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12" Vinyl D 01.04.19
the 3rd longplayer from costas andriopoulos aka 23rd underpass.
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12" Vinyl D 15.10.18
nadanna is extremely proud and excited to present tobias bernstrup’s new album “technophobic”. bernstrup who works both as a visual artist and musician has been touring worldwide since the late 1990s and positioned himself as one of the leading re-inventors of italo disco with his unique mix of italo, synthpop and gothic noir. he has created his own unmistakable stage persona wearing androgynous outfits in shiny latex and heavy make-up. tobias has collaborated with seminal artists such as trans-x, apoptygma berzerk, martial canterel, xeno & oaklander, lebanon hanover, and she past away. “technophobic” contains 10 smashing tracks including the recent single “utopia”, and “metropolis of tomorrow” featuring french dark synth wave artist hante. combining influences from classic synthpop, minimal wave, dark wave in a retro futuristic manner tobias bernstrup has created an album reminiscent of the 80s but in a contemporary context of sound landscape.
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12" Vinyl lp D 12.10.17
elegant divide are peter oldroyd and samantha gare, based in london uk. formed in 2014 elegant divide combines the talents of classically trained vocalist samantha gare and electronic pop music pioneer peter oldroyd. peter is a well-known mix engineer and record producer, and best known for his 1980 s experimental synth pop band camera obscura. samantha, trained at the italia conti academy of theatre arts, has experienced chart success before and lends her distinctive voice to the project. elegant divide expresses the dichotomy of dark and light in electronic music with songs that explore lyrically the emotions of urban living. with the use of vintage synthesisers (moog prodidy / source, novation bass station, nord lead 2, paia fatman, polyfusion modular, yamaha dx7) and drum machines (roland tr-909 / tr-808 / tr-707 / tr-505, yamaha rx17) their sound is rich and analogue, and samantha s cool vocal delivery creates a mood that is simultaneously accessible pop and dark and haunting.
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12" Vinyl NL 06.03.18
nadanna proudly presents its new project, the canadian synthpop act techniques berlin! formed in 1984 by high school buddies andreas gregor and david rout, the band started experimenting with synthesizers, drum machines and guitars. in the early stages, techniques berlin was heavily influenced by uk new romantic acts like japan, spandau ballet, visage, the human league, orchestral manoeuvres in the dark, yazoo and depeche mode as well as rising canadian synthpop bands rational youth (dave became a member in 1998/99), men without hats and trans-x. it took them a few years to master their electronic toys and create a unique blend of addictive electropop melodies and beautifully crafted alternative beats.
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12" Vinyl NL 14.12.15
new years deal - nao katafuchi says about himself that he s a japanese artist who makes electronic music with a guitar & a semi vintage synth box, creating his own world ofcold romantic wave.
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