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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: aphonia
12" Vinyl D 29.06.20
strong original plus two amazing remixes!
Wrong Era
in stock
11.10 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.07.14
second release of the gost zvuk label, strictly focused on the contemporary russian electronic scene. this joint was made by aem rhythm-cascade also known as dada ques and many other monikers. locked in his studio in st. pete he built his path from a beatmaker to a fundamental composer exploring the acoustics, sound synthesis and sampling techniques. it is hard to relate this music to a certain genre, but you can definitely hear the quality and deepness, spiced with the original slavic touch. simple and raw these multilayered symphonies bring out the new breed of russian composers backed up by their prolific heritage.
Gost Zvuk
out of stock
9.45 EUR *
cd D 27.01.14
melancholic techno, space out acid house, minimal wave, or even bittersweet synth pop call
Endless Flight CD 11
Last Copy!
13.64 EUR *
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