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12" NL 07.06.21
mastered by enrico mercaldi
Offen 018
Offen Music
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
7" UK 16.02.15
brand new (and also the last one) treat in the the very polish cut-outs 7inch series, usually devoted to quirkier and weirder tracks than the much acclaimed 12inch samplers.
The Very Polish Cut-Outs
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" UK 13.11.17
no matter where the winds may blow, what storms may come or what pirates will do, the transatlantyk ship is still sailing. navigated for the last three years by zambon out of berlin, ultimately avoiding the shallow waters of the generic and constantly patrolling the seas in search of exciting sounds. after all that sailing the label just had to replenish its ranks with some fresh faces - those still capable of voyaging into the unknown. joining the crew is a young gun tamten, who by day serves as a vinyl pusher in warsaw s finest side one record store. what he does by night is not the matter of this short text, but we are sure he does a lot of it. hence his love for all things distant - from subaquatic pads and floating riffs, to new-age-y siren voices, otherworldly effects and percussion drenched in reverb. there is a lot of similarly distant, sun-bleached material on this five tracker, full of a druggy and hippy balearic feel. beautiful ambient jam przebudzenie is the stand out track, but znaki czasu is equally as good with its simple, yet memorable melody, reminding of dawns and sunsets on some god forsaken beach. sultry deepness of nieznajoma is followed by enchanting digital exotica of wyrocznia and wavey trip-hop cut po burzy . overall its one of the strongest eps that transatlantyk managed to co-opt into its growing catalogue. definitely one for the dreamers.
in stock
10.67 EUR *
12" UK 09.07.15
mr zambons (of the very polish cut-outs fame) side label transatlantyk has made quite an impact across a handful of releases this is their debut artist album, and who better to represent the free-wheeling spirit of their ethos than fellow polish pals, ptaki.
Transatlantyk /TRNS001LP

also available as:
out of stock
15.59 EUR *
12" UK 18.05.15
one modest man known as das komplex has been steadily producing music for almost a decade now in his quiet hometown of koszalin in western pomerania region of poland. it could have stayed like this if not for maciek sienkiewicz (veteran dj and promoter, one of the pioneers of polish electronic music scene), who picked some tunes for his new label fasrat. as the artist himself prefers to stay out of the spotlight, let the music speak for itself: from sun-drenched, guitar-driven like a fish (remixes coming from some key players in modern disco/balearic scene), through futuristic disco of -narkoleptyczni troche- and hazy deepness of nowadays, towards epic, over 13 minutes long, jazzy, dreamy, but no less energetic -siren-. elegant, original, infectious grooves for club play and home listening alike. limited edition with cover art by acclaimed contemporary painter aleksandra waliszewska
Father & Son Records & Tapes
out of stock
10.71 EUR *
12" UK 30.04.13
after storming the charts in 2012 with mysterious 7 inch championed by todd terje & many others, zambon & kapsa - the guys from the very polish cut outs are back with more goods! following the successful debut, they bring us a delicious 12 inch release with 4 amazing edits based on obscure polish records from the 80s. a side is curated by ptaki, a mysterious duo hailing from warsaw. ptaki (which means birds in polish) fly high and want to keep their true identity under the radar. nevertheless, they serve two amazing cuts here, both based on obscure polish jazzfunk. krystyna is the choice cut, with its infectious vocal hook and irresistible groove. marek is a piece of wonderful balearic slow house with rich rhythm and crazy synth action in the middle. b side comes from maciek sienkiewicz, one of the finest purveyors of balearic grooves in poland. two tracks served here wouldnt sound out of place in alfredos set. song for mohindar is the lead track, with its ethereal new-age atmospherics and exotic instrumentation. syntetyczna kobieta lux is an electronic burner that you may (or may not) know from last years tvpc beats in space show.
The Very Polish Cut-Outs
out of stock
12.18 EUR *
12" 04.04.07
the second release on the 3 channels label comes with new tracks by one of the most promising polish producers, slg (trapez)!! incl remixes by jacek sienkiewicz (recognition, cocoon) and mike shannon (wagon repair)
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
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