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12" Vinyl D 15.10.18
dancing with fireflies from sanderson’s second long player urban mosaic gets the treatment courtesy louis haiman, minimal states and off land. louis once again shows his flare for soulful detroit influenced tech, putting a fwdthought spin on sanderson’s original arrangement. minimal states leaves an equally strong mark with his rich idm techno flavoured rendition. stasis recordings stalwart, off land, reworks just beyond into a gorgeous piece of chill out bliss.
Stasis Recordings
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12" Vinyl NL 12.10.18
limited edition of 150 hand numbered copies with screen printed artwork.
this is what happened when keimpe koldijk (one half of bebe fang) and wouter venema (musician and visual artist) locked themselves up during the summer 2011 in a 14th century church in the village of blessum. this frisian village, in the northern part of holland, consists of less then 100 inhabitants. in this tranquil and withdrawn environment the musicians recorded their improvisations on the church organ (which is the second oldest in europe)... accompanied with subtle electronics and a few other instruments... the result is a stunning experience of free spirited music ... meditative soundscapes, lo-fi ambient music and drones including accidental recorded sounds of the surroundings during the sessions... all of this has a charming lo-tech and -live- feeling which only enhances the listening experience... turn off the lights, light a candle (or a few), lie down and let go.
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12" Vinyl UK 12.10.18
debut lp from safa pressed on 180g 12- in a ltd edition of 300 copies w/ inlay artwork by maria kassab & text by judy of seas on modular mind. sonic venture into the complexity of physical spaces and human interactions.
Modular Mind
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2x12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
through the cortex sees fixmer gravitating toward a different kind of industrial-tinged electronics, led as much (or more) by analogue sequencers, melodies and ultra-saturated sounds of synthesizers than drums and percussion
Ostgut LP 30
Ostgut Ton
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12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
third release of studio mule’s new project with miyako koda aka dip in the pool. following the cover versions of ohnuki taeko’s carnaval & mariah’s shinzo no tobira, we made the new version of japanese pop ambient classic “face to face by yumi murata”. extended edit on a side is full of the respect for the original version and ambient version on b side is simply emotional. the first album of studio mule is coming in the beg of next year. stay tuned.
Studio Mule 9
Studio Mule
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12" Vinyl D 12.10.18
the debut release of uk dj duo “secretsundaze” on mule musiq. james priestley&giles smith delivered two modern deep house versions and one melodic ambient version. it’s all-round for house music lover.
Mule Musiq 230
Mule Musiq
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A (LP)
12" Vinyl lp UK 11.10.18
hekla’s music exists singularly. a one-off talent, emerging from no particular scene, ascribing to no particular rules.
as a creative tool, the theremin - bizarre, unique, and rarely heard - can be expressive, intuitive and highly adaptable. in hekla’s hands, her instrument covers an enormous range, from skittering birdsong of high frequency chirrups and chirps, to grinding, tectonic sub-bass. we are given the throbbing, apocalyptic dread of muddle and the baroque beauty of traditional icelandic hymn “heyr himna smi&#8706,,ur” in sequential tracks on the album’s a-side. appropriately, she also writes that the album title - Á - is similarly multifaceted in her native icelandic: “a river is an á and also it means ouch like when you hurt yourself, and also when you put something on top of something you put it á (on) something.”
Phantom Limb
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12" Vinyl UK 11.10.18
certain feelings, visions, and sounds recur to us as if in dreams. flashes of recall, hints of remembrance, suggestions of what could have been, or what may yet still be. a spark — a glimpse — a glimmer. we gaze into the abyss, fearless, the abyss gazes back, familiar. cognition — recursion — immanence.
left hand path presents the second full-length lp, idol collapse, from forests &#26862,&#26519,. written by jon du, kuo-hung tseng, and zun long in taipei, taiwan. eight songs in 36 minutes that unfurl like a flower and expand like a mushroom cloud, designed for utter osmosis and total absorption. the helix twists, the loop is closed. the cycle begins anew.
mastered by mark pistel at room 5 studios, san francisco, california. produced in a deluxe gatefold vinyl edition with artwork by wang yu and design, layout by nathan rickard and allen chiu.
Left Hand Path
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12" Vinyl UK 11.10.18
index:records is moonstruck to announce the 12” release dorsal, by berlin based artist, vase. dorsal is a genre bending output that combines the carefully layered sound of ambience with rhythmic ingenuity. the tracks aviolet and kinto balance in the eclectic techno realm with a nod to a time when idm was taking form. the organic grooves on the ep suit many settings, from big industrial spaces to soft forest beds.
INDEX: Records
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12" Vinyl NL 11.10.18
seven years down the line and tamed musiq is proud to present its first-ever album release: ,,upstream color- by iron curtis.
Tamed Musiq
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12" Vinyl NL 11.10.18
are you vogue enough? after contributing her mesmerizing lyrics to sinfols crystalline , barbara ford now debuts on anagram with her first solo ep titled sound of the siren. from her tense storytelling on the title track, brilliant contrasting elements on fashion week and fast paced power grooves on treason and amotan, barbara makes it very clear why she made herself a part of the anagram family with this stellar contribution to the dutch labels discography.
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12" Vinyl UK 11.10.18
houses in motion returns after a short hiatus with him005. a five track solo mission from him’s newest family member and melbourne mainstay, ryan berkeley. ushering you down the glistening nebulas of the milky way, smack bang into the middle of his much-anticipated first ep.
Houses In Motion
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12" Vinyl lp D 11.10.18
after a seven year hiatus, sam grawe aka hatchback returns with his third album for lo recordings, ‘year of the dragon’. the final installment in his ‘california cosmic sound series trilogy, following ‘colors of the sun’ and ‘zeus & apollo’, ‘year of the dragon’ continues grawe’s personal exploration of the vast horizons of electronica, prog-rock, balearic rhythms and new age atmospheres.
the vinyl lp is housed in a gatefold sleeve and includes a code for free download of the full album with 2 bonus tracks.
Lo Recordings
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coloured 12" Vinyl US 10.10.18
limited 2018 repress on smoke blue vinyl.
on the heels of his critically acclaimed debut full-length >bad vibes<, shlohmo embarks deeper into darker realms on his latest venture self-described as night time backyard noises, >vacation< builds on the aesthetic shlohmo established with mixes for fact and fader, in which broken cassette tapes and warped found sounds melded into melodic beats packed with veiled emotion and latent mystery. from >the way u do< verges on r&b pop, to the enigmatic >wen uuu<, which simultaneously pulls at the heartstrings with a quavering vocal sample while churning forward in a passionate, indisputable groove, and the pastoral >rained the whole time<, which takes cues from the ubiquitous burial, this is a poignant set of originals. a stellar cast of remixers: nicholas jaar, teebs, airhead, salva and groundislava, contribute to take >vacation< to the next level.
Friends Of Friends
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 10.10.18
limited edition of 300 copies on transparent green vinyl with download code included.
italian sound artist giulio aldinucci drops his 2nd album on karl: “disappearing in a mirror” is again a truly masterfully composed and sound-designed ambient masterpiece and a more than worthy follow-up to the critically acclaimed “borders and ruins” which made it onto several year’s best lists for 2017.
Karl Records
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12" Vinyl UK 10.10.18
falk records will be releasing ‘spaces’ from icelandic experimental producer aaiieenn this august. aaiieenn is the solo project of electronic musician hallmar gauti halldórsson. halldórsson first came to music though being a mover and shaker in iceland’s punk and hardcore scene where he was the “harsh noise guy” with local band distill the world. with aaiieenn however, halldórsson moved away from the guitars and screaming to a fully electronic world of experimental synth music and gorging on the mathematical possibilities and expanses of arpeggio/sequencer driven ambient music. ‘calab-yau’ and ‘continuous property 1’ drip shards of pure crystalline sound into deep crevasses as harmonic droplets ping of gleaming surfaces coated with spongiform bass. the light and effervescent ‘euclidean’ evokes classic ambient works aphex twin, while ‘manifold’ is more direct with a muscular and sturdy bassline. spaces closes with the fluttering and lush ambient sounds of ‘zariksi’ that are carried into the skies by a pulsing and gliding techno beat.
FALK1A/14 03/14/00-12D
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 10.10.18
auf ihrem zweiten gemeinsamen album -imagori ii- zeigen hans-joachim roedelius (harmonia, cluster) und christoph h. müller (gotan project) neue facetten ihrer zusammenarbeit. die zwölf stücke pendeln zwischen zartheit und scharfen kanten, zwischen science fiction und garten eden, lassen organische klangkörper aufkommen, die sich wieder fragmentieren, erschaffen stimmungen zwischen melancholie und euphorie, stets begleitet von jenem filmischen pathos roedelius , der ohne große gesten auskommt und vielmehr die grenzen des minimalismus auslotet. auffällig oft kommt dabei auch sprache zum einsatz, so zum beispiel in der ersten single -fractured being-, der miss kenichi alias katrin hahner ihre stimme leiht.
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2x12" Vinyl UK 10.10.18
rq’s debut lp for blu mar ten music, ‘solid ground’, occupies a darkly dreamlike hinterland, located somewhere between the retro-futurism of photek and alice coltrane’s jazz psychedelia. fragmented, distant beats, rippling modal patterns and restrained astral basslines provide rhythmic and harmonic anchors to a constellation of timbres and textures.
Blu Mar Ten Music
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