Aphonia / Angels Of Pompeii / Odopt / Linja - AVI 002

AVI 002

12" UK

Avidya / AVI 002

Front View : Aphonia / Angels Of Pompeii / Odopt / Linja - AVI 002 - Avidya / AVI 002
Back View : Aphonia / Angels Of Pompeii / Odopt / Linja - AVI 002 - Avidya / AVI 002

Coldwave/Synth EP

A world in flux; temporal and metaphysical realities questioned. The unit - us and self - entering a new phase. With two dark, discordant EP's of eccentric and kinetic music - the aim is connections conceived. Avidya is experience, seeing the ignorance and understanding in one.

002 starts with Aphonia, L.A. based producer and sound designer Matia Simovich's new solo (ad)venture. As part of Inhalt (Dark Entries / [Emotional] Especial), he pushes new wave and dark synth-pop for the future. Exploring rhythmic, long forms of ritual, Burning Fields' jacking schematics were conceived of and from the severity of the California wildfires.

Industrial, metallic, lo-fi Angels Of Pompeii are a by-product of Montreal's Italian diaspora, an assemblage of Matt D'Alessio (Temple Records) and Anthony Gallati (Solitary Dancer), who pay homage to the motherland's electronic pioneers like Kirlian Camera and Victrola. Moscow's sons, Odopt (Discos Capablanca / Hivern Discs) explore cavernous, virulent techno and soporific atmospherics and tonality in Athma. Finally, St Petersburg's Linja offers Retreat, a brooding aura of slo-mo-proto trance to wrap within the first essence of Avidya's crown.

It takes great courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still love it. [info sheet from distr.]
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