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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: city people / 20 below
12" Vinyl NL 02.08.19
limited 2019 repress - very nicely executed reissue of this up to now secret weapon played by djs such as theo parrish, marcellus pittmann, mike huckaby, jeremy underground and mcde... check! -we are happy to announce our first reissue 12- on mcde recordings, a record from manchester deep house label rainy city music (written by irfan rainy & rex leon in 1995), thave we have been working on licensing for over a year now, a record that had been a secret weapon of djs such as theo parrish, marcellus pittmann, mike huckaby, jeremy underground and myself - arguably one of the finest house music 12-inches to ever come out of the uk. to mark the 20th birthday of the release, we have carefully remastered the tracks from the original dat tapes and only slightly modified the original cover artwork. its all in the groove baby
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