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12" Vinyl UK 24.10.17
earth patterns is a new journey into sound by london based australian born musician ben davidson, best known for his disco tinged house singles as ben sun, that were championed by the likes of gerd janson and larry heard. the earth patterns concept presents a more expanded instrumental sound with live rhythm sequencing and synth work, sitting alongside vangelis katsoulis, lars bartkuhn and soichi terada on alex bradleys utopia records. davidson joins the dots between detroit by way of tokyo techno on sunflower to dream ii science deepness on horus rising and some worldly organic rhythms for a modernist and dare we say it utopian sound on after the rain. the analogue sound from his london studio comes through on the gentle and harmonic b-side opener transit pan perhaps the start of a journey beyond the dance floor for the producer. artwork and liner notes by davidson himself, all pressed by bespoke pressing plant the vinyl factory on heavyweight vinyl.
Utopia Records
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