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12" Vinyl ES 25.04.18
they loop in your head forever: pulshar are back with two haunting dub tracks and dub techno remixes by federsen and mathimidori, the alter ego of mathias kaden.
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D 12.06.17
with the next and twelfth installment of tiefenrausch the dub techno label sets foot on the new continent again. the deep sea journey is joined by san fransisco based artist federsen and brendon moeller aka echologist or beat pharmacy - who contributed a remix to the three track ep. “the myth ep” represents federsen raw and analogue signature sound. warm and distorted machine noises create the pad for minimal drum patterns, bass grooves and accentuated chord echoes. on the a-side federsen shows us his unique style with “contrasts”. brendon moeller on the other hand contributes his own sound and rounds up the ep with dubbed interpretation of federsens “murmer”. the ep ends with the original version of that track. the release is designed by alex ketzer who joins in for a collaboration with the illustrators magdalena paz and florian gassmann for the next releases of the tiefenrausch label. the audio is mastered by salz music and the ep comes on 180g vinyl and shrink wrapped.
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12" Vinyl UK 30.05.16
beautiful introspective dub techno tracks from san francisco based federsen. each copy comes with silkscreened limited artwork!
Linear Movement
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12" Vinyl UK 21.01.16
san fransisco meets nyc for the third release on fifth interval. rose bay from federsen sets the tone for the record: drenched in tape hiss, the warm pads and delays create a richly textured environment for deeper club sets or for 2am sessions on headphones. dub techno luminary brendon moller offers up two versions of the title track to complete the ep - one in his own name and the second under his ecologist guise. fans of the label will no doubt be well aware of moller s formidable discography, which includes 10 albums under a variety of aliases, exploring the outer reaches of dub music. coaxing two captivating versions from his studio in upstate new york, moller focusses on the chord stabs from the original for the echologist dub, pushing the stabs and percussion through the desk, twisting the tails through tape delay and creating new vistas through crafty use of panning and bona fide dub production techniques. closing with the outstanding tidal dub, moller dons his beat pharmacy cap and pushes the mammoth bassline to near speaker-crushing levels to create a deeply hypnotic groove that is accentuated by waves of ferric pads and fractured percussion.
Fifth Interval Records
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7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180gr UK 02.02.15
180g vinyl with printed sleeve.
federsen returns to fifth interval for another sublime instalment of dance floor friendly dub-techno. dewpoint is an altogether tighter affair when compared to the label s first release, point reyes. the drums are taut and razor-sharp, propelling the listener effortlessly through a dense fog of ferric clouds, swelling to fill the outer-reaches of the echo chamber. a highly polished metallic production style that can be compared to some of andy stott s early and classic works. tomas rubek remixes dewpoint for the b-side, remaining faithful to the original track s structure but viewing it through a tinted lens. dewpoint s chords become iridescent, kick drums fall into a straighter pattern and are backed by further dusty percussion, shifting the original into spheres inhabited by the likes of rod modell and fluxion.
Fifth Interval Records
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12.66 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.09.14
airplay from steve barker (the wire) on bbc radio and support from tomas rubeck (eshu) among others. kicking off the new fifth interval label, san francisco based dub techno producer federsen heads up the premier release. the title track is a hazy dub techno trip filled with washes of tape delayed chords and crisp snares while the b1 track - 50hz is a far more broken affair, 140 bpm gear comparable to the likes of deadbeat and strategy. for the final track, isodyne (one half of forward strategy group) shakes up 50 hz, slowing it down to an incredibly weighty 115 bpm, finalising an excellent release with something for discerning djs of all tastes.
Fifth Interval Records
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9.74 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 20.03.20
with etui winter camp 5, the label brings back a musically fireplace for cold moments. the vinyl editions incl. 8 beautiful sounding tracks between ambient, dub and techno by federsen, van bonn, monomood, insect o., frank hellmond, salzinger, 3voice & cynic_al and infinitedub.
Etui Records
in stock
22.41 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.03.17
fifth interval gather together some of the most forward thinking minds in the dub techno sphere for this various artists ep. those already acquainted with the label will be familiar with the likes of federsen and tomas rubeck, who headed up the first and second releases respectively. they are joined by dub techno luminary brendon moller, aka beat pharmacy and alessandro crimi, for this four tracker of perfectly contrasting arrangements. federsen opens the proceedings with the sunset sequence of bay blues, cascading keys rolling through the gaps in a subtly broken drum arrangement, making for effortless and captivating listening. beat pharmacy contributes his first original material to the label after a brace of remixes last year. showing true mastery of the board, chromed chord stabs are pushed and pulled around the mix in true dubwise style, drifting over a malleable bassline that packs a serious punch. on the flip side, tomas rubeck crafts a tightly woven backdrop of constantly evolving, organic atmospherics and powerful drum work for io, and this muscular workout is perfectly contrasted by the swung grooves and kaleidoscopic synthesis of alessandro crimis fractal clouds, which closes the ep.
Fifth Interval Records
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12" Vinyl D 01.12.16
brilliant v/a with upper class dub techno
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12" Vinyl ES 08.04.16
new dub compilation by avant roots ! timeless stuff, vinyl only
AvantRoots Records
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10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.04.15
we are happy to introduce deeper meaning s 5th project on the typical for our label 12 vinyl record format. this time its a selection of 4 tracks by various artists with whom we had been connected musically for a long time. with some of them we ve been releasing music on our digital label etoka records ever since 2009. both sides representing the very best of our label s sound vision. although the tracks are produced by a number of artists and each one of them is showing his own musical individuality, every composition applies perfectly into one immaculate deep release. compliments to anton lanski, adverb, warmth, federsen, for shaping up this project.
Deeper Meaning
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10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 12.08.14
after his big success with waehlscheibe 003, p. laoss returns on the swiss label with another dub house masterpiece. the german producer has once more switched on his reverb and delay gear and created a wonderful record full of fluffy chords, gentle pads and heavy basses. >rephrasing dub<, >i dont care< and >never though< all display the mans musical mastery in terms of harmony, variety and dramatic expression. in his remix of >i dont care<, federsen from san francisco has taken the crispy deep original and turned it into a broken beat stunner brimming with dubby crackles, noises and delays – all created with his analogue machines. as always all tracks have been mastered by above smoke at the hole of dub studio.
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cd LT 25.07.19
el choop s debut on greyscale
out of stock
14.61 EUR *
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