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12" Vinyl UK 15.05.18
man powers me me me label proudly presents a very special new compilation. we we we. which will see all profits donated to the vital help refugees charity. the release boasts 25 new and exclusive tracks from a wide range of artists both new and established including pional. juan maclean. shit robot. medlar. asok. ian blevins and more. as well as the full album. two limited. vinyl-only samplers will also be released. with each featuring one exclusive track that is not available anywhere digitally.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 16.01.18
im going to try not to gush too much about the fact that me me me has raj pannus first ever record. but you have to understand that he’s dj royalty to someone from where i come from. from his residencies in newcastle in the early 90s. touring all over europe. playing with the likes of gilles peterson. jazzanova and james lavelle to his move into turntablism in the late 90s playing one on one with dj craze. a-trak and q-bert.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 29.06.17
the next release on man power’s me me me features two emotive leftfield house cuts from dsc. the newly minted production alias of desert sound colony. aka liam wachs. the man behind the newly launched holding hands record label. wake up. is a sweetly melodic track of pulsing house. with coming round providing a pumping and muscular leftfield techno counterpoint. on remix duties man power invites north east upstart elliot adamson to remix wake up. before his full length ep coming up next on the label. hotly tipped by everyone from jackmaster to jamie jones. elliot is a superstar in the making. and relishes the opportunity to flex his more esoteric muscles with a slice of deconstructed electro that hints at the startling musical breadth. which the young producer is only beginning to reveal. coming round is remixed by none other the legendary rex the dog. who is not only an artist who man power has huge admiration for. but also someone he is pleased to call a good friend. the trust between the two artists shines through. as “rex” provides possibly one of the most unfettered dancefloor tracks of his career.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 16.05.17
is&#8203. frank butters&#8203. a new artist risen out of nowhere via incendiary releases on his own too many squares label. or is he perhaps an established artist taking a new direction? the only concession to this question is that he’s someone & power&#8203. has known a long time. and one of his favourite new artists. franks &#8203.cult of glamour&#8203. focuses his early 80s proto-house aesthetic. with two machine driven cuts at differing tempos for opposing late night moods. for remix duties. me me me asked all time hero &#8203.andrew weatherall&#8203. to deliver his own version. and deliver he does with a swamp rock lead bellied organic take of &#8203.make it right&#8203. (as well as a digital only instrumental version). to close off the package man power has enlisted not an animal records mainstay &#8203.ess
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12" Vinyl UK 01.03.17
soak by james hadfield. featuring danny linton. is one of the main reasons for the launch of me me me and a record i love so much i have done my first rem ix for the label. explains man power. further remixes from axel boman and bird of paradise cement a stellar third release on the burgeoning me me me imprint.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 15.12.16
the first release on man powers me me me saw fact mag travel to mexico to get inside the head of the geordieman in mexico. next up for the label is a comeback record from last waltz. the trio with which man power first ever released. featuring three new. original tracks. and a remix from the first ever recorded collaboration of tel aviv’s red axes (im a cliche) & naduve (disco halal).
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
forriner is lee forster and oli worriner.
i made music together with lee for years (alongside mick rolfe) as last waltz. he also worked as lizards with james hadfield (james released solo for me me me 02). oli worriner. is a talented young northerner who’s already making a great name for his solo output. both under his own name and his traela alias. as well his label “tunnyl recordings”.
i’m really flattered that they’ve let me release their first full solo release. and i love how they’ve brought out each others deeper and more emotive sides in these 2 tracks. shit robot is a hero of mine. i basically wore out the grooves on a bunch of his dfa stuff from just over 10 years ago. and i’ve avidly bought everything he’s released since. i met him this summer for the first time when we shared the bill at a festival. and was so happy to find that he’s also lovely guy in real life. they say you should never meet your heroes. but i don’t subscribe to that as this meeting led to not one. but two fantastic remixes for me me me 08. the originals are a bright mix of melodically analogue left leaning house. while the remixes zero-in on a punchier dancefloor vibe. with an epic version goodnight. as well a more heads down disco dub.
so yeah. links within links. and keeping it northeastern again i guess.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 25.07.17
elliot adamson knows how good he is. which is equally as daunting as it is impressive. i’ve known him since he was the eager beaver barman at a place i’d play regularly in my hometown. who used to try and stick his demos under my nose. and now he seems poised for world domination with a who s who of the worlds biggest djs singing his praises. i’m so pleased i listened to those demos when i did. elliot has a startling breadth and depth of taste for someone of such tender years (although to be honest. people only mention other peoples youth when they feel like they’re getting old themselves). the ep elliot has provided for me me me covers a range of vibes which can be traced through mid 90s house. millennial techno and that current and contemporary feel that we’re all still struggling to name adequately. elliot is a real talent and i couldn’t be happier to provide a platform for what i feel is his most esoteric work to date. and a worthy showcase of his real capabilities.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 14.04.17
pale blue is the new alias for mike simonetti. one of nycs most infamous underground producers. paired with the vocals of elizabeth wight. the duos seductive double sided ep comes home / have you walked through this night is remixed by breakthrough spanish producer pional on man power’s me me me label. have you passed through is raw and daring. its female vocal reminiscent of innovative early electro. this is a intoxicating late night anthem of leftfield electronica. its lyrics are taken from the film the thin red line. a movie about mans destruction of nature. his world and himself. come home is equally alluring with a dreamier narrative. and pionals remix is stripped back and effortless. for these two songs. the inspiration is coming out of the darkness that is inside all of us. it sounds heavy and overbearing. but dance music is the ideal music for escape. it fits perfectly into the pale blue agenda. this music was made for a small. dark crowded dance floors. with low ceilings and high hopes. humanity is bombarded with suffering and pain at every turn its almost like we thrive on it. but we deserve better. these two songs represent part of that struggle- moving towards the light. take your frustrations out on the dance floor. throw it all away for the night. the b-side is about coming out of darkness. coming home. finding euphoria in love and security in one another. feeling lost in the best way. pale blue
Me Me Me
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