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12" Vinyl D 14.02.20
new 4-track ep from tindersticks on limited 12 inch vinyl with download code included.
City Slang
Last Copy!
15.00 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 30.04.19
limited 7 inch release for rsd 2019.
City Slang
Last Copy!
15.59 EUR *
YPRES (180G LP + MP3)
12" Vinyl D 12.12.14
soundscapes from the in flandres fields world war 1 museum in ypres, belgium. pressing on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl, download code included.
City Slang
Last Copy!
20.46 EUR *
7" Vinyl D 14.11.12
Lucky Dog
out of stock
6.81 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 12.10.12
the british band tindersticks formed in 1991 and is well-known for their orchestral sound and singer stuart a. staples characteristic baritone. essentially, the group combined the dark romanticism of leonard cohen, ian curtis, and scott walker with the songcraft of lee hazlewood and the aesthetics of indie rock. they released six albums before singer stuart a. staples embarked on a solo career in 2005. in 2006 however, the band played a one-off concert at londons barbican centre, performing their second album in full. this show made the band realize the tindersticks fire was still burning and this eventually led to the release of >the hungry saw< in 2008. another high quality tindersticks album and now it is being rereleased on high quality 180-grams vinyl.
Music On Vinyl
Yesterdays Tomorrows
The Flicker Of A Little Girl
Come Feel The Sun
The Other Side Of The World
The Organist Entertains
The Hungry Saw
Mother Dear
Boobar Come Back
All The Love
The Turns We Took
out of stock
22.22 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 01.03.12
>the something rain< is tindersticks ninth studio album and like its predecessors >the hungry saw< and >falling down a mountain< it projects a bold spirit, something charged with what uncut described as a restored self-belief, again loving doing what they do and doing it better than anyone else. though within >the something rain< there is something else, the band, the ideas are formed - it touches what it is reaching for.
luckydog10lp /0680352
Lucky Dog
Show Me Everything
This Fire Of Autumn
A Night So Still
Slippin Shoes
Come Inside
Goodbye Joe
out of stock
20.46 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp D 17.02.10
2008 meldeten sich die tindersticks nach fuenf jahren pause mit erweitertem line up und einem famosen, von der kritik gefeierten album zur?ck. 2009 folgt gleich das n?chste werk der band um stuart staples: falling down a mountain hei?t das achte album der briten. es entstand im sommer 2009 in zwei studios (dem bandeigenen le chien chanceux in frankreich und icp in belgien) und ist ihr erstes album f?r ihr neues label 4ad. mehr als zuvor ist es ein werk der ganzen gruppe, die sich mit earl harvin am schlagzeug und david kitt an der gitarre verstaerkt hat. geadelt wird die platte durch einen gastauftritte der in nordamerika kultisch verehrten kanadischen saengerin mary margaret o hara, die bereits mit morrissey und r.e.m. sang und mit tom waits gearbeitet hatte. doch auch sonst waren die englischen schwermelancholiker in der zwischenzeit nicht untaetig. f?r die franzoesische regisseurin claire denis schrieben sie zwei soundtracks ( 35 shots of rum , white material mit isabelle huppert), fuer das modehaus louis vuitton musik zu dessen sommerkollektion 2009.
CAD 3X02
out of stock
18.22 EUR *

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