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12" Vinyl UK 19.09.18
aleksandir is next up for church with a six track mini lp.
in stock
15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.08.18
a year from its inception, artesian sounds proudly presents ars002: a debut ep from emre can swim introducing his unique brand of dubby, atmospheric low-bpm house music.
envisioned as a visit to a distant island, the ep opens with ‘another shake’, greeting you as you come ashore with a warm and tranquil mood. with ‘golfclap’, you venture deeper into the mainland, the rainforest thickens and tribal dance ensues. flip the record and things wind back down with hazy after-hours groover ‘slide in deep’. finally, aleksandir makes it a family affair and joins the expedition with a remix, packed with juno melodies and and rhodes-tinged broken beats.
Artesian Sounds
in stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.06.18
tessellate is back for a second round and this time they are bringing out some heat from turkey via aleksandir. the a side features two club ready tracks, starting with a euphoric and emotional journey by the name of yamaha. following that belgium’s asa moto slow things down and provide a wild and trippy acidic remake of the original.
flip the record over and you’ve got yourself some heavy chillers. dreams is a really dreamy (!) piece of work that is guaranteed to leave you relaxed. friend of tessellate seb wildblood steps up next to do what he does best and provide a lovely remix of the og. finally we close things off with deeptrak, which as the name suggests is a deep track.
out of stock
10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.10.16
luv*jam presents dream house tropicana volumes, dream of tropical palms trees, turtles and waves. blind jacks chief blorper ‘gnork’ hooked l*j up with a secret agent named aleksandir - this very person is here for you now, with his debut record ‘the turtle nipper’. it’s not just an ep, but a mini album of nippiness! get swimming with the turtles on a crest of a wonky wave from istanbul to bristol via terrapenia. limited hand stamped box turtle bonanza.
Blind Jacks Journey
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 13.04.18
following on from the odd pair of sox that was oddsox vol. 1, we have been busy curating our next journey and we have recruited some fine talent to guide us on this ride. we go across the globe, straddle the stratosphere before going on an interstellar adventure. leading the way is switzerlands m44k. gaining a proper reputation online for his sublime edits and lo-fi cuts (last years e-beamz with dj seinfield for example), we have caught m44k on a serious deep exploration with infectious bassline and dreamy pads. we couldnt think of a better way to lift off oddsox vol. 2 than marsone. parisian, larry houl, follows up with algerian flag on the moon. another elbow moving bassline that youll be humming nonstop, and some sumptuous, glorious pads. working closely with flabaire in secret value orchestra and a release on london imprint feelings ldn, larry is absolutely one to look out for! flipping over to the b, let your mind and soul wander with mesta. with a delightful release on blind jacks journey and his own label dropping serious heat from harrison bdp, aleksandir delivers a divine blend of dream house and rough, rugged, rumbling bass. bringing us back down to earth is a man from portland, who is on some serious form. coming to our attention with his release on 100% silk, akasha systems deep and dark astral jam ends the cosmic trip with a bang. support and love from: dabj, dom capello, eclair fifi, peach, trp, red rackem, mark archer, marco bernardi, grant, fabrice lig, derek carr, piff records and more.
Last Copy!
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