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12" Vinyl UK 26.11.18
mixture of jazz, house, broken beat and hip hop
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12" Vinyl UK 19.03.18
long time friend of the label, neue grafik, steps forth with his most fully realised offering to date. this record has been a long time coming, born out of a encounter in paris back in 2016. this meeting of minds led to a blossoming friendship between fred ( neue grafik) and bradley ( rs intl) which has taken them across 3 continents, countless dance-floors and finally crystallised onto this 12-. the record itself takes cues from the broken-beat sound of london while paying homage to the parisian house dance scene. largely sample based, but also employing much more live instrumentation than ever before, neue grafik s music is informed by movement and in turn offers so much for dancers to respond to.
Rhythm Section International
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12.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.04.17
since it’s inception in 2013, 22a has continued to showcase emerging, underground uk talent. having initially focused their output around a core group of south london producers - such as mo kolours, al dobson jr and founder tenderlonious - the label has now reached beyond the channel for its latest release. following hot on the heels of tenderlonious’s “on flute” mini album, 22a introduces us to a new extended family member, neue grafik.
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.12.16
wolf music is delighted to announce an exciting new addition to its label roster, neue grafik. with previous releases on esteemed labels such as beat x changers, slime recordings and s3a records, french producer and dj, fred bwelle aka neue grafik, has quickly risen as one of the most promising acts to come out of the new french electronic scene.
Wolf Music
in stock
10.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 01.07.16
this ep is the second part of a trilogy that neue grafik began with -pris- on the label beat x changers. the next and last ep of the series coming up on this label will be -the end of the replicant stories-. for the moment, are out :­ pris (a basic pleasure model) ­ roy (nexus 6 who killed is creator) like roy, batty said to himself: -it s not an easy thing to meet your maker-. the music on this ep is about anger, acceptation, love and complicated relationships with fathers. there is a lot of references to african roots, legends and to neue grafik s deep feelings for the city of paris.
Beat X Changers
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 15.01.15
for the second release of s3a records, s3a chose the most talented parisian new blooded artist nowadays: neue grafik ! he has jazz, funk and hiphop roots and his house music sweats all of these influences. this ep goes from “great sample based house musi”c to “saxophone played bridges” passing by delicious piano interludes witch can demonstrate all breadth of his talent. a release made to last for years with a classy delightful efficiency.
Sampling As An Art
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 22.05.14
on that artwork, neue grafik deviates from its grime, garage usual universes. haunted by paris and by its wits, he offers us an ep more house, more dancing, in a more intimate and personified approach.
Beat X Changers
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 20.10.17
for his third release, vertv returns by presenting the first ep of the new icône serie that focus on showcasing local talents and friends from the label s circle, the songs are put together in order to create a coherent yet versatile dj friendly eps that can be as much appreciated as a whole than separately.built as a crescendo, icône 1 is a great summary of the label interests from jazz (rafiki s la fourche), urban melancolia (monomite s city life), deep funkyness (label s cofounder neue grafik & lieu saint are making their first appearance on vertv here with moutons electriques and sale paradis) to spontaneous straighter-to-the-face lo-fiesque house killers (mad rey s travail de porc). icone #1 is a great panomara of what you could expect from the people from vertv.
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 24.05.16
paris-based beat x changers brings up to you a new record with a collaborative project in the shape of classic cuts.our new release introduces two new french artists brought together on a split ep: tell from paris and name from the sunny avignon city, both of them backed- up by exclusive remixes from three of our historical beat x producers: neue grafik and pulkone (aka x_1 & monomite). on the a-side, discover tell - a 20-year old jazz drummer - who releases two soulful and melodic tracks. you’ll recognize the heat of the mpc grain, obsessing samples and uplifting breaks. on the b-side, southern producer name offers a disco-like and funky house music via two dancing tracks with a clear reference to the clubbing universe of new york and chicago. this activist dj and experimented producer – he is an ableton teacher on the side – gained recognition in the south of france music scene in the last decade and reached the ears of producer kink.grand Écart (i.e. wide gap or split) recalls the time it took to release this ep. it’s also a geographical gap, a gap between the ideas of the five artists brought together on this release, a gap between our expectations and the reality of some passed – or cancelled – venues in paris. we have always believed in this project and in our flexibility!
Beat X Changers
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
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