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10" Vinyl NL 12.04.18
kodiak bachine is a multidisciplinary artist and one of the truly pioneers of electronic music in brazil. he first formed in 1980 the legendary band agentss considered to be the very first brazilian electronic group. in 1982 he composed and recorded -eletricidade- with the use of a minimoog model d. moog liberation. crumar string ensemble and vocoder. this track could be considered as the first techno-pop in brazil. it was also used on a video-art awarded by different festivals. -espirito das maquinas- is a re-version created the same year.
Mecanica Records
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12" Vinyl lp NL 02.02.18
this split lp compiles the output of two closely related bands from. as suggested by the title. the hot. humid and (at the time) socially isolated city of brisbane. australia – an unlikely location for synth-pop and new wave music during the 1980s. prod & the moonbaby were a high school duo experimenting with tape loops. cheap electronics and primitive sampling.. the result is certainly lo-fi. light-hearted and naive. but also charming and the music belies the young age of the musicians. ash in october was in many ways a logical progression of prod & the moonbaby and shared some of the same personnel. but also added some new wave influence through extra instrumentation and more serious. considered lyrics. most of these tracks have never been heard before outside a handful of self-distributed tapes and this compilation was compiled over several years by the artists in collaboration with hysteric and nick mariano (crispy nuggets).
Mothball Record
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12" Vinyl NL 21.12.17
dalmata daniel continue with their inspired pairing of sonics and personalities on their seventh release (1st part of their split series) to date courtesy of dutch producer betonkust and budapest-based hardware techno fiend Új bála. as much as both differ in their geographical roots – holland and hungary. respectively. at first glance (or listen). their sound also ventures into different sonic territories. 1080p and pinkman-affiliate betonkust delivers vintage-tinged electronics – most prominently on his -ferenc s escape- – while Új bála digs deeper into the basement and unravels his analogue acid and badass beats. his -the piggy-bank deal- even touches upon oriental flavours. on the other hand. the music on this ep is buoyant and joyful. a welcome antidote to the gloom and doom that s not only been prevalent in the world around us. but also in too much music of the last few years.
Dalmata Daniel
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12" Vinyl D 15.12.17
blind delon debuted back in 2016 with -edouard ep-. after a sold out and a lot of love and great acceptance of specialized press the french duo presents 4 new remixes of the main track -edouard- signed by kareem. synths versus me. i hate models and violet poison. -edouard remixed- will be presented on 12&#8243. ep format and produced in a one-off truly limited edition of 300 copies lacquered pressed on 180 gr. high quality solid black vinyl. all tracks have been specially mastered and remastered for long cut vinyl by eric van wonterghem.
Oraculo Records
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12" Vinyl D 15.12.17
the dark side mixes is a compilation of new official mixes by dj dark side (marcelo carreira) of 4 cold and post-punk super classics. including venerated cuts by eleven pond. silence gift. mecano and parade ground remixed and remastered for this occasion.... it arrives presented on 12&#8243.. ep format and produced in a one-off truly limited edition of 300 copies lacquered pressed on 180 gr. high quality solid black vinyl. all tracks have been specially remastered for long cut vinyl by eric van wonterghem.
Oraculo Records
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12" Vinyl D 07.12.17
it s with two kisses and a hearty handshake that bordello a parigi welcome stalwart of electronic music: mr pauli. schooled on the west coast. this pivotal figure has worked extensively with likeminded visionaries to create iconic tracks as the novamen. matzo & pauli and sumerian fleet whilst producing his own unique works on labels like moustache and viewlexx. after such successes pauli returns as a solo producer. delivering to the bordello mansion two tracks of pure class. -at night- is big. bright and brilliant. hooks grip as soon as the needle lands. vintage vocoder lyrics. a particular favourite of this trailblazer. tell a tale of twilight romance while crisp beats snap and notes sail. the flip keeps the fires burning. synthlines are soaked in mediterranean sunshine. an italo disco influence coming to the fore. with lovelorn vocals used to balance this cheer-filled creation. golden sounds from a true pioneer.
Bordello A Parigi
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.17
can you believe that in former yugoslavia existed some people who were making edits and remixes without using midi or pc? can you believe these same people were making their original synth pop stuff under the influence of yellow magic orchestra and logic system? yes. it is true. these were zoran jevtic and zoran vracevic. the pioneers of electronic music in former yugoslavia. with groups sizike and the master scratch band they brought minimal electronic and breakbeat to their former country. however. with their original band from 1981 called data they created the most thrilling electronic. you can find their finest works in data-could you find your analog mind? issued by belgrade s discom. it is lp compilation with 12 previously unreleased by group data made between 1981 and 1984. it contains the first ever remixes made in former yugoslavia and obscure synth pop made under the influence of japanese scene ! transparent blue vinyl. 80 s cover design. list of equipment ... analog addicts and crate diggers don t miss this beauty!
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12" Vinyl lp NL 07.11.17
ntroducing mr. eff. part myth. part man. dragging by the arm to safety through digital swamps and haunted houses. the parallel stands as a singular vision of miltonian proportions. small vignettes and passing scenes give way to grandiose and beautiful moments. from the wave-sleaze of midnight predator to the pre-credits suicide-tribute of h e a r t t h r o b. the parallel works as much for drive time as it does for drifting off to a far off land that is both wonderful and strange. not to be ignored. art by eric. a lee.
Giallo Disco
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2x12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
italoconnection. italo legend federico di bonaventura aka fred ventura with sound specialist paolo gozzetti. after years of collaborations. remixes and productions comes the first real album from this duo. following voyage. this hit squad are linking up with a spread of extraordinary talent for an album that explores a cityscape of variety. from the avenues of synth pop and plazas of space disco. the boulevards of italo to new wave skyscrapers: metropoli. the beautiful tones of francesca gastaldi feature prominently on this brand new album. tones which marry perfectly with addictive synthlines. of course. mr ventura is at the lp s core. an artist who continues to define italo disco with his unmistakable presence. style and voice. lyrical partnerships are pivotal across the eleven tracks. old friends and new have come together. meeting against a backdrop of radiant keys. clean-shaven beats and deep pads. alessandra contini of il genio. martin blix of italove and italo godfather francesco rago (of lectric workers. decadance. expansives. and wanexa fame) all lend their unique attitudes. experiences and voices for some incredibly special music. italoconnection s most daring and dynamic release to date. metropoli is the summary of all fred ventura and paolo gozzetti experiences. it is their electronic music manifesto. a manifesto with an european vision. a sound journey with an unknown destination. an album that will open vistas and visions of italo past. present and future. music of vintage class with a modern and cosmopolitan allure: metropoli.
Bordello A Parigi
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12" Vinyl D 19.10.17
wldv returns to giallo disco with their unique brand of zombified splat-alo. four brand new tracks from the basque dj and producer taking in certified doom and club bangers alike. the decayed remnants of old churches. of countless unofficial dawn of the dead sequels. gore. disco pow(d)er. summer dresses soaked in blood. stop screaming. grab the fire axe baby! art by eric a. lee.
Giallo Disco
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12" Vinyl NL 19.10.17
fashion flesh is the solo-output moniker of john talaga. based in bay city. usa. whose music first came to our attention back in 2016 with the release of an excellent 7-inch on detroit s est. 83 records. he should have been in the radiophonic workshop. but he was in the wrong place. wrong decade. instead. withdrawn comes as his first full-length album and makes up for the perfect introduction to talaga s synthesis of original and plasticized melodic collages. birthed from the guts of hand built exotic electronics and various audio devices — built from one s own design and heavily modified beyond audible recognition or return. from torn memories of pleasant dreams to plasticine free jazz sculptures. wavey electro cuts squealing like rubber tyres and pop hallucinations. fashion flesh highlights the beauty of confusion and anxiety throughout the breathing and illusive meanderings of his tape manipulations and hard copy cut-ups.
Unknown Precept
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12" Vinyl lp NL 12.10.17
on his new album. i have what i gave. italian musician bottin outdoes himself. he crafts propulsive. disco-laden scores for films not yet made. and introspective. mind-expanding cuts designed to ensure that people who want to dance never get caught up in conventional experiences. each moment with bottin is a memorable one.
2MR 026LP
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2x12" Vinyl D 12.10.17
astro chicken label boss hyboid delivers his nod to the 80s-centric synthwave craze. from catchy to new romantic. from stomping to sleazy. -wired at heart- has it all: vintage drummachine beats. bubbling sequences. dreamy analog pads and sizzling synth leads. -hyboid s wired at heart- is a synth-nerd s wet dream cast in vinyl!
Astro Chicken
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12" Vinyl + 7" Vinyl D 12.10.17
a complex web – the story of dive position and the shining path ... began in 1982 when peter miller (aka dr. william s ray – vocals. tapes. guitar) met andrew millar (aka maurice spectograph the nose-y pieman – program execution) in gold coast. australia. while sharing a similar taste in music. they decided to form a band. so dive position was born. equipped with a korg synthesiser and tascam 4-track recorder. they -wanted to have the sound of kraftwerk. the groove of can. and the menace of throbbing gristle-. ending up with -a cross of suicide and the residents-. as peter recalls. in a local record shop they met stig andre leonardson (aka vincent blackshadow). who joined the duo on percussion and drum machine programming. their motto was -now is then-. dive position then became the fatal charm around 1984. and the fatal charm became the shining path who eventually released their only album -basic training manual- in an edition of only 250 copies. most probably in 1986. the band then started to drift apart. and shortly after andrew sadly passed away – this compilation -now is then- comprised of previously unreleased dive position and the shining path material is dedicated to his memory.
Anna Logue Records
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12" Vinyl NL 18.09.17
this promo album only send to radio and tv in 1980 is now regarded as one of the best cosmic library lp of this period. from the disco tinged of test and spot to the ambient and kosmische landscapes of spectre or synchronisme you can easily see why.
Camisole Records
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12" Vinyl lp D 18.09.17
...and in the end. not a great deal is known about the spanish duo futuro. the saga begins with the discovery of a cache of test pressings deep within the shelves of a very dusty record shop near the plaza del toros de valencia. as is the case with these things there was no promo sheet or any other information outside of three clues etched into the run-out groove: futuro. jollyman. mcmlxxxvii. through deduction and reasoning it was soon realised that jollyman was a short lived italian record label that closed it s doors in 1987. there were rumours for a while that jollyman was a mafia wedding gift to a music enthused female family member. but as the journey continued it became slightly more likely that this was a tax write-off for it s owners. as the label itself was never very successful. and was more likely an afterthought rather than a full on passion project. that is not to say that there were not gems hidden within it s small catalogue. most notably from noted library musician. composer and arranger alessandro signoretti. without whose help this release would not be presently in front of you. alessandro s assistance led us to the infamous hafenklang studio in hamburg. germany. the very same studio used by boytronic to record their classic lp the continental (some of the same dx presets can easily be heard on both albums) and despite the insane amounts of musicians that have passed through those doors the owner clearly remembered the duo and finally the mysterious futuro had names: javier c rayón and raúl láynez.

too late for the italo boom. and too early for the sonido de valencia craze. the recordings of futuro have sat on master tapes since 1987 finally awaiting their much deserved audience. bordello a parigi are more than proud to present this lost late slow-mo synthesizer italo masterpiece onto the world.
Bordello A Parigi
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12" Vinyl D 11.09.17
mothball record presents the first collaboration between hysteric (public possession. fuego international. bordello a parigi) and the prolific shelter (from plaisir partagé and international feel). who are now working together as h&s. both known for their edit skills and obscure taste. they now bring us dark balearic versions of two underground italo killers. with strong new beat influences. and two versions of each track for added flexibility. this record can fit easily in different sets. limited 300 copies with slick 80s design.
Mohtball Record
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12" Vinyl NL 06.09.17
nep was a loose multimedia collective formed in 1982 zagreb. ex-yugoslavia. the founder dejan krsic collaborated with various artists in a quest of re-thinking the stale concepts of art history. position of the author and the barriers between pop and elitist high culture. heavily influenced by walter benjamin and andy warhol in theory and brian eno and kraftwerk in music. krsic created nep as an umbrella term (meaning nova evropa) of diverse rule-breaking activities. covering graphic design. music. photography. video. news-media and theoretical work.
Fox His Friends
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12" Vinyl lp D 01.08.17
casino shanghai was a -techno-pop- band started in the mid-80s in mexico city. they released their debut and only album -film- in december of 1985. an album considered today as cult status. casino shanghai were part of a great cultural change in mexico and its music scene. the band made various controversial appearances on tv when a band without a drummer or guitarist was unheard of. all members had been in different notorious bands in the local scene. ulalume was the lead singer of the casuals (punk-new wave) and denseundergrowth (avant-garde). carlos robledo and walter schmidt were part of size (post-punk) and have been playing together for many years in decibel (experimental). humberto alvarez played with mcc (prog rock) and is currently a well-known musician and multi-instrumentist. before the band split-up they recorded two last songs in 1986. -le tombeau d edgar poe- and -l action minimal-. as part of an unreleased solo ep for ulalume. these tracks were edited in 2014 on 12&#8243... by mannequin records together with a remix by in aeternam vale. the music of casino shanghai was also used for the soundtrack of some mexican films. -crónicas de familia- directed by diego lópez and nominated for the ariel award for best original soundtrack in 1986. and -juana la cantinera- directed by josé loza. -film- has been restored and remastered for this new edition including all original tracks plus two bonus: -le tombeau d edgar poe (haunted version)- and -cuerpos huecos- (spanish version of -hollow bodies- available only on a promotional 7&#8243...). limited to 350 copies on white vinyl with a new artwork and printed inner sleeve with photos and song lyrics.
Mecanica Records
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12" Vinyl D 01.08.17
minimal signals” is the most succesful and valued v.a. serie of the label to date and is here again but this time released on dark men records to make it more affordable. this chapter is another radiography of the most relevant and surprising actual minimal projects out there. including tracks by i tpame i tvrame. wicked crafts. adam tristar. we are not brothers and ferdinand cärclash. all tracks has been remastered by eric van wonterghem at prodam studio (berlin).
Oraculo Records
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 20.06.17
the acclaimed debut of the dutch band the father and the sun is finally pressed on vinyl. compared by many to future islands or the national. the young band has shacked the indie scene on the center of europe with “remember”. a perfect blend of synthpop and indie rock / post-punk surrounded with classic pop vocals . mindblowing guitar and bass lines and evocative synth touches. no doubt about we are in front of one of the most interesting records of the year. all tracks remastered specially for vinyl by eric van wonterghem at prodam studio (berlin).
Oraculo Records
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12" Vinyl lp D 09.06.17
vandalaze is the solo project of the californian cory you. obsessed with video games. alternative retro sci-fi and 80’s californian aesthetics. his music is of a one-off and impossible to tag style. samplers and old rompler drum machines combined with funk. ebm. electro or 80’s house creating a mesmerizing avantgarde result. it arrives on ultra limited and ultra deluxe edition. including printed innersleeve with pictures of cory himslef on his daily life. certainly this is not a record for everyone. is a step forward for visionaire minds. a rule breaker sure classic for 2030. all tracks remastered specially for vinyl by eric van wonterghem at prodam studio (berlin).
Oraculo Records
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2x12" Vinyl D 09.06.17
a very expected release is finally unveiled. cold colors new ep “leave this world behind”. this one-man project is without any kind of doubt one of the leading synthwave acts of france. frédérick barbe proved himself as a truly master into create hypnotic soundscapes on his fully analog recordings. “leave this world behind” represents his fourth ep and again shows us what “minimal melodic synth“ music should be. perfect bass sequences. clear drum stems and that catchy cold colors pads. all tracks mastered and remastered specially for vinyl by eric van wonterghem at prodam studio (berlin).
Oraculo Records
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12" Vinyl D 30.11.15
heiko laux album tracks gets proper remixes by luis flores and ray kajioka. some serious techno here.
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