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12" Vinyl FR 22.02.19
volume 21 with the label boss himself
Home Invasion
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10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 19.11.18
slamming prescription styled deep house
Home Invasion
Last Copy!
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.08.18
politics of dancing records releases the third number of their famous p.o.d edits series. quite a line up on this one, with shonky, franck roger, 2vilas and john jastszebski reworking some house classics and underground gems. a weapon for your crate not to be missed.
Politics Of Dancing
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10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 02.05.18
for this 16th release, the label wanted to add to its panel of artists an emblematic figure of the french house scene for several years. it is thus franck roger who sticks to the production with 4 tracks in the colors of the french label.
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.04.18
the boys from politics of dancing records launch their new imprint, p.o.d crxss. it s a label of collaborations, of paths crossed, it s about friendship, having fun making music with each other. the first release is understandably done by parisian artists, as djebali, franck roger and politics of dancing have been long time friends, deejaying together for years. the result is two quality deep house tracks, cut for dance floors, one track pressed on each side of the vinyl for maximum dynamics and dj friendly use. friends, music and party, thats what it s all about.
P.O.D Cross
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10.62 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 30.03.18
slamming franck roger house release
Home Invasion
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10.03 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 22.02.18
surely one of the most famous song that franck produced in his entire career.. the combination between him and mandel turner (naturally born in usa) was explosive the day they created this songin avery naive and uncalculated way .it all started from a beat on a mpc with a minimal hook and a bassline.. franck called his long time friend mandel turner to join him in his studio and explained him that the idea was not to do a classic garage song but to make it in a modern way. the result was to work on a strong chorus without verses etc .that we can found on every classic songs. we gived a demo track to appolonia guys wich were in ibiza starting their new residency at dc10 and it has been played the whole summer and all clubbers in ibiza knew this song and became a underground hit when it came out.. franck asked to his close friends (seuil etc..) and producers to give another interpretation of this song because he knew that his friends loved already this song.. so they gave to this song a new life few month later after the success of the original release. today we got ion one wax different versions of this song for different time to be played and different audiences.
Home Invasion
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10.23 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 10.01.18
lottus got this deep and old school flavour touch, driving and sweat at the same time, this one is for franck the highlight of his new ep,so no big words on this one. it s a lottus love affair here. air is a cosmic journey into franck s synthetic drum sounds, passing thru his famous space echo 201 made back in the days by roland..the machine got some natural errors and goes with the tape delay feelings.. it s all about movements and space rythms here.christal is using the famous 909 drum machine and 808 toms.. this one goes very deep into our mind with strange vocals wich franck got the secret to play with, it s a sentimental and emotionnal song, cute for some people but very relaxing after all to complete this name is was originaly out on franck s realtone records imprint. it came out with two different versions.the track received some good feedbacks and plays so far and our dear friend berlin based alexkid came back to us with his own edit and we definitly loved it but we were very busy with the releases.. this edit has been lost in our hard drives and now franck is more than happy to give it a new life.
Home Invasion
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9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 23.06.17
vinyl only release - invade records invites russia based tripmastaz with 3 original sexy grooves supported with a raw trippy sounding franck roger remix. enjoy!
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11.01 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 26.05.17
this release is gifted by a special remix from someone who need no introductions today : chris carrier aka mr georget delivers a dope remix of one of the track that franck already released on home invasion called yabba.. the idea was to give to our favourite remixers (cause we got some good guys coming up aswell) the freedom to choose one of the tracks that they really like from the georget gave us a deep and hypnotic feeling on this one and we already love it it here, that s why we choosed to press it has a 45 rpm full side to give him the best sound and dynamics. on the other side franck give us 809, a track wich is the result of the sync between the 909 and the 808 together when it comes to speak about drum and some synths delighted by his own secret. bugz is a simple ruff track coming out from the mpc wich we can ear from the drums, and some stabs samples coming thru his vermona filter and passing by some external effects.. in and out its all about the jam here j we hope you will enjoy this new ep has the summer starts soon guys...
Home Invasion
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9.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 07.03.17
another ep from the label boss of home invasion.. franck is back this time with a new collaboration with famous new yorker singer based in berlin mandel turner on a new nasty song. the rets of the ep is gifted by some of his new works in the studioenjoy
Home Invasion
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9.25 EUR *
MLIU 16 (2X12 INCH, 180 G VINYL)
2x12" Vinyl UK 30.09.16
nearly three years after the last split 12inch from dungeon meat and se62, my love is underground is finally back in action with an expansive doublepack of essential cuts from a wide range of producers that reaffirm the label s status as one of the leading exponents of classically rooted deep house music. with previous releases including brawther, the nathaniel x project and kool vibe, jeremy undergrounds label has done much to keep the heart and soul of real house music relevant in the 21st century. this new compilation follows in a long line of showcase releases from my love is underground, giving a platform to new talent as well as championing old favourites of the label. mid 90s legends teflon dons make a welcome return, franck roger represents the lasting legacy of parisian house music and uk mainstay tristan da cunha brings the goods in a break from his dungeon meat project. elsewhere hugo lx represents the new generation, fresh from a release on courtesy of balance, while malin genie has been rapidly building up a reputation on will & ink and lazare hoche. dj steaw has been spotted on traxx underground and rutilance, and ebony cuts returns after a debut on kojak giant sounds last year
My Love Is Underground
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16.47 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 14.09.16
another ep from the label boss of home invasion.. franck deliver this time some kind of abstract dj tools here, using the 909 and the 808 and also some cool samples, this ep is surely sounding like a good one for this summer gigs.
Home Invasion
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9.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 23.03.16
solarism is the result of a common fascination for landscapes and a passion for contemplation. after two decades of an unbreakable friendship, we have finaly imaginated this protean entity to express what contemplation has offered us and how it connects us to the world, describing those experiences through music compositions, dj performances and welcoming other artists to release their art.after our first release with arno e. mathieu -existance project-, we are really proud to welcome one of our musical friend on solarism, the non-stop track maker from home invasion label, franck roger !on a1 franck brings a real fusion of cosmics and classic deep house vibes, remembering his first love with electronic music but definitely oriented to his nowaday modern vision of sounds. the melodic groove of the calimbas percussions drives you till the heart of the track and his swinging drum, to never let you go and brings you up in a neverending hypnotic mind dance. on b1, arno e. mathieu version push the hypnotic vibe of -tiger in the hood- using the original arpegiator theme, and brings the track to a deep techno level for a textured and anthemic experience. ponctuated by a strings hit appearence and supported by a non stop heavy bass-line, the track progression brings us till a melodic synth conclusion true to arno fusionned style... welcome back in solarism
out of stock
9.54 EUR *
VOL. 10
12" Vinyl FR 22.02.16
home invasion is the new label from real tone man franck roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or so
produced on analogue equipment
Home Invasion
Last Copy!
9.25 EUR *
VOL. 9
12" Vinyl FR 13.01.16
home invasion is the new label from real tone man franck roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or so. evidently seeking a new challenge, the parisian s new imprint promises to adhere to a vehemently underground way of working and produced exclusively on analogue equipment. franck is back again for another solid ep, this time coco bongo is taking the level really high with some mpc beats, weird stabs going thru analog delays mixed with some spring verb to give a unique sound and direction on this one. hypnose is one of the first series of hypnotic low techno direction wich franck wants to go back, using some modular sequences aswell on this one. virgo will surely please some of the deepcore heads around with a ruff beat and hypnotics stabs still mixed in differents external effect wich franck got the secret.
Home Invasion
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9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 06.01.16
official re-edition of early dub tracks produced by franck roger
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9.25 EUR *
VOL. 8
12" Vinyl FR 03.09.15
already played by ricardo villalobos, raresh, baaz, dj sneak, djebali, ame, ....
home invasion is the new label from real tone man franck roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or so. evidently seeking a new challenge, the parisian s new imprint promises to adhere to a vehemently underground way of working, with every ep released upfront on vinyl-only terms and produced exclusively on analogue equipment. home invasion continue his quest this time with 3 new tracks freshly made last month by franck roger.. exploring some more funky stuff on the -the drift-, a track that will be pressed full side 45 rpm on the wax to get the maximum dynamic as possible, a sure shot killer for this summers gigs. on the b side we got a purely kind of detroit deep vibe on -why- and -bankal- is here to close the ep in a more abstract-ishhhh way... we really hope that you will enjoy this new one
Home Invasion
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9.54 EUR *
VOL. 7
12" Vinyl FR 18.05.15
home invasion is the new label from real tone man franck roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or so. evidently seeking a new challenge, the parisian s new imprint promises to adhere to a vehemently underground way of working, with every ep released upfront on vinyl-only terms and produced exclusively on analogue equipment.
Home Invasion
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
VOL. 6
12" Vinyl FR 27.02.15
shipping earliest monday , march 2nd. home invasion is the new label from real tone man franck roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or so. evidently seeking a new challenge, the parisian s new imprint promises to adhere to a vehemently underground way of working, with every ep released upfront on vinyl-only terms and produced exclusively on analogue equipment. franck roger is back this time in solo with 3 fresh tracks made in is home invasion laboratory, this time going back to some proper raw stuff on the a side, going back to his new jersay roots on vibray shun that will remind us some of the old bno traxx made back in the days from the deep, what we used to call the french touch but in the underground scene for those who reminds that era immersion is a deep kind of aquatic hypnotic track with a little clin doeil for the old prescription records wich has been one of francks all time influencing labelon the b side we keep exploring a more abstract side of franck wich will remind us his work on earthrumental records ..sub division of real tone rds.. a modern approach of his dubby influences.
Home Invasion
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9.06 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 29.12.14
2015 repress !!! home invasion is the new label from real tone man franck roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or so. evidently seeking a new challenge, the parisian s new imprint promises to adhere to a vehemently underground way of working, with every ep released on upfront vinyl-only terms and produced exclusively on analogue equipment.this time franck is giving us 4 tracks that will surely please a bunch of different djs worldwide rebound is another dubby and crushy experience, using his tempest drum machine and jamming with some external effects, keeping it going on & on, focusing more on an abstract ambient vibe. nebula keep the already marked sound of home invasion.. a mix between deep-afro and very cosmical vibe. deep theory is a classic tribute to the new york sound from the 90s, it reminds us some of the blackwiz k.o.t work in his abstract approach and simple groove.²balance is definitly the one that has a drive for the dancefloor, hypnotic stabs, rushed drums, this one is a sure shot clubby track.
already supported by brawther, jimpster , dj deep , okain, djulz, pirupa, chateau flight, ame kristian, dj sneak , sebo k, josh wink, ian pooley, ben sims, osunlade, daniel stefanik, sasha, clive henry, hector moralez, raresh, tiefschwarz , louie vega, cesar merveille, shinedoe, damian lazarus, anja schneider, norm talley, francois k, dj t, agoria, fred p, laurent garnier, jennifer cardini.
Home Invasion
out of stock
9.06 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 19.12.14
franck s wanderlust is a no-nonsense kinetic house cut with an old-school male vox sublimely worked over bubbly bass, weighty percussion, and resonating intonations. up for remix duty is rouge scoiety label head and uk-house stalwart jordan peak who strips things back to deliver a dark and brooding cut, cultivated over pulsating bass, stabbing synths & shifting percussion. on the b-side alex s microsociety bubbles into life over warm bass, soft pads and whirring intonations to deliver a beautifully basic slow-grooving house cut. meanwhile visionquest & cadenza affiliate cesar merveille punches out a robust re-imagining over rolling bass, subtle tones and fluctuating drums to supply a raw and dynamic techno cut. two superb digital bonuses come from danse club records head honchos brodanse and torino native and carnival records boss marcelo tag to round off the fine six-track ep in style.
Decay Records
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7.79 EUR *
VOL. 5
12" Vinyl FR 11.12.14
home invasion is the new label from real tone man franck roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or so. evidently seeking a new challenge, the parisian s new imprint promises to adhere to a vehemently underground way of working, with every ep released upfront on vinyl-only terms and produced exclusively on analogue equipment. this time franck collaborate with one of the french house hero in the parisian scene today and also label boss of bass culture, resident dj at the famous rex clubthis guy needs no introductions, please make some noise for mister d julz. franck and julien are living in the same district in paris and sometimes talked about doing a collaboration, see what can come thru few moments spend in the studio, mixing their own influences of todays vision of house music, they finally took their time to come with 3 brand new tracks that comes from pick time stuff ( cityzoo) to deep and dubby vibe on * dubwize* or even the very old school chicagoan * in the rush*.. this ep will surely please most of the real house music lovers from the past and today
Home Invasion
out of stock
9.06 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 19.05.14
after his last recent collaboration with great label likes of one records,tsuba. get physical,hot waves, julien sandre debuts on nice to be records.
Nice To Be
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.05.14
2020vision celebrates its 20th anniversary in style this year. as ever, the uk label will do things differently no dwelling on times past and no back catalogue rehash. instead, 2020vision will release content, a compilation mixed by ralph lawson featuring 20 exclusive new original tracks and remixes from a dizzying array of arch collaborators. this album will be augmented by a series of parties across the planet
2020 Vision
in stock
9.70 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 11.09.13
next franck roger house
Real Tone
in stock
7.50 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 05.08.13
limited nice price action
excellent tribalistic funkin deep hous
FR Production
out of stock
4.83 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 23.04.13
in the here and now of house and techno, a flux is taking place. the newest generation of souls possessed by the beat has never had a better chance to look back at the unbridled creativity and vitality of the 80s and 90s, and channel it into their contemporary creations. the gospel of youtube and a wealth of mixes with convenient tracklists make it easy for the lazy artist to absorb what was great before and reflect it in their contemporary productions. this of course is of no concern for someone like franck roger
Circus Company

also available as:
CD (EUR 16.56)
out of stock
16.37 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.02.13
incl. matthew styles remixes! its with great pleasure that we welcome franck roger with his debut tsuba release dont u know. franck is one of house musics most revered names with a production career that amoungst others spans releases on desolat, circus company and his own real tone imprint. dont u know centers around a vibey chicago bassline & tripped out distorted vocal. for the remix matthew styles, one of our favourite producers, gives two versions, a jackin club mix and a deeper dub.
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 17.01.13
for this ep its all about removing reliance on computers and unleashing pure vibes. taking a step back into the past franck roger adopts a raw approach with his latest ep on real tone. removing the comfort of working via sequencers, franck instills more of a live feeling with the love is always two-tracker.
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 18.10.12
franck roger reunites with vocal powerhouse mandel turner for one of the years most infectious tracks, >through the motions<. the product of a melting pot of inspirations, >through the motions< features a hilarious spoken-word sample, mandels ultra smooth vocal contribution and louche, hypnotic atmosphere underpinned by a laid back bpm.
already support by agoria, sebo k, sascha dive, kate simko, tiefschwarz, lee curtiss, lauhaus, anthony collins, jimpster, tripmastaz, shinedoe, slam, manik, roberto rodriguez, burnski, rocco, ralf gum, claude monnet, willie graff, okain, fabrice lig ,
Real Tone
in stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.08.12
excellent deep groovin tech house, incl franck roger remix
out of stock
9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.07.12
being the hopeless romantics we are here at circus company, when we fall for an artist we tend to do it head over heels. you may have witnessed this in the past with some of our dearest protégés, from dave aju to nicolas jaar. now we are embarking on the same kind of whirlwind affair with franck roger, the glow only just retreating from our cheeks after he won our hearts with the i take you up ep. like a well-seasoned casanova, franck has found the perfect way to follow up that first date with an even deeper reflection of himself as an artist, leaving us flustered and quite simply stunned by his charm.
Circus Company
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 27.06.12
after all, the successful song produced by franck roger and mandel turner originally released in october 2011, is back this year with a number of remixes. flying the french flag are remixes from djjulz and seuil. joining the french team is burnski, the young english berlin-based dj/producer who recently rocked real tone records with his latest collaboration with manik you know what its like. each coming with their own flavour, d julz, seuil and burnski all add their individual style to after all.early feedback and support from ian pooley, robert dietz, steve lawler, manik, okain, ame, ritchie hawtin, dj harvey, laura bones, dj t, efdemin, kate simko, alex from tokyo, sebo k, agoria, quentin harris, josh wink, dj deep, the martinez brothers, luciano, dan ghenacia, shonky, reboot, monika kruse, willie graff, clive henry, boris werner, dubfire
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.06.12
having just released amiralis slick, diverse and immaculately produced debut album in time, crosstown rebels presents the single just an illusion. first part of a two-part 12inch single release this 12inch features an extended original version and a superb remix by real tone boss and french maestro franck roger.
Crosstown Rebels
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.03.12
from the vibrant parisian house music scene of the 90s, ark already heralded the birth of our label, and pépé bradock remixed one of our most recent successes, nicolas jaar. now we turn to a man whose pure, simple approach to house music has influenced our most club-focused output. franck roger has been a great ambassador for the true meaning of french house music, from his own productions that stretch back more than ten years,through to his record label real tone. having started out producing direct, peak-time vocal cuts, francks dedication to his art has seen his music evolve across an ever-widening panorama of moods and feelings, sound sources and production methods
Circus Company
out of stock
7.30 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 22.03.12
franck roger returns with a sharp three-track release alongside talented countryman terence:terry. the pairs this is now ep blasts us into 2012, a bold and edgy step-change for real tone off the back of vintage, stateside-vibed >after all< (with mandel turner). gritty opening number hustling peoples keeps things on edge, just as they should be. roger and terrys title track accelerates smoothly into funky, retro-tinged house flow, complimented by echoes of female vocal. final offering beaucoup la fête returns to moodier territory, a 4-4 stomp with real chaotic charm and buzzing fx. together, roger and terry have produced something very, very special for real tone. their >this is now ep< is a striking record asking the listener, very simply, to dance hard and dance now early djs supports and feedbacks by damian lazarus, tania vulcano, lee foss, ralph lawson, heidi, james priestley (secretsundaze), ryan crosson, deetron, clive henry, josh wink, magda, dj t., sasha, efdemin, d julz, jimpster, matthew dear, ellen allien, hernan cattaneo, nick curly, michel cleis, sascha dive, boris werner, le loup...
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 22.02.12
real tone is back with a special & limited one-sided by franck roger. original track ,> bring it back<, is revisited here by uk superstar maya janes coles.
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 03.11.11
ultraphat two track house anthems
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.08.11
here are the long awaited remixes of sascha dives >restless nights< album. >jam sessions #1< is the first out of two 12s that will be released on deep vibes. on a1 french deep house grandeur franck roger comes up with a supreme dark but warm remix of >drums of the jungle<. a2 features a remix by nycs sole channel boss alix alvarez. his remix of >the jam< is sexy as hell and works perfectly on the dance floor. on b1 sascha dive gave his 2010 ueber-hit >jus groove< a treatment. the new >dub version< is just as catchy as the original and works with full effect
Deep Vibes
out of stock
7.20 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 29.06.11
franck roger is back with mandel turner for a massive summer hit !early djs supports and feedbacks by quentin harris, robert dietz, dennis ferrer, ryan crosson, steve bug, jef k, dj deep, lee curtis, sebo k, nick curly, ralph lawson, sascha dive, jimpster, manoo, tony humphries
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 09.02.11
early djs supports and feedbacks by reboot, dennis ferrer, robert dietz, me, matthew styles, osunlade, ryan crosson, lee curtis, anja schneider, dyed soundorom, jimpster, deetron, dj t, shaun reeves, sebo k, ray okpara, nick curly, quentin harris, danny tenaglia, culoe de song, james priestley, trus me...
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 09.02.11
south africa to paris back to new york... as we toured south africa last year we all came to enjoy a seed coming out of sa named black coffee and what a year it has been for him. the man has taken the music world by storm with his deep vibes and timeless songs that will stand the test of time. we signed this record almost a year to the date and have waited to get the perfect team together that we feel could take on this record. black coffee joins forces with tsepo on vocals to deliver >never saw you coming< a record that has serious written all over it.. on remixes duties the almighty franck roger & dj spinna. we will let the record speak for itself, enjoy this project that is very close to our hearts...
Seasons Limited
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 09.02.11
swirling, melancholic deephouse with a superb live bassline by jimmy deer. wicked, jazzy remix by franck roger.
Chacha Project Recordings
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 16.12.10
real tone throw its sights today on shonky. after his amazing releases on spectral, crosstown rebels or contexterrior, freak n chics muse seduce real tone records with his velour ep and show us a new evidence these two visions merger. franck roger flavours it all with a boiling remix to which only he holds the secret, and that does the trick. if 2010 has seen the house scene reach an undeniable hegemony, 2011 will indisputably mark its zenith. support from josh wink, luciano, jamie jones, delano smith, deetron, sascha dive, reboot, jimpster, sebo k, tony lionni, djulz, mr v, culoe de song, seth troxler
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 27.10.10
support from laurent garnier, sascha dive, reboot, ryan crosson, mr v, rocco, dj gregory, le loup, brothers vibe, djulz, james priestley, ralf gum, alex from tokyo, halo... here comes the new cross-over project from the master of french deep house, mr franck roger! lets go back to the roots of house with him, and when i say house, i mean real, true, phat old school house that comes right from the soul! franck as come up with his most sophisticated work ever, but youll be suprised because its completely spontaneus and elaborated at the same time. the first track is called loosing and believe me you wont get loose on that one, a very chunky and deep new york ride... the second is i wanna say, and franck means it really, its all about the dancefloor, with his futuristic vibe. and then comes heat, and boy you will sweat on that one, this is what we call the perfect definition of house music, between east coast, and west coast. real tone records is proud to start its sixth season with this wicked new project
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 08.09.10
new fresh summer vibes by franck roger!
supported by jimpster, sebo k, stacey pullen, mr v, melon, gummihz, rocco, marlon d, brothers vibe, charles webster, andid, arno e mathieu, tedd pattersonà, ...
Real Tone
out of stock
7.20 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 30.06.10
right in the middle of a summer of love, franck roger singles out the freaknchic dyed soundorom, who gives us his vision of bondage in the already sultry love call. in a chicago and late nights berlin-style, the piece is erotic and will leave you wondering whats next.supported by luciano, matthew dear, ivan smagghe, laurent garnier, deetron, shinedoe, sebo k, quentin harris, anja schneider, dj gregory, djulz, sascha dive, dj spinna, le loup, rocco, ryan crosson, ekkohaus, gummihz, brothers vibe, ralf gum, lee curtis
Real Tone
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 19.05.10
the last franck roger on fr prod before september !
FR Production
out of stock
7.40 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.05.10
desolat 011 is franck roger at his best: raw-edged and stripped-down house tracks for your pleasure.
in stock
8.57 EUR *
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3. vril
4. villalobos
5. winter2021
6. trackmaster dre
7. ricardo villalobos
8. voxnox
9. giegling
10. bicep
11. recommended vinyl boxes
12. drumcode
13. dj koze
14. gabrilele manchino
15. flaws
16. i hate models
17. souper
18. social back
19. los hermanos
20. âìì±ì¶ì¥ìµâãkakaotalk:za32ã
21. captive
22. ê±°ì ë¶ì°ì¶ì¥ìë§ë¶íììì¶ì¥ìµãtalk:za32ãì§ê
23. truncate
24. 747
25. various r06; virtual dreams

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1. winter2021
2. zen261
3. cocoon
4. recommended-classix
5. recommended vinyl boxes
6. bicep
7. exhale
8. moodymann
9. drumcode
10. recommeded-2019-album
11. afterlife
12. all day i dream
13. saturday vinyl
14. kompakt
15. robert hood
16. berg audio
17. charlotte de witte
18. defected
19. villalobos
20. sushitech
21. djoko
22. fjaak
23. solomun
24. vril
25. depeche mode

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