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12" Vinyl NL 21.12.17
berlin based japanese industrial synth duo group a make their debut on mannequin records with a killer 3-tracks self titled ep. tommi tokyo (synth. drum machine. vocals) and sayaka botanic (violin. tapes and sampler) released 2 studio albums and 1 live album in tokyo. before to move in berlin in 2016. with their mixture of dark minimal synth. avant-noise. striking visuals and performance art. the duo still carries on the very breath of early industrial pioneers such as throbbing gristle. die form. klinik. cabaret voltaire. the ep was recorded in tommi s bedroom and later mixed together with mannequin records head alessandro adriani in his own studio in berlin. the first two tracks of the ep. t.o.p. and ketabali represents the duo personal reaction against the current economy. an up yours to capitalism. news and politics. all permeated by industrial rhytmic-noises and words with no meaning. the b2 alibi instead was inspired by an autobiography of hi-red centre(japanese avant-grade art group in the 60-70 s) written by one of the members. genpei akasegawa. tommi found the word alibi in the book and she just started singing about the group. as she never wrote lyrics for that. during their live performances they are always improvised. so changing and mutating every time.
MNQ 117
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12" Vinyl UK 11.12.17
on the cornerís dj tool and eclectic favourite. versus is back for a second instalment. there are some familiar faces occupying this tasty wax and some new comers pushing the needle further-out on the corner. as 2015ís versus sold-out we d already acquired some fresh production talents and sent stems over to new and old friends alike. get your atlases out as we criss-cross the globe introducing you to artists from afar-afield as nairobi. manchester. pune. iringa. detroit. and south london.
On The Corner
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15.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.11.16
world of rubber 3 is compiled to make you cry. love. stomp and vomit. rebellious heavyhitter and lovely melodic excursion provided by japanese wave-duo group a. acid smash and catchy synthpopper by interstellar funk. basement 808 tech-no-shit by dj overdose and dutch pop not pop by leuk & ko. brought to you from den haag on a white immaculate platter with fresh inlay design.
out of stock
11.79 EUR *
cd UK 27.08.10
surgeons fabric-cd sprüht vor leidenschaft & imagination. zwei eigenschaften. für die diese techno-legende steht. in seinem set verbindet surgeon bewährte rave & techno-sounds mit moderner bassmusik. stellt links her zwischen oppression & reduktion. die bislang in dieser form noch nie decodiert wurden und erschafft so ein einzigartiges. generationen überwindendes kunstwerk!
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
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