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12" Vinyl NL 27.03.18
2018 repress, standard lp jacket rather than the old school stoughton jacket as on the first edition, no dl card cultures of soul record brings to you an anthology of the music of evans pyramid. this album features all of the officially released singles plus four previously unreleased tracks. 1000 ltd pressing. delux gatefold stoughton paste-on jacket and download card to 4 previously unreleased bonus cuts. huge tip! andre evans was the mastermind behind evans pyramid, a seasoned performer and session player in boston throughout the 70s. full of unique disco and boogie stylings, this release includes all of the rare singles such as never gonna leave you, dip drop, no i wont and i want your body, as well as a recently discovered 45 that features two top-notch disco tracks - dance a thon and rubber band. the album also includes four unissued tracks taken from the original demo tapes. thanks to praise and adulation from gilles peterson, dj kon, the noble brothers and joey negro, as well as other respected djs and collectors around the world, evans pyramid is the undisputed king of boston boogie.
Cultures Of Soul
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27.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 15.07.14
12 inch release from evans pyramid aka blood deep featuring *where love lives*, an unreleased accelerated funk anthem from the late 80s, bridging the gaps between boogie, soul and house. the b side is a proper 12 inch pressing of evons side project royales *i want your body*.
Peoples Potential Music
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
incl. whomadewho, ruede hagelstein, justin eva, alex schaufel, concret & tyu
Watergate Records
9.25 EUR *
cd D Pre sale
jeep kjellberg, tomas barford and tomas hoffding aka whomadewho showcases pop, indie, techno, disco, punk and funk and anything they can imagine on the new watergate compilation 26
Watergate Records
14.69 EUR *
cd UK 08.08.11
excellent selected compilation with a journey thru funk, soul , jazz and rock too... compiled by zafsmusic & mark goodvibes taylor
BBE Records

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR )
Last Copy!
14.79 EUR *
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