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12" Vinyl D 18.02.20
ltd 2020 repress - the toy tonics crew is known for being addicted to two things: vintage music machines and old vinyl. 100% music aficionados. on the tonic edit series the crew shares some of their favorite old tracks - in a reworked version.
Toy Tonics
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 14.06.19
next smasching disco grooves on toy tonics
Toy Tonics
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12" Vinyl, 180 g UK 02.05.19
serious disco 4 tracker
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl D 04.09.17
coeo are toy tonics lead artists and they dont joke! technically perfect on a level that most producers start to get jealous. musically filled up with so much knowledge about the history of disco and house that its no wonder that big names like kenny dope, borrowed identity and tensnake are huge fans. and their styleà? its a pure hedonistic discoish attitude that combines the funk driven eclecticism of today, the curiosity of young music cats who always want to be ahead and a sense of quality in music that we miss in so many of todays house music productions. in fact its 2017 and a lot is changing in the house scene. the old melancholic deep house now is quite dead - while most deep house charts are filled up with sample based funk house. coeo are regularly on the top of the several deep house charts, and there is a reason: their tracks have that kind of new, nasty, sexualised vibe that gets more inspired from the late 1990ies french touch house or early masters at work production. from jazz djs and dj sets of wildstyle djs like harvey or the idjut boys. its not any more about the old schematic ketamine deep house that always sounds the same (and makes your feet fall asleep.) listen to flesh world! its black music basically. its booty sound. disco for sure. this track gets you riding on a trip. play it one time and youll play it every time. and: check the percussion jam remix by toy tonics head kapote.
Toy Tonics
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 06.02.17
the coeo boys need no introduction anymore. their two last singles made it into the sets of so many djs. they are among the emerging artists of that new german scene of kids that make house music inspired by old jazz and funk records. the boys are mad about rare vinyl. and they love to make music with a positive spirit. yes, there is something sunny in their tracks. something that instantly makes you want to move. we heard so many mixtapes that started with a coeo track. makes sense: they are perfect to set a vibe. a good mood. but if you know that the coeo boys work in a studio over the roofs of munich, with a fantastic view over the lights of the city, with a great vibe where you see all the glammy colors of the light in the night then you understand why coeos music sounds as it sounds
Toy Tonics
out of stock
9.29 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 07.12.16
munich duo coeo joins the rnt family with a pack of reworks destined for dance floor greatness! heretofore known for deep house goodness on lets play house and toy tonics, the boys flex their edit muscles on these 4 tracks which range from the soulfully sublime like it is, to the disco house fury of long night ahead, to the best damn fela edit we ve ever heard
Razor-N-Tape Reserve
out of stock
12.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.01.16
coeo are to toy tonics records, what master at work were to the house scene of the 1990ies: they bring the soul into the house. their new ep back in the days is a 4 track house stomper that could have been made in 1997 by guys like sneak, dimitri from paris or little louie. but still the similarities to the new berlin sample-house scene around max graef and hodini are evident, too. already their last years superhit native riddim (which is featured as a bonus track on this vinyl) included some heavy jazz samples they found in their parents bag of soul. native riddim has been no.1 in the traxsource charts for several weeks and was the basis for their already huge following. from laurent garnier to tensnake - the feedback has been awesome. now they proceed their way of souldful house. just good taste.
Toy Tonics
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8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.09.14
hot lets play house output
Lets Play House
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9.95 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 21.02.14
the eighth release on sccucci manucci sees the imprint pack a hefty eight productions that traverse various house sounds from around the world onto two slabs of handstamped wax. from coeo s bouncy and vocal track through to mella dee s dark and distinctively uk-centric track the label has tried to explore the sheer wealth of production talent on offer at the moment.
Sccucci Manucci
out of stock
13.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.05.19
honey butter heartily welcomes the very talented duo rhode & brown, known for their outings on toy tonics, rose records, lets play house and of course on their own slam city jams to join the family rooster. on this side sits the collaborated number women together with coeo, in which you get 2 sides of the story, one for some serious sing along and the latter for stomping it out in an orderly fashion. that side will continue to showcase their love for heavy disco affairs and infectious hooks in the heat & lazy disco loop (but i ll dance anyway) all the while putting the cherry on the sundae in the title track langusto dance orchestra
Honey Butter Records
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10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 05.07.18
De La Groove
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12.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.04.18
d arabias first outing on house of disco is a sax heavy affair with 3 remixes from some of the best in the bizz.
House of Disco
Last Copy!
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.01.18
slam city jams are back with their first compilation. a 4-tracker packed up with five amazing artists from all over the globe. and lets face it: its a breaky affair! starting off with our munich homeboys from coeo. known for their funked up house tunes on toy tonics, they start into complete new realms this time. ‚never going home‘ is the perfect example of a dope broken beat electro tune, that with its weird synth line & smooth breakdown never failed on a gig in the last months. on a2 the man doppelate from london (lets go swimming rec.) exactly hits the spot with mezmerizing synths, tight drum programming and a crunchy acid bassline on ‚four feet up the stairs‘. the flip side starts off with label head honchos rhode & brown, who teamed up with their buddy leo woelfel from austria, both known for releases on toy tonics, public possession or lets play house. here the name ‚more drama (less hysteria) says it all: pure drama on this breaky acid tune! to round up this great package weve got marco lazovic from moscow on b2. he digs deep ‚in the jungle with rolling 707 drums, dreamy synths and this tropical atmosphere we cant get enough of.
Slam City Jams
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.05.17
tale of tales is a sampler release from the lagaffe tales family pool. in this third vinyl release and our second tale you will find tracks by the local felix leifur, the swedish sune, the german duo coeo and moony me. this tale is a celebration of our ventures as a label and seals the memories we have with each artist
Lagaffe Tales
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.06.14
london based producer kaveesh mangtani aka mr. kavalicious fronts up the next vinyl ep on milans number 1 house imprint, dabit records
Dabit Records
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
3x cd UK 14.06.16
zum jubiläum gibt es wieder das klassische hed kandi girls design, und auf drei cds versammeln sich die aktuellen house helden mit tracks und remixen von gwen mccrae, dj roland clark presents urban soul, blinkie, ben delay feat. alexandra prince, claptone feat. nathan nicholson, groove armada, miguel migs, dj spen & thommy davis, joey negro, uva! der ultimative sommer-soundtrack für alle house lovers!
Hed Kandi
out of stock
16.99 EUR *
2x cd UK 08.02.16
die brandneue ausgabe der trendsetterserie -future disco- mit dem untertitel a disco love affair bringt 17 neue dancefloor-smashes in the mix (cd1), sowie 10 ausgesuchte highlights voll ausgespielt auf cd2. mit tracks & mixes von new order(!), hnny, dimitri from paris, joe goddard, tuff city kids, i-robots, barker & baumecker, an-2, fatima yamaha
out of stock
16.99 EUR *
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