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12" Vinyl IT 28.12.20
chicago house by lee pearson
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12" Vinyl FR 29.08.17
lee pearson is back on neroli after his feature on the inside various artists ep from few months before...and together with detroit s javonntte garrett of ndatl and sistrum fame this time! the larry heard collaborator shows again his songwriting talent on what do you prefer? and bye bye . one for the headz!
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12" Vinyl D 18.12.15
alleviated records is proud to present the -expressions- ep by leepearsonjr. collective. chicago native lee pearson jr. has participated in musical offerings over many years in the capacities of dj, lyricist, vocalist and producer. chicago talents aki dawson and k ladawn provide soulful vocal stylings and longtime collaborator lyricist erwin -mac- mcewen are among the contributors to this creative effort along with masatoshi chiba of sendai, japan providing his interpretation of -love s a secret place- and larry heard composing music for the 2 included selections. lee and erwin are also the team that penned the lyrics to -on a corner called jazz- for the mr. fingers -introduction- album back in 1992. we hope that you enjoy the 2 versions and timeless feels of each selection for many years to come.
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12" Vinyl NL 13.10.17
superb unreleased 80s ambient cassettes remastered ! robert scott pearsons musiccan be seen as surrealist, impressionist, post industrial, mystical or avant-garde, but it goes beyond categories. his work embraces software, philosophy, poetry, visual arts, and generative algorithmic creation in general. at an early age, he began to experiment in this field, and released his first music privately on cassette, being part of the 80s underground industrial scene in seattle. post-industrial, futuristic, but not really nihilistic, his beautiful music melts expressive synth leads with arpeggios soundscapes, and drum machines flashes and lights, to take us in another reality.
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12" Vinyl UK 27.12.19
chaos in the cbd invite some friends for a jazzy deep-house session.
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12" Vinyl FR 14.04.17
nerolis own volcov selects some favourites that never been available on vinyl before and shares them re-mastered and ready for all the music lovers. music ranges from larry heard collaborators lee pearson jr to blaze collaboration with the late dj man x, passing through a manoo deep and hypnotic late nite jam.
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9.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.10.13
ltd nice price action !! second release from this awesome new canadian alt-electronica duo from montreal, with edits and mixes by ewan pearson and lee jones (watergate mix)
Buzzin Fly
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2x12" Vinyl D 26.09.07
imagination of the shape draws a new skyline while not abandoning the roots of the city. the tracks this time obviously point towards the future of course a bright one! the mixture of established artists and newcomers declares that plastic city has many great names and artists inside the city limits and nevertheless searches for new flavours, techniques, sounds and people but this time something is really different. all artists mentioned on the double 12inch compilation come up with neverseen creations which all have a new flavour and perfectly fit together. imagination of the shape sounds like science fiction house music something you never heard before. high quality tech house touches new spheres and instantly grabs the listeners attention. approved artists as terry lee brown junior, the timewriter, greg parker, rob pearson, colin dale or eddie richards prepared a row of pleasant surprises as they left the old centre of their city. slightly more minimal but still housy and groovy the tracks are connected to each other as it has always been greatly compiled at plastic city. theres much consideration behind the artists works as well as behind this chapter. imagine the shape imagine the future
Plastic city
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10.71 EUR *
cd D 05.04.18
inside out is a brand new series that invites djs and producers to blur the boundaries between traditional artist albums and mix compilations. coming from aus music label head and dj-kicks curator will saul, the concept encourages artists to showcase their own music and or the music of those in their own individual circles. the mix will be release digitally and on cd, while a selection of the tracks will also be available on double gatefold vinyl. each instalment will feature 100% new and unreleased music.
Aus Music

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 25.92)
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2xcd D 15.02.17
2 cd compilation incl. 31 tracks and remixes from artists like joris voorn, the orb, florian kruse, rex the dog, bookashade, purple disco machine and tube & berger.
Global Underground
Last Copy!
15.59 EUR *
2x cd D 06.06.16
those of a certain vintage may have a soft spot for global underground s after hours series, which promised to soundtrack -the party after the club- by joining the dots between woozy progressive house, deep techno, electronica and, of course, ambient. some eight years after the last installment, the long-running club brand has decided to re-launch the series. apparently, this latest installment took a year to put together, and featured tweaked, edited and gently reworked tunes layered up for a more enjoyable listening experience. musically, it sticks to similar territory to previous installments, updating the sound a little via tracks and remixes from ewan pearson, lawrence, scuba, matrixxman, michael mayer and joris voorn.
Global Underground
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16.56 EUR *
cd UK 03.02.14
pangaea steht als synonym für subsonische bassmusik. sein zusammen mit pearson sound und ben ufo betriebene dubstep-label hessle audio zählt zu den besten adressen des genres. entsprechend intensiv fällt seine arbeit für die fabric-mixserie aus, die gekonnt darken techno mit bassigen sounds verbindet.
Last Copy!
15.59 EUR *
cd UK 29.01.13
ben ufo betreibt mit david kennedy (pearson sound) und kevin mcauley (pangaea) das bassmusik-label hessle audio und liefert mit seinem fabric-set eine eklektische mixtur aus allen subgenres aktueller bassmusik & dubstep und klassischem house und techno, in der so unterschiedliche artists wie tim love lee, shackleton, k-hand, pearson sound, herbert und mr. fingers aufeinander folgen.
out of stock
13.44 EUR *
2xcd D 26.06.12
für die 13. saison auf ibiza und die dazugehörige warum-up summer mix-cd sind für euch dies mal cassy und joris voorn am start!
in stock
16.56 EUR *
cd UK 13.12.11
dj andy smith – one of the worlds premier funk djs and the man who supplied portishead with their samples – joins forces with keith lawrence - renowned reggae collector and reggae dj from - to present the heaviest selection of funky reggae in the uk smiths comps have sold over 35.000 units inc. the acclaimed -document- series which included albums for greensleeves & trojanp>killer cover versions of stevie wonders you havent done nothing (sly dunbar), marlena shaws woman of the ghetto (hortense ellis) & william de vaughns be thankful for what you got (donovan carless) super rare cuts from bumps jackson, barry waite & sly dunbar tracks from impact, randys, demon, dynamic, hot shot, tent & various pama records offshoots various tracks from the pama catalogue which back-in-the-day was a contemporary of trojan inc tony scotts what am i to do now, pussy by kid longo, lloyd terrells i did it, ricos tribute to don drummond, d tony lees peyton place, lester sterling & stranger coles bangarang & children get ready by the versatiles.
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6.81 EUR *
cd UK 26.08.11
2011 collection released to coincide with the popular green man festival. selected and produced by rough trade shops, the cd exclusively features artists playing at green man 2011, and serves to distil the sonic ethos of the event. includes tracks from fleet foxes, the low anthem, josh t. pearson, iron and wine, gruff rhys, explosions in the sky, holy fuck, squarepusher and many others.
Rough Trade
Last Copy!
15.39 EUR *
cd D 16.02.09
final song goes to the very heart of musics spiritual dimension by asking a number of musicians to select their ideal last song, either to serenade their final moments or to memorialize them after the fact. the participating artists deserve to be commended for their openness: theyre responding to one of the most personal questions one could ask. (several of those approached declined to take part- taboos are taboos, after all.)
Get Physical Music
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7.50 EUR *
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