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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: lady fingers / jenifa mayanja / ena lind / lady blacktronika
12" Vinyl US 23.04.18
sound warrior records founded by jenifa mayanja & dakini 9 aims to balance the playing field for female producers and exclusively release their music. sw006 warrior formulation is rooted in soul-stirring house with its heart arching towards the future. lady fingers returns with an engrossing slice of dub house. the north carolina artist/dj was recently a featured dj at moog fest. jenifa mayanja bumako records, shows up with a broken ambient house break. on the flip side sound warrior teams with well known berlin underground heroines mint berlin the female only booking agency. representing mint berlin is co-founder ena lind who has been pushing boundaries in the electronic music scene in berlin for over a decade. lady blacktronika comes with a soul house soaker. she has made quite a splash with her labels sound black and sound keymstry in the process earning the title first lady of beatdown.
SW 006
Sound Warrior
Last Copy!
10.71 EUR *

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