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12" Vinyl BE 06.03.18
(jasper wolff & maarten, mittendorf remixes) amsterdam imprint indigo aera is very excited to welcome private press to the label family. on this first ep the duo from poland mixes a strong blend of 90s sounding techno with dub and breakbeats into two original tracks. remixes comes from label owners jasper wolff & maarten mittendorff.
Indigo Aera
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12" Vinyl BE 06.03.18
insolate, formally known as miss sunshine, is a true techno veteran with 20 years in the scene under her belt. with releases on dj deeps deeply rooted label and her very own out of place brand, insolate now moves on to proletarijat with a significant release in more than one way. proletarijat 005 is wholly dedicated to her grandfather who was a yugoslav partisan during wwii.
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12" Vinyl UK 06.03.18
another brace of bangers from world unknown music, we re all really pleased with how this one turned out. big and fat and disco-ready, mastered by andy blake and lawrie curvepusher via tape. side x theo nasa lstnbrghn world unknown and theo nasa first crossed paths in andres branco s vintage designer clothes emporium, wavey garms. . we re really chuffed to be releasing theo s vinyl debut. its a pounding big room monster inspired by his first experiences of a certain berlin nightclub. theo nasa will be a big deal sometime soon, there s no doubt about that. make sure you get on this now so you can tell all your mates how you have been into him for ages. side y traynor - sunward -can i send you some tracks to listen to? id love to get some feedback from you. not an especially odd request for a dj these days. but it s a very nice surprise when literally every track in an 8 track demo package from someone who has never put any music out before is brilliant. messrs bowley and blake had real trouble deciding which one to choose for traynors debut release and eventually went to sunward. its trippy and shimmering with a ton of pump. trancey but not trance, or maybe it is. the kind of thing that lights up your night in a club and gets played again and again at home or in the car
World Unknown Music
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12" Vinyl UK 06.03.18
eric estornels lone romantic releases -anomaly-, the new ep of the veteran english-born, france-based producer carl finlow. -anomaly- is the 3rd instalment, following estornel’s maceo plex album -solar- and the return of his mariel ito alias with the -2e komst- ep, remarking the distinct sound of the label once again, while pushing a step forward at the same time. with the relaunch of mariel ito, the electro and idm alias of estornel, that was active in the early 2000s with releases on modern love or scsi-av and that will see a retrospective album from that time on r&s records, lone romantic is a new suitable platform for carl’s music. however, from the 90s until today, his vast catalog traverses through the most relevant labels out there such as warp, soma, klang, scsi-av, novamute, satamile, electrix and his own 2020 vision. -anomaly- is a four-tracker showcasing classic electro schemes with ease. a frenetic mysticism and a meditative melancholy stand behind the most innovative trajectories of funk, within a mood much divergent than the usual conservative reverence towards the genre.
Lone Romantic
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12" Vinyl UK 06.03.18
this is an exploded drawing, unlocked from time: nhk yx koyxen walks at any speed and on any surface he desires to trance-scend. his “parallel tempo ep” takes a mindful plunge into layers of rigorously murmuring gestures. as speed and size are streched and bent, the planes engage in parallel movement. artist and producer nhk yx koyxen has been unveiling his unique vocabulary through a continuous stream of sound for many years. performing on electronic music’s timeless dna, he offers those who step in a resonating space, in which loose objects are bound to embrace each other.
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 06.03.18
deep, diverse, and unheralded, the philadelphia ambient electronic music scene of the 1980s is explored with the nightcrawlers’ the biophonic boombox recordings, an expansive archival collection documenting the hard-knuckled kosmische synthesizer trio’s home recordings self-released and distributed over 35 cassettes between 1980 and 1991.
Anthology Records
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12" Vinyl NL 06.03.18
nadanna proudly presents its new project, the canadian synthpop act techniques berlin! formed in 1984 by high school buddies andreas gregor and david rout, the band started experimenting with synthesizers, drum machines and guitars. in the early stages, techniques berlin was heavily influenced by uk new romantic acts like japan, spandau ballet, visage, the human league, orchestral manoeuvres in the dark, yazoo and depeche mode as well as rising canadian synthpop bands rational youth (dave became a member in 1998/99), men without hats and trans-x. it took them a few years to master their electronic toys and create a unique blend of addictive electropop melodies and beautifully crafted alternative beats.
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