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12" Vinyl UK 20.12.16
mint condition - a brand new record label focussed on excavating the outer fringes of classic house and techno. unreleased mixes, classics and overlooked gems mined from the last 20+ of contemporary dance music are the order of the day. from chicago, detroit and new york to london and beyond, mint condition have got their expert digging hats on to bring you exclusive heat and those rarer than rare jams that have been on your wants list for years! dig in..
Mint Condition
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12" Vinyl UK 14.12.11
local talk is proud to present the first release on their sub-label 1nce again. this is where we bring back classic and forgotten house gems from back in the day with new mixes and reworks. for our first release we have gone back to 97 and a producer known and respected worldwide in the house music community with more than 200 production credits under his belt. joshua michaels aka joshua iz perhaps best known for his collabs with dwayne washington as iz & diz but has of course used many other pseudonyms over the years for releases on labels like prescription, balance, classic, junior boys own, om and guidance. the return was first released on heard, sub-label to tom middletons evolution / universal language productions ltd. using his moniker circulation. the track can easily be described as a mammoth house track, clocking in just over 12 minutes. its one of those pieces of music thatís stood the test of time and why iz has been a major force in electronic music for so many years. on the flip much hyped duo prommer & barck stripped it down from its original costume leaving not much left of the source material resulting in something that we best could describe as old school warehouse meets uk bass. its pretty raw and definitely a basement sureshot!
Local Talk 1nce Again
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12" Vinyl FR 19.11.10
the beautiful release from circulation released in 1996 on balance recordings is re-released by phil weeks & didier allyne (p&d) for your ears. after the massive success mood ii swing « move me » (pnd05) another underground story of the house music continue with joshua michaels (iz) and dwayne washington (diz) met in chicago almost thirteen years ago and have been friends ever since. they both had their nicknames before meeting each other, so it was a natural progression to start working together as iz and diz. when joshua moved to chicago in 1994, iz and diz began making music together, recording their first track at the legendary kms studios in detroit for the prescription records offshoot balance. now out of print, this was to be a first in a series of well received singles for a variety of respected labels including silver network, classic, seasons recordings, tweekin records..
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12" Vinyl NL 22.05.09
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12" Vinyl UK 02.10.08
2003 limited one sided release!!
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12" Vinyl UK 15.04.04
circulation deliver a deep and rolling remake of mr fingers original house anthem >can you feel it<
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2x12" Vinyl D 12.03.18
dj-kicks start 2018 in fine style with another vital entry into their long running series. the latest comes from swiss dj and producer deetron, and features an exclusive solo track as well as exclusive collaborations with steve spacek, jinadu and jamie lidell. as one of the other most famous musical exports from his swiss homeland, he has pretty much done it all from fabric and balance mix cds to running his own label, from essential albums like twisted and music over matter on music man records to club focussed 12Ēs on will saulís aus music and french label circus company. after 20 years in the game, he is still in demand at key clubs around the world, and is sufficiently respected as to be able to call on big names like seth troxler, cooly g and ben westbeech for collaborations.
K7 Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 18.02.15
Dom & Roland Productions
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