more twisted using filtered effects and soaring pads, making way for the shuffling ‘sweat’ with its menacing stabs and echoing voices. finally, the package concludes with ‘slow release’ - a high-octane and ominous roller.
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12" Vinyl UK 14.08.17
rush plus continues onto their third release with a 4 track split ep with friends lpz (asuncion, paraguay). the first two releases from the washington, dc based duo/label focused on original material, rpdc003 showcases techno from another city with a burgeoning underground music scene south of the equator. lpz had made a name for themselves in 2016 honing their live performance, debuting on boiler room and building their label, the sequence party (which has invited the likes of truncate, marcel dettmann, et al) and presence in the south american/global underground. the trio s wealth of studio experience is imminent in their sound. they delivered two driving, hypnotic techno tracks in snooze & temp 8 on the a-side, tailored with two more tribal, hectic cuts from rush plus on the b-side. all tracks have been tested at warehouse parties in dc & asunscion, ready for international play
Rush Plus
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 14.03.13
debut vinyl release of new russian label based in moscow, hosted by agcp (a guy called phone) also more known in russia as sasha partyphone. focused on producing young russians (and ex ussr republics) underground artists, who was inspired by 70s, 80s and 90s. also concentrate on producing not only basic dance music, but and music for the different moments of live with the funky, old school and different other influences as well. rush inside (which sounds like russian side) - is a compilation of deep, funky, groovy, new disco sounds by unknowns underground producers from moscow and st. petersburg. the first step in attempt to present a part of contemporary russian electronic scene.
Plus Seven Records
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7.69 EUR *
4x 12" Vinyl + 1x 7" Vinyl NL 11.12.09
rush hour is proud to present a compilation of anthony shake shakirs best work from his own frictional label (and some choice output from 7th city) over the past 15 years. this limited edition 4x12 inch set comes with an exclusive two track 7 inch (only available with this pack). released 2 months in advance of the 3cd/digital formats…
the label shake started brought us some of the deepest, funkiest and most diverse techno of its time and has been surprisingly overlooked by many. after a few years hiatus, shake is now back and will be recording and releasing on frictional again soon.
this compilation includes all of the classics like >arise<, >frictionalized<, >get a feeling<, >my computer is an optimist<, >the floor filler< as well as an unreleased track >the other one<. all tracks have been carefully re-mastered, breathing new life into the original recordings.
Rush Hour
out of stock
49.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl NL 23.05.14
pauls rather unique vocals lie somewhere between david bowie and richard butler of the psychedelic furs. all songs have been remastered for vinyl by george horn at fantasy studios in berkeley. each lp includes 2 postcards with live photos, a list of instruments used and quotes, that are suitable for mailing. this collection highlights a lost duo with a big sound on par with ultravox, human league, omd or devo.
Dark Entries
in stock
22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 29.01.07
rush hour limited presents san propers amsterdam family series. this is a series where he teams up with known and unknown producers from amsterdam. although new to the production game san proper has been djing in the amsterdam club scene for years. over the last ten years, he has been spinning in all the major clubs, bars and lounges in and around holland. san is well known and praised for his house and disco sets as well as for blending a lot of different styles into an eclectic mix. on this 12, the second in the series, he collaborates with tom trago, who produced the well received live with the bbq (rh ltd 009). they ve create two mid tempo house burners, just the way we like them. while catterpillar blues is a upbeat discofied love affair, love flue is a haunting afro disco flavoured groove
Rush Hour
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8.89 EUR *
2cd D 04.04.08
time warp compilation - exclusiv gemixt von einer der schillernsten figuren in der techno-szene: dj rush! und ebenso farbenfroh bedient er sich hier an den verschiedensten styles.mal kommt er entspannt housig daher, dann aber gehts wieder mit hartem acid rush zur sache!
Time Warp
in stock
18.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 15.08.08
classic 2006 defected miami compilation
out of stock
14.99 EUR *
2cd D 07.04.08
incl. robert natus,arkus p.,christian fischer,matt m.maddox and many more on this huge double cd pack
out of stock
13.99 EUR *
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