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12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
man power returned to his northern home for one last waltz. this is their joint offering for the esp institute. on side a, man power welcomes us with tistish, stepping slightly out of his comfort zone and employing a boxy breakbeat to create a dose movement. this contrasts his signature fatty bassline and together they establish a ground on which to stack layers of atonal square and sawtooth waves. about halfway through he introduces a massively seductive string lead and for the remainder of the ride this palette of sounds coalesce in dark orchestral beauty. on side b, man power’s cohorts last waltz deliver nee shitteru, a true stomper of a track complete with in-your-face toms and off-time percussion patterns, an intense driving acid line, and aggressive shamanic chanting. throw in some crash cymbals, sci-fi sound effects and a smattering of gamelan and it amounts to an overwhelmingly chaotic and psychedelic trip. these two songs will have you speaking in tongues.
ESP Institute
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12" Vinyl UK 15.12.16
the first release on man powers me me me saw fact mag travel to mexico to get inside the head of the geordieman in mexico. next up for the label is a comeback record from last waltz, the trio with which man power first ever released, featuring three new, original tracks, and a remix from the first ever recorded collaboration of tel aviv’s red axes (im a cliche) & naduve (disco halal).
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 21.10.14
bastedos returns with more signature weirdo disco not disco (but disco) cut-up cuts. this time the painstaking editing comes from a.m., last waltz, and bastedos themselves. side a brings us sit on this, a rolling, chugging, clapping, marimbaing, disco workout in the vein of material, which pulls you along through a peaky peak time vocal, a sexed up guitar break, and some chopped-up chanting, all the way to its inevitable hands in the air piano finale.
DB 07
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12" Vinyl UK 17.04.14
latest iib release features the north easts version of csn last waltz. a double header, the first track just hold on is a collaboration between last waltz & smoove. heartfelt vocals over a pastoral rolling chugger, deep bassline folky guitar strumming making this a favourite at iib hq. on the remix ess o ess raise the tempo a little bring out the electric guitars and increasing the chug to almost krautrock levels. on the flip side last waltz give us tribute. a deep atmospheric acid affair. mellow electric keys and percussion lull you into a false sense of security before the heavy kick and acid bassline drop with dark cello notes. machete savane take on the remix. replacing acid for guitar and adding some machine groove this slowly builds and builds into a top bubbler.
IIB 034
Is It Balearic
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12" Vinyl UK 22.07.13
after appearances in the last 12 months across world unknown, lets play house, endless flight and futureboogie, geordie trouble starters last waltz add tusk wax to their canon of labels with the first of two releases. the usual hand stamped, individually numbered, weighty 180g vinyl factors are present and correct yet there is still room for the concluding chapter in the sleeve. the thrusting, lusting glamour things isnt shy, pairing motorboat arpeggios with satisfyingly weighty drums, whilst the detuned tipping the gulf tumbles along with a certain lopsided glee. an accompanying jamie blanco remix ramps up the originals lead synths with decidedly epic cosmic results, whilst beholden (part 1) sees last waltz play with the work of foals in calming, cosmiche fashion.
Tusk Wax
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TUSK WAX 11 - 180G
12" Vinyl, 180 gr UK 02.07.13
180g pressing , 12 inch vinyl records, single press, hand stamped, no digital. first part of a double bagger from last waltz
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12" Vinyl UK 17.07.12
as if futureboogie would leave you without a fix for long, the bristol imprint is back with another new signing for their tenth release, djs and musical magicians last waltz. their debut release trinket is a thrilling cosmic ride featuring a remix from london party dynamos bad passion.
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12" Vinyl UK 12.06.12
for world unknown 6 weve headed up north for a newcastle double header. on side w emile strunz delivers some stunning midtempo body music sleaze. on side u the last waltz guys get all subsonic and spacey with lovebites. as youd expect both tracks are pure wu and guaranteed to demolish all proper dancefloors.
World Unknown
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12" Vinyl D 23.01.12
last waltz are geoff leopard, el.dee & mick rolfe, they are 3 djs / musicians / producers who have all been heavily involved in the north east uk underground musical scene for many years. after 2 years of working and playing together at dada, as well as well as a host of the uks more interesting and discerning parties, the trio are finally ready to release their own music into the wild. this release is their debut release. vriginal version on a side is bluesy barealica track and cottam version on b side is more clubby slow house remix.
Endless Flight 41
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12" Vinyl UK 20.12.11
Objects Of Distraction
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