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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: franck roger & alex arnout
coloured 12" Vinyl D 19.12.14
franck s wanderlust is a no-nonsense kinetic house cut with an old-school male vox sublimely worked over bubbly bass, weighty percussion, and resonating intonations. up for remix duty is rouge scoiety label head and uk-house stalwart jordan peak who strips things back to deliver a dark and brooding cut, cultivated over pulsating bass, stabbing synths & shifting percussion. on the b-side alex s microsociety bubbles into life over warm bass, soft pads and whirring intonations to deliver a beautifully basic slow-grooving house cut. meanwhile visionquest & cadenza affiliate cesar merveille punches out a robust re-imagining over rolling bass, subtle tones and fluctuating drums to supply a raw and dynamic techno cut. two superb digital bonuses come from danse club records head honchos brodanse and torino native and carnival records boss marcelo tag to round off the fine six-track ep in style.
Decay Records
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