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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: shintaro.d / kensuke yasuhara
12" Vinyl D 16.05.18
vinyl only. the 6th release from tokyo based init which especially focus on releasing tracks from japanese artists. this time is the split ep by shintaro.d and kensuke yasuhara who are the core artists and founders of the label.
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12" Vinyl D 10.11.16
kanja records is sincerely honored to present its second vinyl release, based on a concept called sunday mornings. with this series of releases we will focus on that warm up, early morning, after party gems and slowly fading away from peak time music. our philosophy behind this concept is that the focus goes to the tracks being timeless, and music that you can listen to in every time of day and night. music that offers a vast variety, but in the end coming together in that sweet and warm morning glory.
Kanja Records
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