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COOPS VOL. 2 (2X12)
12" Vinyl D 02.03.18
following on from co-ops vol. 1 (counter004), counterchange continues the various artist series with an 8 track, double vinyl edition for its tenth release. joining the dots between a network of producers all pushing boundaries in their respective fields, label curator inland (aka ed davenport) invited boddika (nonplus), cassegrain & tin man (killekill, infrastructure new york), distant echoes (dystopian), pharaoh & yogg (the block tel aviv residents, parallax), patrik skoog (sample & hold, headroom) and bnjmn (tresor, tiercel) to all submit new music.
the result is a heavyweight, diverse trip through modern techno, presented in a hand printed sleeve featuring artwork by carina wittmann, limited to 200 copies.
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12" Vinyl D 30.06.17
ed davenport continues his full-spectrum techno experiments as inland with an elegant new ep on counterchange entitled coriolis. the title track coriolis is a moody 10 minute voyage with a morphing synth array at its core - bright, detuned stabs are layered upon tough rhythmic foundations. the jagged metallic lead builds, unearthing harmonic bleep accents and syncopated fx swells, before folding in on itself leaving the effective tribal drum section to ride on. d10d3 plows forward with an urgent staccato sequence, segueing into italo-horror filter sweeps and noise-laden moments of drama. finally tsereteli is a more reduced modern dub study, continuing ed s long running fascination with tranced-out time stretching and after-hours vibes. the 9th release on the label, the record features cover art by uk artist guy archard and is pressed on 180g vinyl.
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12" Vinyl D 18.11.16
bnjmn s exceptional back catalogue, straddling gorgeous synth-laden house, experimental techno and textural ambient diversions, spans 2 lps on key dutch labels rush hour, and numerous eps for delsin, alongside 12 s on his own brack imprint. the prolific british producer now follows up his recent ‘droid single on delsin, which featured remixes from close colleagues cassegrain and ed davenport s inland alter-ego.
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