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12" Vinyl D 23.07.18
killer wave / post-punk / techno from jensen interceptor on power station.
Power Station
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.02.16
ps006 brings things back to the foggy outskirts of techno somewhere close to s olbrichts praised trancess twelve inch. from the relentless momentum of the futuristic *station crucial* to the sinking cathedral depths of *stare at the word*, plus concrete brutalism of *surrender*, all rely on a steady techno pulse trapped in visceral synth textures crunching their way through vacuum tubes.
Proto Sites
in stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.09.17
for over 40 years orchestre poly rythmo de cotonou has combined traditional beninese music with soul, funk, afrobeat, rhumba and cuban rhythms to create this infectious soundà hailing from benin, west africa, orchestre poly rythmo de cotonou has been churning out incendiary afro grooves since 1966. on bosq meets poly rythmo uptown, bosq tastefully reworks 4 of orchestre poly rythmo s legendary recordings. as a die-hard fan, bosq took a subtle approach to the project. according to him orchestre poly rythmo has been a strong influence on his work and he wanted to be respectful to the original tracks. bosq focused on making the tracks dj friendly by beefing up the low end, rearranging and stretching parts out, and adding in extra percussion and a drum machine. the result is a 4-track ep of bumpy afro disco, psychedelic funk, frenzied afrobeat, and sunny soulful grooves. based in medellin, colombia, bosq has released a collection of music on ubiquity records, soul clap records, fania records, razor-n-tape, and more. since 2015, sol power sound, out of washington, dc has released deep sounds inspired by rhythms and traditions from around the globe. the label s output includes afro-latin stompers, re-edits of lost disco grooves, heady percussive tech workouts, and other sonic treats. four stone-cold classic orchestre poly rythmo de cotonou tracks re-shaped by bosq for the dancefloor today..
Sol Power Sound
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.12.15
having recently played an eight hour set to a sold-out crowd at london’s oval space, the prolific dusky drop a trio of moody club tool tracks on 17 steps as they continue their european autumn/winter tour. a club tool in the most effective sense, lead track ’lydia’ is dark, nagging acid groover that builds and builds throughout its 6 hypnotic minutes. with all the melodic material based around the lydian scale, ‘lydia’ was originally inspired by a bizarre, trippy dream alfie had in which everything was all based on the lydian scale. a homage to classic techno, ‘bitter lake’ is a hard-hitting surge of looping, percussive energy and detroit-nodding rave stabs that build to a hoover-fuelled breakdown release. rounding off the trio, the brilliantly titled and uniquely composed ‘infinite libido’ again explores dusky’s more percussive tendencies and has been a regular feature in their dj sets for the past year.
17 Steps Recordings
out of stock
9.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 29.04.11
label bosses are back in tandem for the sixth release on micropunto: wine ep, which also marks the beginning of micropunto schallplattens vinyl era. wine ep started as a back to back game after a spillage incident. ikkaku and d-gelo started producing two separate tracks in their respective stations and every half hour they swapped seats, building the tracks as they went along. the result is this musical experiment that sets the trend for all things to come from the micropunto clan. they spilled wine on me kicks in with a deep lead stab from the catacombs. the elements appear on the scene in a stride to resurface. it goes up then down, left, rigth, it gets dubby, then back in your face. in i spilled wine the beat unfolds steadily like a bulldozer coming up to the surface in search of the true sound. next we meet the preacher. with a subtle housy piano lead he puts us in the right track, reminding us that the dance floor is made of sand and we are on the rivers bank. listen to the flow. lord techno, you are my music. originally inspired from a dub tune featuring ras ajay from the spaceship sound crew in london,dubwine closes the triangle with a huge dub flare. fat subsonic bass and broad stabs make this track a serious contender on the dub techno charts. its the producers blink of respect to the reggae culture that has inspired them all through the years, hence the vinyl release.
Micropunto Schallplatten
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7.49 EUR
30% Discount
12" Vinyl UK 25.06.09
brand new release on apple pips from upcoming star brackles, one half of funk step outfit brackles & shortstuff, combining influences spanning techno and garage this is the apple pips sound and their pushing things in an interesting direction, both with their music and their stunning artwork. support from appleblim, mary anne hobbs, ramadanman, untold etc.
Apple Pips
in stock
8.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.06.04
a four track slice of breaks soul and new age soundtrack spookiness. already being supported by jerry bouthier with essential record of the week in mixmag update, hitting all the quality dj charts in the top 5.
Bulletproof Sonics
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
cd UK 29.11.10
Lipservice Records
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12.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.02.11
doppelschall is back! the label of brand brauer and frick with another strong forward thinking house release. its paul frick doing a solo with emika and come up with some sweet warm sounding song with a great funky groove and sexy vocals. dollkraut comes up with a more then excellent remix that sounds like dick dale & the del tones doing a house mix... killer track with much pop appeal! akufen goes all deep house with warm chords and laidback vibe.
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
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