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7" Vinyl UK 17.06.19
mad jazz on 7 inch
On the Corner Records
in stock
10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.02.18
last years on the corner underground smash release, the 12inch ep santuris embaire umeme, introduced uganda’s mugwisa international xylophone group (m.i.x.g) to the world. the recordings center on the embaire, a giant xylophone native to ugandan folk music, which is dug into a pit for a natural, earthy bass resonance as gargantuous as the instrument itself. the instrument performs a key role in village life, with ceremonial playing sessions lasting for hours on end. these recordings may be esoteric in nature but they add important context to the santuri’s embaire umeme 12inch and are a vital documentation of the iganga village’s culture, as well as that of uganda. jones has artfully chopped the epic session into a series of short evocative chapters to create a pioneering masterpiece. remix duties are led by griot house innovators, the diabolcal liberties, who have raved-up some sun ra frequencies for the cosmic junglist crew. last but never least, victoria topping has created beautiful artwork using the session photography taken by jones during the recordings
On The Corner
out of stock
17.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 14.03.17
the search from collocutor, the band’s second lp, is the story of a journey, from disillusionment to new beginnings, alienation to belonging, darkness to hope. it is a journey that can be interpreted as spiritual, emotional or physical/geographical, depending on the listener’s own experiences. tamar osborn, the band leader and composer says: “this wasn’t planned as a ‘concept’ album, but as the four main compositions developed they and their titles fell into a natural narrative order and the theme of the album became apparent. the three improvised conversations were an opportunity to explore musically the meaning of ‘collocutor’ - a person taking part in a conversation - and how this applies to performance, and also to expand the textural range of the ensemble by dividing it into smaller groupings and freeing the musicians from structured composition.”
On The Corner
in stock
24.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.12.17
on the corner’s dj tool and eclectic favourite, versus is back for a second instalment. there are some familiar faces occupying this tasty wax and some new comers pushing the needle further-out on the corner. as 2015’s versus sold-out we d already acquired some fresh production talents and sent stems over to new and old friends alike. get your atlases out as we criss-cross the globe introducing you to artists from afar-afield as nairobi, manchester, pune, iringa, detroit, and south london.
On The Corner
in stock
15.79 EUR *
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