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12" Vinyl UK 18.07.17
since the beginning we can see an evolution in jose ricos music. his sound is now more powerful than ever and the structure of his tracks have gained in complexity. the rhythms of his tracks, highly influenced by chicago house and detroit in his earlier releases, now are looking at the european 90 s electronica and dub music, slowing down (even more) the tempo. we can say that the his last releases on into the the deep and off minor are probably his best works and most mature, so far. de&#769,,ja&#768,, vu, the 11th downbeat installment, continues to explore this route. here we find four emotional and spacey tracks, made by old synths and samplers which takes us back to the early 90 s.
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12" Vinyl ES 17.02.17
vinyl only .. space is most definitely the place as far as the latest vinyl adventure from us here at future reactions is concerned. with galactic references aplenty, futuristic soundscapes and more than a hint of interstellar travel on the analog core ep, the only thing missing is an astronaut suit. manning the controls of this otherworldly craft is josé rico, a key figure in themadrid underground scene through his associations with the downbeat and freebeat labels, who blasts off with the raw emotional electronica of orion. that man rico also features alongside the much-vaunted leonid (dolly/sistrum/statik entertainment) under their joint studio guise of cygnuss. having made their debut on freebeat earlier this year with the well-received long player night drive, the duo are on a mission here to warm-up the dance-floor with their house-not-house rocket journey to outertape. hailing from buenos aires but with a sensibility rooted in chicago and detroit, diego perrisson caught the attention of the more discerning ears as co-owner of the short-lived but not-forgotten label monochromatic. turning heads once again with his new venture, fundamental sounds, perrisson captains a smooth touchdown with the cultured deepness of restless ride.
Future Reactions
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12" Vinyl NL 17.11.16
madrids downbeat have a good name around these parts - now jose rico steps up for off minor with the deep correctness. tip! label owner, gcz, says these three cuts will lead you deep into jose rico s dreams. on first listen you can immediately tell these were made by someone super sensitive and experienced in this thing some call deep house. if you are a dj, youll appreciate this selection, cause it makes your job easy and gets the floor busy in a sec. if you re a human, you ll appreciate it cause it ll make you feel stuff you havent felt in a while. anyway, i m very proud to release this record on off minor. jose rico and i go way back. this is a special record for me. orpheu de jong designed this wonderful sleeve. he has a gift. enjoy!
Off Minor Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 12.09.16
the first release on the newly formed into the deep label (formally confluence records) is an abstract 4 track ep from spanish electronic artist jose rico. combining downtempo and dubby styles with more dynamic sounds this ep is a merging of abstract territories that lie somewhere between ambient and house.
Into The Deep
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12" Vinyl UK 04.04.16
from the label: first release from a new chicago label sound reflection recordings. boasting 3 deep tracks from life recorder, dcook, & jose rico.
SRR 001
Sound Reflection
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl UK 01.02.16
the first release is coming with 4 high-talented players: skymark, nas1, jose rico and gari romalis. each producer delivers something different on this debut ep, expect crispy acid sketches, running mpc sequences, synths unleashed and a jackin’ low end.
The Game
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12" Vinyl UK 25.09.15
jose rico launches the le disque record stores project: ambiwa records, a label dedicated to abstract house music. * declaration of intent ep* is a collection of songs with a history, 4 pieces of his life talking about hypocrisy referred to poverty, the trivialisation of music as money source, the days in the studio with ron trent, and the night music-workers. beyond any related stories, here you can find all the jose ricos music standards: impossible mpc percussion patterns, black keys, vocal textures, distorted kicks and tons of suspence and tension. this just means… music for the most demanding dancefloors and open minds. as it could not be otherwise, masterd by jose rico.
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12" Vinyl UK 10.07.15
jose rico unleashes the london calling ep which inaugurates the shubaka label. four cuts of woozy, slowed down house and techno. crusty drums and yearning synths collide to form some properly drugged up afterparty moments, deep in the forests of endor!
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12" Vinyl UK 10.02.15
g2014 is over and downbeat records, is back with a new release. jose rico and urtzi, come back again with another 4 tracks vinyl. memories from another life and no back memory are two deep house pearls with minimal sequences and emotional synths made by urtzi. at the same time, jose rico is the responsible for the mechanical and powerful aint, and the percussive and ethereal small island, probably one of his best tracks so far. and, as they did with that space is the place ep, they have made here a consistent release, setting their personal view of the dance music.
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12" Vinyl NL 15.02.13
excellent split release! deep driving slow-paced hypnotic house/techno cuts by underground deephouse heros specter from chicago (tetrode, sound signature) and jose rico from spain (downbeat records).
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12" Vinyl UK 27.12.12
indigenous travelers are ron trent and jose rico. they met at the madrid red bull studios to pay homage to jose roberto bertrami the brilliant leader and keyboardist of the brazilian jazz-funk trio, azymuth. the result is >paradise ritmito carnival<, a hot, melodic and percussive house music with afro-brasilian influences. it is presented in a one-sided record with surprise in b side
Downbeat Special Edition
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12" Vinyl UK 24.05.12
do machines have soul?? jose rico and urtzi bring us the 7th downbeat release, paying homage to science fiction and exploring the relation between human beings and machines. the result is a solid exercise of researching with hardware, which brings all the label influences.jose rico is the responsible of flight to andrómeda and hiperspace, two obsessive, mechanical but full-of-feeling tracks.moreover, urtzi introduces himself with ouroboros and terra luminae, two synthetic tracks with influences from chicago sound. four dance music tracks which go straight to the heart and brain.
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12" Vinyl UK 06.02.12
jose rico and dj f are responsible for the second release of eleve label, two of the heads of the madrilian emergent scene of producers. the synths and sequences of 5 minute before and la verdad show that dj f is partial to detroits flavours, specially robert hood, among many others. for the last track, out of the energy, he builds together with jose rico a gem of atmospheric analogue house with claps that remind to chicago. a productive collaboration that has just started off with this release along with freebeat 02.
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12" Vinyl UK 23.08.11
after being enclosed for several years with his mpcs and synthesizers, josé rico carries out the 5th downbeat 12 inch influenced by detroit and chicago. the record starts with september rain, a classic deep house track with warm percussion, deep synths and a jazzy piano. urtzi reworks it into a mesmerizing theme with spooky synths and a naïve bassline. then its on to stage, with raw drums, hammond and keyboards somewhere between tetrode and deep transportation. the record is closed by ciclico with a super-bass and a catchy melody. absolutely hypnotic. a diverse release for deep house lovers.
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12" Vinyl UK 07.10.10
in the 3rd downbeat release, the main star is the waldorf sound. this release means the debut of one of the heads of the label, jose rico. his two tracks (restructure again and >about it<) are obsessive, direct and forceful and define clearly his tastes and influences. detroit and above all, detroit. on side b, (the essential) mike huckaby gives us a bright pearl with a piano solo reminding us of his works on deep transportation. slow but sure
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12" Vinyl UK 08.04.16
four exciting producers join together to form the fourth instalment of the freebeat series - an essential various artists 12”. plenty on show here including submerged techno, way out atmospherics, chugging astral grooves and trippy ambience! each artist pushing themselves to create something fresh and vital.
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